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Update:  A NEW WORK IN AFRICA”. If those Who say they “Know God- Love GOD”… Look Hard enough, they will SEE, Feel and HEAR about His New Things. HIS Plans, Promises written in The Bibles and shared with His messengers.
WAS AN EXTRA FIFTEEN YEARS (15) Added To Mankind SINCE 2003? Could this be TRUE? YES, I Believe It Was… although Mankind was NOT READY or AWARE! . If So, WHY? THINK ABOUT Where thingsmight be If HE (GOD) did Not ADD these EXTRA Years (SINCE 2003)  Where might YOU, ME and Everyone Else… Throughout the World- Be? Would or Could GOD Do That? Has HE done it before? (YES, in The Bible .Read about Hezekiah in  Isaiah 38:5).
Well ….What IF this is TRUE? What if YOU DIED 15 years ago? What would you have missed? Go ahead Take NOTES. Are you Better off Now or worst? And WHY? 
Well, for one thing: GOD LOVES YOU. How do I know? Because your HERE- Reading this, AND He wants you to be AWARE that HE Is Going to do a “QUICK WORK” Throughout The WORLD- VERY SOON.
I also Believe that Mankind (including the True “REMNANT BRIDE”) were/are given EXTRA TIME to SEE where The World has received even MORE DECAY and DEATH, and DECEPTION.  So what do we DO ABOUT IT- NOW? “REPENT and TURN From All Wicked Ways.
PRAY That YOU (and others) Might Be “SAVED/Spared”. Might Be Allowed to Receive HIS LOVE and MERCY. HIS PROMISES. Because Of HIS Only Begotten SON – Yahshua. Yes, the Kingdom of HEAVEN (on Earth) IS IT HAND.
July 27, 2017. The THREE Fall Festival’s/ Feasts [Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles] should Prove to be Very EXCITING and Rewarding for some. Watch Sept- Oct.  For Big Changes Spiritually World-Wide!
** January-June 2017 “August 2018 AFRICA”. New UPDATE regarding Yahweh’s MIGHTY WORK IN AFRICA. SEE how Yahweh GOD “Uses the MEEK To Confound THE WISE” . The Mainstream Media/ Christian Television/ all Churches in USA say “NOTHING” regarding This Mighty MOVE Of ALMIGHTY GOD!!       Find REAL Truth here with the Gary Report:  http://www.remnantbride.com/
Is this World, especially America Much Like “Sodom and Gomorrah” was BEFORE GOD SENT THE GREAT FLOOD- In Noah’s DAY? Hello?
November/December 2016. We have a NEW President Elect.  Donald John TRUMP. I am hopeful this change will Im-Prove Things For THE BETTER?? Anyway, look!,  There is MUCH Strong MEAT here and Truth  to Chew On in these pages. For more Africa info please go to the link below and read the Incredible and TIMELY Reports from Africa.  http://www.remnantbrideradio.com/
Also listen to the Audio Podcasts that shed more LIGHT on Truth.  Where do You (personally) Stand in all this “REVELATION” For Our Day… AND TIME …From On High….?  
January/SEPTEMBER 13. 2016  The Messiah said in John 14:1-3;  “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me for in My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you”. Yes, HE  promised, He would leave earth, to go and prepare a place for those who would eventually follow Him (Ascend) into the Heaven. … The Creator God, Begot the Savior of the universe, who has promised those who have Faith and Trust IN HIM. (Yahshua/Jesus)
Things ARE being Prepared Now for multiple BILLIONS of People, including Animals and whatever things needed. It will Happen,  Wake up, Stay AWAKE.  Look For The “SIGNS of Positive Change  In 2016”.  Remember: “Things are NOT What they APPEAR TO BE!” Every thing you have LOST (Physically, spiritually,  Materially) will be Redeemed many fold!
Look For new Miracles Both Inside of You AND Around You. The Biblical Promises- Inwardly and  Outwardly. “A LOT is On-Going  Throughout the World and The Universe beyond.  Things (Good and Bad) Things HIDDEN for thousands of years are being revealed and exposed. “We will WIN.. It Is Written” 
For thousands of Years…mankind has been DECEIVED/Abused in so many ways for so many generations. Its TIME for Positive Changes as promised in the Bible- Great Changes”. Huge Changes are now taking place spiritually/literally in AFRICA as of  December,  and other parts of the World.  Updates can be found at  http://www.RemnantBride.com
September / December 2015. BIG Changes (for the Best) STILL Expected, yet Delayed while the World Still Waxes Worst. (wars and Major Deceptions continue)… Yet this is a min. 10% Tithe OF YOUR TIME-  for Prayer/ Meditating,  Understanding, Spiritually as things behind the scenes are being Processed.. 
Stay Tuned for UPDATES. Praise Yahweh-God. Were NOT ALONE!  Certain Questions still need Answers. Those who “SEEK shall Find!” Many ask: Where we ARE In The Times Spoken of in Scripture?, Where Should We Be; Morally, Spiritually? Etc. Where Are We Going?, Why? Who Cares?  These answers are  available.
January- August 2015.  ‘Mother EARTH’ (Gaia) is Still going through Changes as the Time-Lines Advance for her Ascending/ Transition. Read Matthew chapter 24 and notice the Prophecies unfolding in our time-line.
Positive Results are still promised and expected. We must wait and Trust His Promises.
Those who WAIT upon The Lord….SHALL Renew Their Strength. To know the Rest..[Isaiah 40:31). So We WAIT! For “The Revelation,  ANOINTING, JUBILEE, and The REST-O-RATION Of ALL THINGS”.
Fear not… Things Will/MUST ‘Change for the better’. NEVER Give Up! You are Loved. Watch, Be Ye Therefore- READY.
November – December, 2014. Life goes on….. CHANGES (Good Ones- Behind The Scenes) are Taking Shape. Leaves are now falling and so are the Colors we take so much for granted changing.  Have you Noticed how FAST…. TIME Seems to be Moving? Do you, or have you Wondered- What Your Reason for BEING (here) might BE?! Now that’s a challenge you might take on. Have you met your “Higher SELF”? Why Not? You may be Pleasantly Surprised at what you discover. Keep Asking/Seeking/Trusting.
But remember: You must First “LOVE YOURSELF”.  Why? For “LOVE Conquers ALL”. The Love Of SELF-Creates “Self Esteem”!  Changing YOURSELF will help Others to Change as well, without You saying One Word. Love yourself and Loving Others gets Easier. TRY IT!
The Vast “Universe’ Is Teeming With LIFE!! (So Can You- once You Truly Try to Understand). We are Not ALONE. Period!  You are Not Alone. There Is Spirit In Each Of Us. I realized this in 1979.What an Awesome Experience.  Some say it was a “Spark Of GOD”!. I say “It WAS (IS) GOD”. This is MORE Than spirituality!
Thanks to the Inter-NET we have Answers and we also have Deception, Lies, and Dis-Information.  WE get to Choose based on the GOD, Source, or Higher Power within.  There are various ways to “TEST All Things”.. Revere No One Person as the “All Knowing Guru or Guide. That Still Small Voice WITHIN was placed there as a GIFT- A FREE Gift_ Your Gift, Your Teacher and to help   Confirm ALL THINGS.  The Love Of GOD, and the Love of (your) Higher Self is ‘quiet’ compassionate, strong, and thick. Can you Feel this? Keep trying..                 
October, 16, 2014.   FALL is in the Air. People ask: “What’s Taking So Long?”. My response: Be Patient. Among these are Life-Changing Times, All Evil will be Abolished SOON! Peace and Calm will overcome Fear and Worry. Think Love and Faith. You ARE Important -Just as you are. Think on That..It’s TRUE!
September, 2014Time is Marching on at a Rapid Pace. Death, Destruction and Mayhem continues with less and less Deceivers playing their game. DISTRACTION remains at it’s Peak. How much Longer Lord? My life has Changed for the Better since May this year in several ways. I am Physically and Emotionally Happy and can also See more clearly.
Finally got an I-phone and hope to get an I-Pad soon. Learning about “Essential Oils” and how they help the human body. Research continues. Hope the RV will assist those in need.
We ARE being watched by those On High who love us, and soon as things change, many will Awaken from their slumber.
August, 2014    As The World Turns, most of mankind, (87%) continue to be Fed/ Led by the Media and other so called ex-perts. How many of YOU can Look in a Mirror  and ask; What Happened on the WAY? Where Should I BE? WHO AM I? Why am I HERE? Do You Know the Answers?

Is it True that; The social construct really is… the WORLD pulled over our eyes…(rather than the Wool?) We don’t live in the world you and I hope for or might see YET! We live in a social construct of delusional myths crafted by institutions, religions, governments with high-level story-tellers and power players called “ex-perts.” 1114477

Is this is the world (wool) being pulled over our eyes to make sure you and I never see Truth. In the days of kings, the King’s favorite adviser was often the court jester. Why? Because he was the only person who would tell the King the truth (disguised as humor, of course, if he wanted to keep his head attached to his neck).

 July, 2014. My how Time Flies. This came today and I want to SHARE it with whomever, in Love. This Prophecy was Written 70 Years ago (1944, This writer was age 2) and it's absolutely mind-blowing!)

The Prophecy 1944. (70 years ago)

“During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call ‘Kali Yuga’, is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.
 A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by ‘Ascension’.
Some decades (7 have passed) will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.
Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the entire Cosmos. The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.
The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and destroyed.’
Your present life is a slavery, a heavy prison. Understand your situation and liberate yourself from it. I tell you this: exit from your prison! It is really sorry to see so much misleading, so much suffering, so much incapacity to understand where one’s true happiness lies.
Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance.
Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomena, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe.
Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment.
This region is called “the thirteenth zone”; one also calls it “the zone of contradictions”. Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live.
The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should force themselves to harmonize with the currents of the ascension. Those who refuse to subjugate themselves to this orientation will lose the advantage of good conditions that are offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and must wait tens of millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave.
The earth, the solar system, the universe, all are being put in a new direction under the impulsion of Love. Most of you still consider Love as a derisory force, but in reality, it is the greatest of all forces!Money and power continue to be venerated as if the course of your life depended upon it. In the future, all will be subjugated to Love and all will serve it. But it is through suffering and difficulties that the consciousness of man will be awakened.
The terrible predictions of the prophet Daniel written in the bible relate to the epoch that is opening.
There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come. God is Love; yet we are dealing here with a chastisement, a reply by Nature against the crimes perpetrated by man since the night of time against his Mother; the Earth.
After these sufferings, those that will be saved, the elite, will know the Golden Age, harmony and unlimited beauty. Thus keep your peace and your faith when the time comes for suffering and terror, because it is written that not a hair will fall from the head of the just. Don’t be discouraged, simply follow your work of personal perfection.
You have no idea of the grandiose future that awaits you. A New Earth will soon see day. In a few decades the work will be less exacting, and each one will have the time to consecrate spiritual, intellectual and artistic activities. The question of rapport between man and woman will be finally resolved in harmony; each one having the possibility of following their aspirations.
The relations of couples will be founded on reciprocal respect and esteem. Humans will voyage through the different planes of space and breakthrough intergalactic space. They will study their functioning and will rapidly be able to know the Divine World, to fusion with the Head of the Universe.
The New Era is that of the sixth race. Your predestination is to prepare yourself for it, to welcome it and to live it. The sixth race will build itself around the idea of Fraternity. There will be no more conflicts of personal interests; the single aspiration of each one will be to conform himself to the Law of Love. The sixth race will be that of Love. A new continent will be formed for it. It will emerge from the Pacific, so that the Most High can finally establish His place on this planet.
The founders of this new civilization, I call them ‘Brothers of Humanity’ or also ‘Children of Love’. They will be unshakeable for the good and they will represent a new type of men. Men will form a family, as a large body, and each people will represent an organ in this body. In the new race, Love will manifest in such a perfect manner, that today’s man can only have a very vague idea.
The earth will remain but the forces of darkness will retreat and the earth will be liberated from them. Humans seeing that there is no other path will engage themselves to the path of the New Life, that of salvation. In their senseless pride, some will, to the end hope to continue on earth a life that the Divine Order condemns, but each one will finish by understanding that the direction of the world doesn’t belong to them.
A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble, and the protection of the rights of man.
The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of human deviation.
All the believers will have to unite and to put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as the base of all belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is the common base!
The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be absorbed by Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess. Then they will repent because it is written that “each flesh shall glorify God”.
Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that don’t accept the New Life. She will reject them like damaged fruit. They will soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those that possess Love in them will remain.

There is not any place on earth that is not dirtied with human or animal blood; she must therefore submit to a purification. And it is for this that certain continents will be immersed while others will surface.
Men do not suspect to what dangers they are menaced by. They continue to pursue futile objectives and to seek pleasure. On the contrary those of the sixth race will be conscious of the dignity of their role and respectful of each one’s liberty. They will nourish themselves exclusively from products of the vegetal realm.
Their ideas will have the power to circulate freely as the air and light of our days. The words “If you are not born again” apply to the sixth race. Read Chapter 60 of Isaiah it relates to the coming of the sixth race, the Race of Love.
After the Tribulations, (Re-Birth Pains) men will cease to sin and will find again the path of virtue. The climate of our planet will be moderated everywhere and brutal variations will no longer exist. The air will once again become pure, the same for water. The parasites will disappear. Men will remember their previous incarnations and they will feel the pleasure of noticing that they are finally liberated from their previous condition.
In the same manner that one gets rid of the parasites and dead leaves on the vine, so act the evolved Beings to prepare men to serve the God of Love. They give to them good conditions to grow and to develop themselves, and to those that want to listen to them, they say: “Do not be afraid! Still a little more time and everything will be all right; you are on the good path. May he that wants to enter in the New Culture study, consciously work and prepare.”

Thanks to the idea of Fraternity, the earth will become a blessed place, and that will not wait.
But before, great sufferings will be sent to awaken the consciousness. Sins accumulated for thousands of years must be redeemed. The ardent wave emanating from On High will contribute in liquidating the karma of peoples. The liberation can no longer be postponed.
Humanity must prepare itself for great trials that are inescapable and are coming to bring an end to egoism.
Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in nature. God has decided to redress the earth, and He will do it! It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in which Love will reign on earth.” (7/9/2014 received)
June 24, 2014. Lets Play ‘WHAT IF?’.. What If You Inherited a Million Dollars. Would your LIFE Change? What if you needed Healing and were INSTANTLY Healed? What If Throughout The  Universe  We discovered/ uncovered that we are “NOT ALONE?” What If ; Visitors (Loving, Caring Extra-Terrestrials) from other Planets desired to Assist This World, (Including yourself)  and Mankind ‘Solve their Everyday Problems?’ Do we really NEED HELP? Would Your LIFE CHANGE?
From my Point Of View, we are Definitely “NOT ALONE”.  And We Need HELP. We (still) Live in this Present 3-D or 3rd Dimensional World, and according  to past facts – the Future Must Change. It has to, It IS, and it will soon  Shift/Change to another Dimension; The 4th Dimension, also called “Ascension”. (Maturity) 
More”What IF?” WHAT IF.. There were No More hurting people? Hurt by Things ‘Financially, Physically, Spiritually, Socially, Mentally and Things Traditional?  (Hmm.)  What If Miracles became as common as the Air we breather, or Love birds on a pre-paid honeymoon?  What If we did Not Need ‘Money:, Political entities or  Corrupt Legal systems? What If;  Prices returned to the 50’s-60’s, with the Dollar Value much better/ lower than it is now? (Hmm.) What If 90 % of TAXES we now pay went Down to about 10% or so?
…..What If; The “Air, Water, FOOD” was of the “Quality” we had back in the 1900’s? What IF you could live for thousands of years with No Worries. I can go on and on, and so can you. We NEED JUBILEE (as Promised). We Need People who love one another and not rely on their Ignorance, Ego and Greed. Remember whether you are a  leader or follower: Matthew 7:15-20 says: You Will KNOW Them By Their FRUIT. By Their Actions.   (True/True…. Hello!! Are you listening to what you SEE?)

Feb 28 to June 24, 2014. Big Changes are still expected. We who seek do find! There is Always something New! Interesting! and Exciting! Most People don’t (yet) understand and that’s OK. I firmly and honestly Believe in ANGELS, and E.T’S besides various Dimensions and Life on other Planets. The Elect are also here. When I started SEEKING TRUTH over 40 years ago, things began changing in my life. Some good – some not good. But every question does have an answer. We must be Patient.

 Over those TIME periods it was realized that I could communicate with God/ Creator/ Source directly- internally – personally- irrefutably. HE (By Spirit) does respond to many questions in direct proportion to my ability to comprehend.  My Being answered in ways HE knew I would understand.
 This accounts for many references to material gathered from sources and prior experiences. Some are mentioned in this website location. I realize that everything that has come to me thus far has come from (or been allowed by) God/Source/Creator for His reasons and is being assembled  together for the greater Good. That Truth alone is Awesome and at times be yond words. But the Best Times are at the door for 2014 . Ready Or Not.
January 2014.  The Kingdom of GOD is “Within US”. So why do most people search for IT outside of themselves? Why is [HELLO]  Yes, 90% of the ‘Left Brain’ in most people is extremely Active (very busy/filled with activities/distractions) while about 90% of their ‘Right Brain’  (hemisphere) is (quite empty) Untapped. (I find that interesting) Planet Earth is Our HOME. IF we are Royalty..then why do we have to PAY to Live here?
At present Mother Earth is going thru ‘Birth Pains’. Intense ‘Labor Pains’ of CHANGE. Most Churches do NOT have Truth regarding real Facts. But IF one Seeks truth they will Find It. Religion does NOT have the Answers. Christians think they Do, but do not. I truly believe that we are SAVED By proper Knowledge. Not by Grace or Faith Alone.  Most people are ‘Out Of Sync” with their Creator.
Most are Brainwashed by Society, their JOB (or lack thereof) and their Lifestyles, Traditions, Habits, Mainstream- Media, basic and advanced Education. Yet, ‘Positive  Activity’ (arrangements) are ongoing (daily) behind the scenes. Many of these Events will BENEFIT MANKIND. (although it may NOT Appear now!) Truth is Ready to Become Reality (exposed) for OUR Time-Line.  Great  Changes are to take place soon. Fear Not! The  Creator Still has Perfect/Precise TIMING.
Just like the 12 ‘Zodiac Symbols’ Display Pictures (Signs) in the SKY. Were entering the Aquarius Age- the Water Bearer. “LOVE Conquers All”. LOVE Is Very Important. Love one another and Take the TIME to “Know Thyself”. There is also the saying “Mind Over Matter”.  Earth as we know IT is and has  literally been thru HELL. (think about that).
I call her Mother Earth (or Gaia). Food, Water, AIR, People, Animals, Trees and Vegetation are her Natural Resources. Earth was Created for PEOPLE yet bad People are destroying her. She needs a Transfusion, Facelift and Transformation like most of her Students/Subjects do. Think on that. [Important updates and links added as soon as possible]
NOV/ DEC 2013.  Two Major (Catastrophic Earthly) Disasters have been Averted these past weeks. One was Planned for the east coast. Millions of Lives Spared.  Let us be thankful that we are Not Alone. GOD Is In Control, has His (Angelic/ET) Forces and Does CARE. Remember that ‘Things Are NOT What They Appear To Be”. We are yet Children at Any Age and FATHER God (Yahweh) Truly Will Have His WAY. We must Be Patient and understand Faith as little Children DO. HE Says: ” BE NOT AFRAID- For I Go BEFORE You- ALWAYS”.
So much is ongoing, it is hard to regulate this Update. [Bear with me] It appears when I Learned something NEW that usually took Years or Months, now….within the past few Months the Speed (not only of TIME) of Information comes in Huge Doses. Hard to put all this into words?  Our Minds are very Complex. 
History tells us a lot about the present and future by looking at the Past. There is Much Pollution on Earth today and among People themselves. There needs to be the RESTORATION Of ALL Things. Ready Or Not That will Happen SOON! When People LEAST EXPECT IT. Much HAS To CHANGE. This includes People, Water, AIR, Governments, Legislation, Judicial, Political, Legal and Financial  Systems as well. Plus; Home Ownership, Credit, MONEY, DEBT, WARS, Foreclosures and hundreds of other things that Create Imbalance. JUBILEE Must Happen OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES. Those who Understand THIS are but Students among future spectators.
The Situations/ Things IN OUR LIVES have gotten us (those reading this) this Far. Were Still ALIVE. But So Busy with Little or No TIME to CARE. A New Earth is about to be Birthed. Another Dimension in Maturity is At Hand- Believe It Or Not. Of course most people RESIST CHANGE, Especially those who DO NOT (yet) Understand.  
August / Sept./October, 2013. Things (still) unfold daily. We are being Tested in all we DO and ARE! Yet we ARE Important and should Develop Child-Like Curiosity DAILY. Can we, should we, ‘Trust Almighty Father Yahweh GOD in Knowing that He has ‘everything’ In Control? Behind the scenes many things are ongoing that were foretold in scripture. Jubilee is Very Close to being REALITY in our lives.
Are there truly ‘Joint Heirs’ of Father Yahweh God? Yes! He Loves Everyone! Just imagine; Not having to Die physically. Just Imagine: No More DEBTS. Just Imagine: Meeting Loved ones, Waiting To Return To Earth. This includes friends, relatives and even Animals that were a (positive) part of our lives. Also Imagine Living in a ‘Topical Paradise’ Atmosphere earth-wide. Imagine, never growing OLD or Lacking For Anything!!  Do your homework, so you can Graduate with Honors.  Behold HE is coming Soon, His Reward(s) are with Him. Walk By Faith – not by sight alone. +++ 
July, 2013  Thank you for stopping by. Here is a Question: “WHO Are WE, Really? WHY are We Here on Earth? What Is Our purpose or Capacity to BE? We know that God (Father Yahweh) makes No Junk. He Knows BEST. He CARES about Everything. Especially Mankind. To HIM ‘We Are Royalty”.  We have Emotions. We make choices. Nothing escapes Him- Ever!  The more WE Know about ourselves, the More we will Know about Others.  It is NOT a mistake regarding “Who We Are”, “Why Were Here”, wherever We Are on this Planet. 
There ismuch to share… I hardly know Where to begin.. Special Thanks to “Gary Naler, sister Gina, sister Casey, Brothers Peter D. and Dr. Brendan. We had a Great gathering  in late June in NYC/Long Island.  Let me say to others who visit here: Be Patient. We have waited many years. I am told the rewards will truly outlive all hardships and obstacles.  Stay in touch. Special updates will be forthcoming.
MAY TO JUNE 16, 2013 Big Changes (for the better) behind the 3rd Dimensional scenes have already started. There is Nothing To FEAR. Positive Changes are Prophesied AND nothing will prevent this. Nothing is Hidden From The Creator. HE Will Restore Everything that needs Restoring. Very soon people will NOT Die. Healing will also prevail in the near Future.  
Earth Is very Precious To Creator GOD, including Animals, People and Recources. HE shall Supply ALL Needs as Promised. Huge  Announcements to be presented Worldwide regarding these HUGE Prophetic Changes. Stay alert. Pray and Give Thanks- Always.
Many are awakening to TRUTH. Much is (finally) happening throughout the Universe and on EARTH behind the scenes. Spiritual  Forces are at work and my work has expanded as Watchman and Truth-Seeker, keeping up with relative information and updates daily. I am most hopeful and excited at what is being Reveal-ed.  Father Yahweh GOD is Truly “AWESOME” and YES, “His Ways are Beyond most peoples understanding or finding out.  
To most people- ‘Eye has Not (yet) SEEN, nor Ear (yet) Heard.. what GOD has stored up for His Children. To that I will say Halelu’YAH.  Remember that:  All WRONG Doings Shall Be FIXED and Made Right. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Jubilee (Freedom/Paradise) is AT THE DOOR-NOW. This Last Generation (us old folks and everyone Alive Will Witness These Events with Incredible “JOY”. 
April 17, 2013  March  has been a difficult one. On 3/5 I lost my Cat Monkey (a good companion for about 9 years) to Cancer. Then surprisingly on 3/26 my younger Brother Roger passed away with a sudden heart attack. (age 68). Roger had been a great brother, friend and help to me. We sang oldies together for over 60 years and he was a student of Remnant activity and knowledge since 2001. (I miss him)
In other news, dark forces are still at work trying to destroy and distract people of earth. Yes, as foretold: The World Is Waxing Worst. Perilous times shall come in these Last Days. But Be Of Good Cheer, For Yahweh GOD Will OVERCOME ALL Bad With GOOD. Just Wait. The Son Of God (Yahshua) said: “Be Not Afraid, For I Go Before You Always”. Trust The FATHER (always) for HE draws people to The SON.
MARCH 3, 2013  The Word for Today is still “WAIT”…  Be Patient a bit longer. WAIT for the Promises to Manifest for ALL To SEE, Hear and Feel. This “Great Tribulation” (of these last days) must End Soon.. and ‘The New Millennium/Jubilee TIME Period’ to Literally Begin as Promised.  Here is a description of TIMELINE EVENTS From The Beginning. Please note that this World is witnessing the conclusion of Great Tribulation.
JAN/Feb 2013.  The race runner or student finds the job the hardest is when the end is ‘In-Sight’. Older people, (like me) and other seniors find simple things more difficult to achieve as they go beyond 60.  Gary Naler has written a Seamless Garment of (Father Yahweh’s) TRUTH.
November/Dec. 2012.  Most People today ‘Appear To Be’ Busy, Worldly regarding rights and/or privileges. IF you were Almighty GOD how would you WAKE UP The People? The 7 Billion souls ALIVE on Planet Earth today? Every one has Needs That Only Father Yahweh GOD might Provide. How many might “Be-come as Little Children…meaning ‘Open Minded’, or ‘Childlike’?  Stay tuned. Important Events will BE POSTED HERE.  The Promised “Out-Pouring” MUST COME. The “Anointing” MUST Also Come. Are you READY? Will there be “Three Days Of Darkness” upon the Earth? Is the World in Darkness Now? What if there was No Electricity for Days, Weeks, Etc.? (H’m.)
October 28, 2012  Hurricane SANDY.. the most Unusual Storm of the Century blanketed the East Coast. Earthquakes and other situations cover the West Coast.  Everything we ‘see, hear, feel, know, care and/or wonder about was influence by Someone and/or Something. Beyond all natural Power there resides a Spiritual Power source. Angels and ET’S (?) are Waiting with baited Breath to ASSIST in the Restoration of ALL THINGS”.
To me, and others, this Positive Source/Creator IS: “GOD, FATHER, YAHWEH, CREATOR, BOSS” Knowing Him and His WAYS are beyond finding out UNLESS HE Desires To Give (You and I) His Support, His Revelation(s), based upon HIS SPIRIT regarding Belief and Faith in His SON.. who IS The “Way, Truth and LIFE.
August 30/ Sept 13, 2012.  We better be (or get) Ready NOW!! As one may notice TIME is moving faster than ever…and so will the events to follow regarding returning this world to sanity and restoration. Whether we believe it or not everyone has a Place in this Restoration.  There is nothing to fear if we place our Trust In GOD. Yet, one should Seek to understand Him. Soon people will have greater Choices regarding their Future. (Very Soon).  The Olympics did reveal a Time when qualified people ‘Tested Their Skills’. 
Well, this is my part, my purpose, my desire. Those who endure – to the end – Shall Be Saved. Saved to do or be what? To help inform, guide, teach, love and strengthen others less fortunate. Yahshua, the Son of God said; “Ye Shall DO Greater Works than These”. He did awesome miracles in His day. (to prove who He was/Is). Now it’s our turn, our TIME! Are you ready?  Concerned? Remember: Father Yahweh God Loves You…and so do I.
July 13, 2012 We understand good vs bad, light vs dark, visible vs hidden, truth vs lies, victims vs innocent . Very soon everything HIDDEN (good and bad for thousands of years) will be Uncovered for all to ‘Witness’.  Those  opposites to His Will (humans) know “Who They Are”. Is there TIME for the unrighteous to change? Absolutely! But Not Much Time for things to remain the same in this “Probation/ Quarantine/ Ignorant/ Cursed” period. Remedy is a promised and waiting in the wings. True Justice shall Prevail. Love Conquers ALL. Jubilee is “At The Door”.
June 2012   Just as an EXPECTANT Mother in her final days of pregnancy, this Earth, Universe, and Mankind… are about to WITNESS the Arrival of JUBILEE. Restoration must begin and come to Fruition. LOVE Must Conquer ALL. Paradise Must become REAL-ITT. When we (soon) come together under this Promised OUTPOURING/Anointing we will collectively share this Expectation with much Excitement, Thanksgiving and JOY which is how we shall gracefully ‘transform’ our present 3-D reality, based on duality (hot/cold, up/down, good/bad, left brain /right brain, etc) to our new 5-Dimension reality. One based on cooperation, prosperity, sovereignty, Love, Understanding and Unity.
As Time winds down.. the Sun moves farther south-east in the mornings (in NY), and farther north-west in the evenings as the days Grow Longer. Many things are going on BEHIND THE SCENES. The Bible speaks of Many things as well Past, Present and Future. I trust we have a (very) short ‘Window of Opportunity’ within the next SIX months or less. Ready or Not … (Positive) Change Is Inevitable. I also trust that we (mankind/innocent) are protected 24/7. I cannot say much more here except that this writing speaks volumes regarding important things like our DNA, the 5th Dimension, and WHO we really are. It’s TIME to get our House (lives) in order. “GOD IS LOVE!”  
MAY 21, 2012   Latest news reports mention “NEW EARTH”. “Extreme MAKEOVER? No more Duality, No more Begging and/or Aggression. No more Hunger and Thirst, Victimization or Abuse. Yes, HEAVEN IS COMING to (Mother) Earth to Help in/with ‘The Restoration of All Things’ (Earth and her People).  Adam was Created. Made From Earth/Dirt/Clay. (Gen 2:6) Adama means ‘soil’. Yes, there Will be an ASCENDING (ELEVATION) regarding Mankind. DNA will change to where it was once was.
(May 14, 2012) Why The DELAY? Because TIME is a 3rd Dimensional tracking device. 1,000 years to us in this Time-Line is but One Day To The Creator Yahweh GOD! Ecclesiastes 3:1 says: (my version) “there is a TIME, Place, Purpose, Season, and Reason for Everything. This includes trees, grass, animals, people, and things of all ages, aging. There is also a TIME for FAMINE, DROUGHT and Flood!  We heard about (or witnessed) these things and more. When I speak of FAMINE I refer to “Starvation Or Famine of TRUTH”. For those who CARE what can be done? Pray, Ask, Seek, (humbly) ‘Knock’ on that (spiritual invisible) Door of Under-Standing. (Amos 8:11-14, Romans 11:5-7)
I believe that ‘TIME Heals ALL Wounds?’ Does this mean we should Forget? Do Our Trials (in life) Come  to (Help) Make Us Strong? (Like Blisters that in time become Calluses?) As good Students of (HIS) TRUTH do/can we find that things Learned can be Symbolic or taken Literally? Either way they are THERE for (TIMELY) Reason(s). In Scripture we find Stories, Patters, Prophecies, WORD-Pictures, Warnings, and More!  We also find HOW Good Works (and Bad Works) have their related lessons and/or REWARDS. But remember; Good Works ALONE will Not Save Anyone.
Everything Hidden (that is UN-Righteous or Positive) .. “MUST Be EXPOSED”.  Everything LOST, STOLEN, Misplaced or Damaged against someone “MUST BE RESTORED”.. (That’s a Biggie). When? “SOON”.  Stay Alert. BE PATIENT. (Father YAHWEH) “GOD” IS STILL The BOSS”. His Promises Are SURE to be made Manifest. YOU reading this…are Still ALIVE! Still HERE! We should STUDY to SHEW Ourselves APPROVED… for “THAT TIME Is UPON US”.  2012 Appears to be a YEAR OF BIG CHANGES. A TIME For ASCENSION Or Graduation from One DIMENSION)to Another. The 3rd to 4th (now) and soon to the 5th. (5 is a Remnant Bride Number). Yet Billions of people (still) have NO IDEA, are totally UN-AWARE of this. So HOW WILL Almighty GOD get Their ‘ATTENTION’? (See Joel 2:28)
March/April 2012   Soon the News Reports (all media) will be full of great news. Good things that will surprised many if not most. Bible prophecies must come to pass in our Day and Time. This Generation will get to See IT Unfold. The RESTORATION of all THINGS (and all People) IS AT HAND… Like it or not. Being part of this Last Generation to Witness these Things is a Joy. This is my 70th year as an ‘Earth-ling’ undergoing my probation/testing period. People will get All The Proof needed to make wise decisions. Untold millions (zillions) of Angels are at the ready… to assist in the cleanup, reconciliation and restoration of earth and her people. 
January/ Feb 2012   More (things) are taking place these last few days/ weeks/ months than ever. I personally feels like a parent because of the promises waiting (nurturing) under the promises of Love and Hope. I believe we are NOT Alone. There are unlimited (good) Angels to be used regarding the ‘outpouring’ of His (set-apart) SPIRIT’ Upon ALL MANKIND. The Curse (6,012 years now) is about to be LIFTED… and JUBILEE (freedom-joy) will come to every Person, Household, Government (like it or not- expect it or not). The Many Signs and Wonders are -At The Door. For this I am most excited and anticipating. But (sadly) not many share my Hope, Faith and Purpose.
December 30, 2011  I am truly excited regarding many Positive Things I am Seeing and Learning DAILY. The negative vibrations, Demonic, Luciferian, Reptilian and other negative forces will soon be removed (as promised) and LOVE will conquer ALL. People (worldwide) are waking up from their slumber and ignorance. FEAR NOT. LOVE Thy Neighbor (everyone) as you Love Yourself. 
Ephesians 6:12 says: These (our) Battles are NOT with Flesh and Blood (only) but with spiritual principalities and powers in high places.  It’s TIME For Faith, Hope, Love, and Trust in Almighty (Father) Yahweh GOD to release (By His Set-Apart SPIRIT) His people (and mankind) from captivity as Promised In Joel 2:24-29. Yes, soon the World Shall WITNESS the fall of Satan and all the possessed and oppressed who belong to his household.
Fasten your seat belts because “JUBILEE” (Freedom, Release from Debt and Bondage) is at the door. PLUS the ‘Test Of Carmel’ (Garden) is at hand To Prove ‘WHO’ is really in Control Over ALL. The (6,011 year) curse Must Be Lifted. Ended as Promised. The Earth MUST Be ‘made ready’ for the Messiah/Savior/SON (Yahshua) “Immanuel” to return to rule and reign as Promised. Preceded by the First Resurrection according to 1 Cor 15:51.
Yes, the “Restoration of ALL THINGS” is at hand. Father Yahweh GOD is more than able to REPAY what rightfully belongs to His People worldwide. Remember, the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) still stand as a Fruitful Foundation for ALL to live by. If these pages are a blessing, write and let me know you care.
NOV. 201Remember to “Be Patient” and “Wait For The Promise Of HIS Coming!”] Give Thanks To THE Creator and FATHER. For to HIM (Yahweh GOD) One Day (of ours) is as 1,000 Years To HIM. What is Snow? To most it is cold, wet white Stuff. I call it ‘glory’ from above. Why? Because like a blanket it covers everything. We need the “outpouring” of Fathers (Holy SPIRIT) GLORY from on high. 
We also Need The “ANOINTING” upon those who study, labor and have endured for such a Time AS THIS. I do lot of ‘research’ and people ask: 1. Whats really going on- behind the scenes? 2. Whats going to happen? 3. And When? 4. Will the world end in 2012? 5. How can you be so sure of your answers?
Well, #1, It’s started to happen and no one can stop it – with Father Yahweh behind IT. #2, BIG CHANGES. Some will please people while others will perish by it. Just be patient, Trust His Word. #3, Any Day NOW Jubilee will reveal herself with new beginnings. #4, The World will NEVER END because Yahweh GOD MADE IT. #5. Get a good seat, relax and ..Stay Tuned!
OCT. 13, 2011 (Trumpets)  Trumpets signals the ‘First Day’ of a NEW Year. Today was a sad day and a joyous day (as well) for this messenger. Sad because I miss the girl I married almost 49 years ago and provided  3  healthy children that supplied 7 grand-children today and many good  memories. I’m joyous because I ‘know what I know’ and have this website to reflect my learning and life for almost 33 years…as a student of His Truth.
I miss my earthly dad who died in 1963. He was age 42.. I was  20. I was born in 1942. (H’m.) Anyway we’re still in the “DELAY period”.  Yes, the “test of Carmel” continues. (1 kings 18:8-41) . PLUS, a new Dimension of Time is about to unfold (a part of Jubilee). This EVENT will surprise many. Joel 2:24-28 speaks highly of it. We truly Need His “love, Mercy, Liberty and Justice with no more Delay. No more Separations and Limitations. No more ‘good bye’s, doubt, worries or fear. We need to Trust, Relax and Wait. (to be continued) 
OCTOBER 3, 2011   Without a doubt, almighty GOD (Father Yahweh) is Working. Always dong ‘New Things’:  Spiritual things are always being confirmed and reinforced-for His good pleasure… because of (His) Love and Mercy… while things on earth are waxing worst and worst. Notice the weather has a mixture of good and evil as well depending where you live and your point of view. I encourage certain veterans and homeless people (everywhere) to be encouraged and “never give up – no matter what”
Every promise in the Bible, Torah, Scripture will come to pass. (soon). Read, Study, Learn, Pray and seek righteousness. God is watching, taking notes and keeping score. Yes, all things are possible with/to Him.
JULY 25, 2011  It seems “Time” is moving at great pace. The Weather is also most interesting, as is the news, especially ‘behind the scenes.’  People seem to ignore or hate the Truth that can ‘Set Them Free”. This proves were nearer the “Time of New Beginnings” mentioned in scripture. 
Also, let me say that mean-while ‘The Curse of 1920″ still lingers on. The news gets worst as the world waxes worst in many fashions, as mentioned in the Bible for these last days of the Curse. (see Revelation in your bible, chapters 20, 21, 22). i expect huge changes (for the better) Very Soon. Yahweh GOD Promised to Cut Time Short; but for the sake of the elect those days will be (must be) cut short.” Should people ask; “Who is these 2-part Remnant (bride) company?” A very Interesting Group indeed.
JUNE 11. 2011  (Update June 19) Three Special Words that came into view very early on the 16th and should be ‘thought about’ more often than not. These words, simple yet important to understand are: “A NEW LOOK”.  When a man allows his Beard to grow, he has “A New Look”.  When women Allow their faces and hair and bodies to be as God intended them to be, they will also have “A New Look”. When The Father Draws one unto HIMSELF through His Only Begotten Son (Yahshua), they too develop “A New Look” at Life…from the inside out. How do I know? Been There- Done That. Zechariah 4:6 speaks volumes as to how all this takes place… every day. 
To me (and other like minded Remnant) life revolves around the Word Of God and His Promises. To me ‘FATHERS DAY’ is not just a One Time event, but something I look forward to Every Day by noticing certain things only HE can reveal. Things most people don’t see for they do not under-stand. Yet if they might seek, with an open (childlike) mind, they just might see certain parts (pieces) of the picture (puzzle) and hear sounds that ring true. Those who Seek shall find.  A really good place to start LOOKING is JOEL 2:23-28 and ACT’S 2:16-24.
Yes, Time is marching on most rapidly. Even the SUN has moved quite a ways from where it used to rise and set. The Earth is acting like a Pregnant woman about to give birth, hoping the child is not still-born.  As TIME marches on… those who are ready and waiting will receive the promises set forth in scripture to the wonderment of many. For those not ready, Mercy will be accompanied with Signs, Wonders and Miracles, among His Elect (Remnant) to Prove that (Yahweh) God is a Father and exists, along with His Son, for very special reasons and mankind will soon receive what is necessary to discern righteousness and repent from all things  unrighteous.  “Patience IS A Virtue”, and only The Father knows that Patience is more than a word.
We are ‘At The Door’ to several New (exciting yet promised) Beginnings. The Curse shall be lifted very soon and Jubilee will follow. Victory has already been declared, and The Spirit Of GOD, will complete the task(s) at hand. No longer shall the ‘Blind Lead The Blind’. No longer will the poor be afflicted. No longer will People Perish for ‘Lack Of Knowledge’. The Peace that surpasses all understanding will prevail. The wealth of the wicked is being stored up for the Righteous. Praise the All-In-All, Mighty God and Father Of TRUTH. 
May 4, 2011  As Time goes on the Race for Truth among deception continues. More and more ‘things’ present themselves (Good and Not so Good) before Father Yahweh GOD. Those who know about the written ‘Laws Of God’ should understand the ‘Law Of Opposites’. They should  know things appear differently than they actually are, or should be”. (read that again.) 
If you asked  what might I do to help people? I desire to: Teach. Mentor,  Inspire, and Help Guide those who qualify,  through  Prosperity, Morality,  as well as finding their true ‘Purpose for Being’. Most standards today are inadequate, as many live in fear, greed, confusion and despair, while scripture says otherwise. Love does conquer all and it never fails. The month of May just may be the Time of Miracles and Ending this meaningful curse upon man and beast.
Update: March 28, 2011   More things are becoming New, as we watch this World decay more and more about us. America is not as pure and stable as she once was. People are running to and fro in fear, having doubt and worry as to what will happen next, and, how will that affect or effect them? There is not much in America and the World…that is NOT in Dis-Array between People and Places. I trust Father Yahweh God does have everything under control although some might wonder if this is true. He has also Promised to; “Restore Everything Necessary” to it’s rightful Place, Owner and Order, and we need to Trust HIM In All Things.
March 3, 2011  People often ask: ‘Where is the GOD Of The Bible? How much longer CAN HE Delay His Promises? Has He forgotten us? My Reply: HE has Not Forgotten Anyone or Anything. HE Knows Everything about everyone and everything, including  the  TIMES were living in. He Is Ever Present and does Not miss a thing.  He IS The Great ‘I AM’. 
Would an Ever Loving FATHER ever abandon his children? NO!! His Ways are beyond our ways. He Rules Governmentally, and  Righteously, Not by  Republic nor Democratic fashion. He supports a chain of Command. HE IS The Head Of Mankind. His Only Begotten Son, King of kings, Yahshua is 2nd In Command over those Redeemed.  Out of those Redeemed will come a Bride. A 2-PART Remnant. He is NOW in the Process of Anointing that select group of 12 (Joint Heirs) among others, completing the 24 Elders gathered about THE THRONE Room.  And Woe to anyone  who causes harm to  HIS  Children, knowingly or otherwise.  
Update: Feb 27, 2011 This month has great significance and also holds great loss for me. The wife of 48 years has returned to the heavenly realm from which she came. While the body sleeps her unique spirit is back in good hands. Pauline had hundreds of friends and many relatives. Most all who knew her loved her. She was age 66. Like mother Theresa she always cared for everyone unconditionally. 
Her life was full of activity and I treasure those lasting memories.  After quite a few medical problems over the years life took its toll. I trust that someday she will return as beautiful as ever to learn what was missed while here. But next Time, she returns to a Very Different earthly Kingdom. She will not be married then. I believe things (out of my control) are allowed to happen for reasons I (we) can’t fully understand YET. But soon everything hidden will be Revealed. That Time is Very Near. It will be a Great Time.
FEB 1, 2011   As Things and TIME are changing more rapidly, my desire is to post more information for those who have Eyes, Ears, and a Heart for TRUTH. This month here in NY state is starting out with “SNOW”. I regard Snow as Yahweh’s glory falling upon all things. Yet the Real Kingdom Of Yahweh GOD is “WITHIN” human Beings. Most have No Idea of this Being TRUE. (Yet).
Father Yahweh GOD has always had WITNESSES to His Will and Truth. Today there are Witnesses waiting in the wings. The (promised) Elijah is also waiting in the wings. WHY DOES THE WORLD NEED AN “ELIJAH?” To (Help) “REVERSE THE CURSE”.  WHY? For The Sake Of (Because of) “The ELECT”  (Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 speak of this as does this link below:  
My desire is being ‘part of the remnant bride elect’ as TIME is very near. Yahweh God Will Have HIS Bride For Yahshua… AND His Witnesses unto the utter most parts Of This (His) Earth.  
JANUARY 28, 2011   This month of January so far, in my area of New York state, we have had seven  Snow Storms. To me, snow can be seen as (His) glory, because it covers everything in (pure) white. There are also many Earthquakes (not to mention Floods and COLDER Weather) in various places as the Bible Mentions regarding a SHAKING (Shake up) in Matthew 24:30.
Here is an interesting (proof) link I found that refreshes and shows the Earth-Quake locations. http://www.iris.edu/seismon/   Will (Yahweh) GOD GET People To TURN To HIM? To TRUST HIM? If So, HOW? If So, WHEN? If So, WHY? My answer: “Because Of His TIMING and His PROMISES!”
JANUARY, 13, 2011 The Attention Span for People-  regarding TRUTH today – is Very Short.  There can be No Doubt That Miracles will (SOON) PROVE Things… where Lack Of Faith Will Not. Peoples Lives are so busy (or Empty) that they fail to understand their PURPOSE On This Earth. Their REAL Reason For BEING. With so much NEWS (good and bad) going on in America and the World (mostly behind the scenes) where do I begin?
Some people look Dec 2012 for The end of the World. But the world can never end. It will (must) undergo ‘Great Changes’ that have already started. Most people’s lives are so busy, they have NO Time for seeking, nor finding the REAL God. But soon they will discover He IS very Real, very Concerned, and HE LOVES Everyone. I like to say; “Wait till Your FATHER Gets HOME.” Why? Cause “HE Knows BEST”.
His Promises are as sure and as  real as you are reading this. Just Imagine what multitudes (Billions Plus) of Angels can do to help Restore Order. Try to Imagine a Paradise like no other. A TIME (soon) where everything hidden (good and bad) shall Be “Exposed” for all to see.  To Me, This IS GOOD NEWS. Why Not SEEK The True LORD while He may still Be Found. Is it Time to Clean out your Closet? Scrape of your Plate? Empty your cup… so that HE may Fill It with HIS Truth and Joy? 
NOV/DEC 2010  There’s a lot of new things both good and not good going on. But first we should discuss what’s SURE and TRUE. The Times, Places,  Seasons  and Purposes spoken of in Scripture (Eccl 3:1) are truly ‘AT HAND’. 
The ‘Government Of Yahweh God’ that was in operation back in Adams  (and Eve’s) day -before the fall. This (new) lifestyle will be in effect (soon) when the New Millennium (1,000 year reign) officially begins.  Thus far, Satan still possesses and oppresses people… although he knows his Time is short. Yes, he will soon be bound for the new 1,000 year Millennium reign. Soon, The Messiah, His (remnant) Bride and friends shall inherit the Kingdom, along with those who will ‘enter in’. Just before that time, people will get to choose ‘whom they shall serve’. 

OCT. 31, 2010  It is NOW “TIME” For SERIOUS People To Get Their House (Affairs) IN ORDER.  WHY? The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ‘Is At Hand’. Father Yahweh God Has Perfect Timing, and Nothing happens that is not allowed by Him. (good or bad). He knows everything about ME and YOU. He Loves Everyone the SAME. He IS ETERNAL The Kingdom to Come (soon) will be owned and operated by His Son Immanuel. (Yahshua).

Psalm 2:1-5 speaks volumes regarding (most) religious, non religious (heathen) and cultured people today;
“Why do the heathen rage and imagine vain things”? (vain meaning worthless-empty-foolish things. I know, I know; people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs). There is so much to share.
On the bright side: We are now in the Time of the great Fall Feasts: Trumpets (Oct 21), Atonement (Oct 30) Tabernacles (Nov 4), The Last Great DAY (Nov 11, 2010). Let me say: ‘By The Grace Of Yahweh GOD am I Here, watching/preparing to be a witness of His Promises reserved for those soon to receive new “ears to hear, and eyes to see” regarding His Outpouring of Mercy.
As far as News, there is some good, yet a whole bunch not good. If almighty GOD (Father Yahweh) does not step in (soon) things will truly get much worst, not only around the world, but here in America- where it now appears to be- the land of multiple victims, and the home of many fearful people.   It’s Political season again and I see no hope there, and a concern is also about those sworn to protect (and defend) yet don’t seem to.
This is a very Sad state of affairs everywhere. Even the legal system appears to be more against people rather than for them. One is seemingly Guilty until (hopefully) proven Innocent, rather than the other way around like it used to be. The pagan festivals of Hollow-een and X-mess with their mer-chants and sooth-slayers are expecting business as usual; the blind leading the blind. (a SAD State Of Traditional Affairs to be sure)
AUG/SEPT. 2010  Hurricane season is here once again. The Economy is really getting Worst. People trying to figure out – what to do? Where to turn? Many Religions are at odds with each other. Banks are not lending or re-financing in many cases. Most children are lost in the maze of reality and delusion. TV channels are now in the thousands.  Texting is now a way of life (and death) for some. Cell phones are more popular than GOD or Truth. Competition is fierce among Business owners with several simply giving up.
Prescription Drugs are Booming, along with Hospitals, Medic-aid, Medi-care and Nursing Home Businesses. The weather is strange and so is the impure water and air. Freedom is not as free as it used to be. Courts are buzzing and Lawyers win even when they lose, just like doctors. In a nutshell: We ARE Definitely- “In The Last Days” Period!  Now that is a good thing. How Good? Pay Attention.
We are nearing the last Quarter of the year. The Gulf_OIL_Disaster is the Most Devastating Event so far this year 2010 I believe. Just because one cannot see the OIL slicks does not mean the have GONE. (Disappeared). No, there is yet much oil hidden way beneath the surface, much like Truth remains hidden -out of sight. This oil and other dispersant’s are  very dangerous to wildlife, the habitant, sea creatures and most of all, People. On the BRIGHT Side: Those In The Know are Closer to Positive (Spiritual) CHANGES.
JULY 13, 2010  Where do I start..there’s So Much Going On. Well, 2010 is half over. The (REAL) Gulf (Oil) Disaster hasn’t yet registered in most peoples minds, and probably won’t. Most people have todays ‘Life Priorities’ back-wards. Are these days really and truly “as In The Days Of Noah?” [YUP, Really]. Will millions (maybe more?) truly “Perish” for Lack of (real) Knowledge?
Will the expected miracles and Spiritual rescues take place this Year or Sooner? Will Justice be served upon those who create havoc, panic, pain, desolation and despair? Will Yahweh GOD truly have Mercy and avert  Wrath/ Destruction? Will most people “Trust GOD and lean Not upon their Own Understanding?” (Hello?)
JUNE 24, 2010.  There is a lot NEW.  Both Good and Bad. Those who watch the News or behind the scenes know that ‘most Things are Not Good’  The Earthquakes, The Gulf OIL (Disaster) Situation. The Weather, Etc., ETC. Yet my promise stands: “Though Father Yahweh SLAY ME- I will Yet Trust HIM – for ONLY for HE Is My All In All”. How can I LEAN on my own understandings and senses when HE desires to be the Great “I AM”, The Most High GOD, The Author and FINISHER of All Things Good.
So, there you have it. He IS my Refuge, my Strength, and My HOPE for All Time as this world, along with powerful people in it, are waxing worst by the minute. By that I mean Socially, Mentally, Financially, Physically, Family and Spiritually. Where is the Love from Mankind? Yes, Father Yahweh, Thy Kingdom will come and The King Of Kings Himself will Restore Order and Rule this Earth with a Rod of Iron.  This is what’s really NEW!! Hope, Faith, Trust and Patience. (“Halelu’Yah”)
April-May 2010.  I remember a song in 1954 called TEACH ME TONIGHT. The song went like this in part:  Do you say,”I’ve got a lot to learn?” Well, don’t think I’m trying not to learn. Since this is the perfect spot to learn, Teach me tonight. Starting with the “A,B,C’s of it, Right down to the “X,Y,Z” of it, Help me solve the mystery of it, “Teach me tonight.”People (as in Noah’s DAY) are still in  Darkness.  ignorant of the True LIGHT Of The World (Truth) to enlighten them, lest they perish. But who TEACHES TRUTH in This Day?
What else is new? Surprisingly yet sadly, my wife (the wife of my youth for 48 years- since 1962) has been diagnosed with stage 4 Terminal Cancer. Anyone having a loved one afflicted with Cancer understands the issues relating to lifestyles and treatment. Personally I trust those Miracles from on high to be in order soon.  Father Yahweh GOD knows everything going on everywhere, and it’s HIS Will That Shall Be Done. To this day, my wife refuses to (accept) understand the many Things Yahweh GOD has shared with me over these past 31 (interesting yet teachable) years… as HIS ‘Student Of Truth’. So do we (all) need the OUTPOURING Of His SPIRIT as Well as His ANOINTING POWER as  Promised in Joel 2:24?  (I believe so!)
March 2010.  More Earthquakes in diverse places.. CHILE. USA. ETC.  People running To and Fro, lost in the Sea of Confusion. The True Remnant are seeing more Truth than ever before. The Test Of Carmel continues as the REMNANT Bride Elect Maketh herself Ready. America (and The World) Needs ‘Life Support’ (Spiritual Assistance) or she will indeed PERISH. Father Yahweh Knows Everything that goes on, and His judgments shall be true and swift. (Read Isaiah Chapters 60 and 61 for a preview of tomorrow) Remember, The Creator (Father Yahweh God) can do the IMPOSSIBLE.. and HE will very soon… as Promised.
January -Feb, 2010   People ask: Did GOD ’cause’ the Haiti Disaster? The Katrina (New Orleans) Disaster? I say NO! But He  ‘Allowed’ them to happen.  I highly doubt these were ‘Acts of Nature’.  Soon Every thing HIDDEN will be Exposed for all to See.  Without a doubt, Father Yahweh’s EYES are going to and fro throughout the world.
I trust that He most certainly is Not Pleased with all the evil taking place.. that he envisions. He knows the cries of VICTIMS from Haiti, Iraq and every other part of the world-His World.  His Elect also cry out, asking: How Much Longer FATHER? How much longer must we wait for YOUR Justice, Vengeance and Promises?
Various people in power will need to decide and choose- very soon- exactly who they will serve. The Corruption or The True GOD and Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  The bible says that many hearts will FAIL in the Last days, seeing shocking Things before them. Even Religion is a big business, and Jeremiah 51:6 plus Mathew 15:13-14 speak of it.  And Mathew 24 says a lot for the times we are living in. A Whole Lot.  
December 24, 2009  More people live in fear today than ever, and someone will bear the responsibility for that. We have a world that is convulsing within itself, looking in the wrong places for the real antidote. Yet those who desire to KNOW Father Yahweh God, and are Drawn to His Beloved Son; “Yahshua Messiah- Immanuel will find the most incredible (Manna) Milk, Meat and Strong Meat ever. 
It was Yahweh GOD who said: “Be Not Afraid for I go Before YOU-Always”.  (Joshua 1:1-9) Watch and Pray always, that Your Redemption Draweth Near. This is the Day and the Time to ‘let Father Yahweh GOD – Be GOD’… and You his Child-LIKE Student, remain awake and alert. 
November 5, 2009  Today as I edit this page, the Phillies lost to NY. Worldly cancer, deception and curses continue to grow. More people live in fear.  The bible says that people would demand things that would be to their demise and horror thinking they are doing right. Nothing in politics has changed, nor government, nor people trying to save homes, marriages and businesses. The flu Fears are  growing worst by the day as the Remnant of Yahweh ‘WAIT’ for Sign’s, Wonders and Miracles that will follow them that Believe.” I also want to say: woe to those who have taken an ‘OATH under God’ and do not honor it.  Words and Actions will condemn many, yet save many as well, soon.
September 15, /OCTOBER 21,2009: Interesting that in Baseball we have the Philadelphia Phillies, the LA Angels and LA Dodgers and The NY Yankees. Do these events Prophesy concerning the near Future? I Believe so!
What Is MY ROLE In The (Earthly) KINGDOM Of Yahweh GOD? Before I share this with ‘whoever has or desires Eyes To See and Ears To Hear… first let me say that I too was once (Spiritually) BLIND, (Spiritually) Deaf, and (Spiritually) Ignorant for  almost half my life. But in ‘Seeking Truth’ these past 30 years, I was most fortunate to find what I believe is most Important to one who truly cares about the very near future!
So if your the least bit curious about Life, both Spiritually and Materially, allow me to ask these question. 1. Where is The REAL (yet Hidden) Kingdom Of God Today? 2. Where will The Literal Millennial Kingdom Of God be Displayed very soon? 3. Why has it taken so long for YOU to receive these facts? 4. Once You know TRUTH, what will you Do with It?
The bible IS an amazing Story Book. One that covers 6000+ Literal Years.  In It we find the Past, the Present and of course, the Future. One thing you can be sure of is this: There IS Only ONE GOD. His Name is Yahweh and The Only Way to Identify with Him, with His Will and with HIS Works, is ‘By His SPIRIT’ giving  Confirmation of things (proof) in a visible and invisible, yet highly Emotional WAY.  Because of HIS LOVE and MERCY For ALL Mankind, He will NOT EVER Destroy His Creations of Animal, Plant and Human LIFE. But He Will Discipline and Correct each Wrong and HE will Restore All Things Ever lost or Stolen, Including LIFE.
 “Where is the Kingdom Of God Today?”  “Within You”. What about A Pre-VIEW of Things To Come? Yes, greater things (works) are coming, despite the FEARS that are (purposely) Enslaving The World, especially America. (concerns like swine flu, the money situation, family bondage, etc.)
Yahweh God has promised to protect His People. And in His Way, He will, He does and will continue to do so. Our job (purpose) regardless of anything and everything, is to Listen, Watch, WAIT, Trust HIM and Do Nothing to Intervene or Interfere with His Plans. He IS The FATHER. He Knows EVERYTHING, the End from the Beginning. He Knows Every hair on your head visible or not. So Relax and Let HIM ‘Go Before You’ Always. Let Him LEAD.  Let Him Drive. You should follow or stay out of the way.
Most have heard of HIS SON. His Son’s name is Yahshua, the Messiah. Immanuel is His Name. (Jesus is NOT His real name. Mankind gave Him that Name after the Greek God “ZEUS” and Billions have fallen for it). But soon the Truth will be Revealed… for ALL. To: “See, Hear, Feel and KNOW.” That will be only ‘Part’ of My JOB – My Role – Worldwide – Very Soon. Why share this message? Because of how you are, what you do, how you care, and possibly why your here. I also see many who are SAD. Many giving up, thinking there is no hope, yet wondering how to survive. But Father Yahweh’s Plans and Promises will stand just as sure are you are here reading this.
August 22, ’09     If we took a poll today we would find that people have mixed feelings concerning most every subject imaginable.  What concerns people besides health care, the weather, taxes, employment, prices, crime and countless other subjects is TRUTH. And I trust that soon the Truth will be Exposed for all to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, and Understand. But where will YOU fit in once the truth be told, with the world witnessing such a feat? As for me and my house (this personage called ME) we shall serve The most high God and His King Of Kings. The Immanuel, the Messiah, The Sent One. The Lamb who once was and is now The Lion. This is what’s truly Important. This is what ‘Life’ should be all about. 
July ’09  eases) is Near. And The True New Kingdom will come into BEING with The King and His kings, The LORD and His lords, and Joint Heirs of Promise, His Apostles, Disciples, Friends of the groom, the Overcomer’s, and especially His REMNANT BRIDE.  Run.  This IS ‘Whats NEW and IMPORTANT’.
June/July 4, ’09  There is not much ‘good news’ to report. It may be July, but the weather appears to be like April with much rain in upstate New York. This World still remains under the curse periods, going back some 6000 years. Today people are more fearful, uncertain and depressed than ever before including the times of depression in the early 1900’s to 1930’s. Is there a cure? Who can be trusted TODAY other than The All Mighty Creator and Father of All? As the saying goes: “those who WAIT upon The LORD shall Renew Their Strength…
May 17 2009. It doesn’t take a genius to SEE that this world is growing worst and worst. (as predicted in scripture). Is this the Calm Before the Storm? OR The Storm (Tribulation) before the Calm? The Bible said this would happen and so much More in these Last Days. Are these “Last Days” a “GOOD THING”? (Absolutely!)  Should we be afraid? (NO! But one might ASK: What Do You Mean By: Good Thing?) Blind people See darkness while those children (brides to be, servants) of Father Yahweh God (teachable) are Privileged TO SEE (Seek) TRUTH and  WALK IN IT.  For NINE Years (since 2000) as PART Of HIS – Called Out-  Remnant BRIDE, I am overjoyed to share these links to EXPLAIN where Father Yahweh GOD IS and What His Message might BE For Third day – Our Day And TIME. 
APRIL 2009. Each and every day brings something New to mind, but its not always Good News concerning the world. But each Day is also a new ‘opportunity’ to hear from (Father) Yahweh God. Our job is to find out WHAT He Wants. (If we Seek will we Find?) And Ask For HIS HELP no matter what the situation is. April brings more than spring fashions. More than Easter and its Pagan Traditions. April also brings the Feast of “PASS-OVER”.  Now there’s an interesting WORD! “Pass-Over”. People think that living to be 80 or 90 in good health is a big deal. But IS IT?
Adam lived to be almost 1000 Years of Age. Imagine that? Had they not Erred (sinned) they would still be around TODAY, Ageless.  Yes, with SIN Came The CURSE and The Ticking CLOCK To Measure TIME. So what will People (mankind) Do… now that these world’s systems are getting Worst? Will Father Yahweh GOD Open The Doors to People spirit/hearts, soul/minds and invite Himself IN- for a chat? Or will he simply ‘Turn His Back’ and say: I told you so, I warned you? Can this be the Age of Miracles From On High? (YES!)
March 28 2009.  As we continue to watch and wait…TIME is moving on and disaster is on the immediate horizon. Yup, things will heat up even more very soon.  What can I or anyone ‘say’ to people who are Deaf and Blind?  Although things appear quiet in this world, they are far from it. Without GOD Almighty, Creator Intervening SOON there will be Little HOPE for Anyone. Yes, the People we trusted to lead and protect along with other have gone way beyond the realm of Faith and Trust. The Foxes are guarding the hen-house (mankind) while the Wolves (in sheep’s clothing) are sizing up and preparing the sheep-Le for economic slaughter.
This is NOT GOOD!  People ask: “Why GOD Wait until the last minute?” Answer: To Test the Faith of Those Who Are His.  But because of His MERCY.. Wrath (Hardships and Torture) will be Averted. That will be a GOOD Thing! We Need His Anointing, NOW!
February 2009.  This month introduces my 30th year as a student of Truth, Led By The True Spirit Of Yahweh GOD. Are we due for CHANGE? Yes.. but not the kind people or government really expect. We need Miracle Changes of Righteousness.   
Everyday brings more surprises, more lies and of course, more TRUTH. Truth that most can’t Yet See, Feel or Hear. The TEST OF CARMEL continues and the “Prophets of Baal” are becoming more recognized along with the “Prophets of Asherah” and of course the important ‘Office’ concerning the True (Masculine work) 2nd Remnant (Bride) which “ELIJAH” will Introduce.  (1 Kings 18:17-40)  
The 1st Remnant (Bride) under Yahshua Messiah, was a Moses type (Feminine work) and more democratic than republican. With  new  faces in Washing-A-Ton there is much doubt that anything short of miracles- from on high- will stop the bleeding and fleecing of America by the powers that be. (Babylon system).   
January 2009  Much has happened since last November. I am most grateful that the 2008 Pagan Holidays are complete (without me) as we yet await the Promises for the (expectant) 2nd Remnant Bride company of today. Gary Naler is not only a prophetic type but I trust that he holds the Office of Elijah THE PROPHET Today- spoken about in the New Testament, (Testimony of the Future today). 

YES., “THE BRIDE MAKETH HERSELF READY”   Find out Who and Why, What and How the 2nd Remnant Bride will Minister and Help usher in THE True Messiah and Savior. We also has an Inauguration for a new office holder, to replace an old one. So much for that. Now to the real ‘Business at hand’: My Fathers Business of course. World events all point to the NEED for Special Miracles (not politically) and Divine Intervention From The Creator On High.

These Miracles will prove we are Not Our Own, but were ‘bought and paid for’  (the(redeemed) with a great price.  As I see it, if one is curious to know Truth…then they have Potential Vision. If they are over 50 they can have Advanced Knowledge. But soon even a child will Know (and Prophecy) what adults have yet to LEARN. So, stay tuned.
NOVEMBER 2008:  Things in  November are worst than October. People are gearing up for their remaining Holidays; Thanksgiving and X-Mass. Still receiving various reports and can say that most definitely… the “Test Of Carmel” continues… full steam.  Most are Living in a TRANCE, looking for Answers that are out of their control. By this I mean mankind is the victim, and if so, then who appear to be the victors? Hmm.
OCTOBER 2008 . Where do we go from here? Great Question. Well this is being typed the last week of Oct. 08. Things are happening quickly especially in America.  Take a Look at BASEBALL: The PHILADELPHIA PHILLIE’S  vs Florida Tampa-Bay RAY’S Game “FIVE.” Yes, first Time In History there was a “Base-Ball-Breach” (break) and Game FIVE was “SPLIT”. A TWO Part (split) work occurred because of RAIN- it was more like a FLOOD!
And “Five” is also a “Remnant Bride Number”.  Remember there were also “5 Wise and 5 Foolish (Virgin) Brides.” As for ME I’m part of the Spiritual “Philadelphia Church” spoken of in Rev 3:6-13. (Check it out for you may be surprised). If The RAYS Stop Flowing (Flo-RID-a) then the 2nd Remnant (Philly) Church Remnant  Elect can be “Anointed” (prepared and filled) for Ministry and POWER. (won’t that be nice)

FALL (the Fall?) of 2008 is HERE.  I would Love to Report GOOD NEWS but there’s not much to say except that ‘those who await upon The True GOD (Father Yahweh) to Prepare The Way for His Elect will not be disappointed’. It is Important No One Panic but TRUST HIM 100% with everything we are and have. Things can be (and shall be) Replaced, Just Watch And SEE. Yes, He cares about us, and we walk by “His Faith IN US”. 

 If you have read this ‘entire website’ (hope you do) then you will notice things have been purposely DELAYED and may wonder why.  First; because of (His) Timing.  And Second; because many that Should BE Ready’ are ‘NOT Yet Ready’. (It’s that simple).  More information will be found on the “Character” page above.  Yes, father Yahweh Has a True Character, and we each have our own character’s also. How well do they match his? (Hmm)

The good news is that there’s always good news hidden in various places.. despite what we see and hear in the (controlled) media. But often one has to DIG Deep in order to bring out the real truth of today. And on the Spiritual scene; there are many things going on in the Heavenly realm besides the earthly realm.  I’m told and believe that; Things are NOT what they ‘appear’ to be.Yes, this Country (America) is in VERY DEEP Trouble and only a series of miracles from on high will save much of her People and Land. 
If one were to weigh ‘all the bad’ and ‘all the good’ today the BAD would by far ‘outweigh the good’. Why, because as the curse of 1920 continues, only a handful control the entire world. And people will be held accountable for their actions (and faith) until they die or the Curse is lifted and “Mercy over Judgment” prevails. (True Jubilee). 
All those who have caused deception, destruction, havoc and bondage throughout this world – since the beginning of time- will be held accountable soon for their every action.   Everything is considered “My Father’s Business” and nothing can or will ever escape Him.  Every hair on our heads (visible or not) is numbered.  What’s the final point in all this revelation or inform-ation?  It has to do with ‘purpose or effectual calling’ which co-incides with the appointed ‘value’ of human life according to Almighty Father Yahweh. (GOD). 
Most people today are awakening to and receiving truth.   Yet  some are not yet ready. They live (and act) like animals in a cage they call life.  Does something drastic need to happen in their lives before they finally  wake  up?  I believe much ‘bible revelation’ will soon come to pass as promised, and when it does people will be Truly Amazed. Especially those un-prepared for Truth.  There are yet Two Forces at work: ‘Good and Evil’. (spiritually and physically).
Can a person distinguish between opposites today?  Is a baby in the  mothers womb yet a miracle? Yes, and Father GOD has His own unique ‘birthing plan’ as well within every person who desires to be-come  His  property.  Those  alive will soon be privy to see  His  Millennium Plan, Program,  System unfold by His  incredible  anointing  power. Both upon mankind  to awaken them and also through  His Remnant bride for service.


People (who yet seek to learn) will discover that ‘in our lifetime’ the delays that took place were allowed by Father Yahweh.  I have asked what the cause of these delays were and found many reasons.  These same reasons  existed for myself over 30 years ago.  Of Father GOD’s  (called-out) Remnant  Bride many are ‘not listening or ready to help prove all things’ to a ‘carnal minded’ (traditional) world.  Many things are still not believed (or accepted) even when displayed.  Maybe it’s pride, stupidity or ignorance?  But as time goes on… those close to Father GOD (who understand- and do – His will) will find their true reward(s) as they wait upon Him to renew their strength.

 This website is often updated. What’s missed could greatly affect your future!!
June to October 2008   Its Been almost six months since the last update (4/16/08) and MUCH HAS TAKEN PLACE. Some good and some not so good.  For the good:
For the Not So Good: it is no secret that we are in BIG Trouble. Not only Spiritually, but Financially, Politically and Economically.  Are we in America due for another huge Setback? Today is Oct 17th. We shall  Soon SEE.  Is what is planned going to SHOCK the WORLD Once Again?  Does anyone have the right to Ask Father Yahweh GOD: What is going on, and how much Longer must people endure hardships?
Rest assured that these storms will pass, that a True Jubilee period is on the Horizon. This infectious cancer will go into remission,  this new (promise) land will be completely healed as promised. The focus today is on the (no win) Financial (Buyout) Bailout.  Besides that the Political arena is similar to a football game where the two coaches are being tossed around (debated)  preparing for yet another GAME. 
No doubt, mass delusion, confusion, hypnosis, and hysteria is at a premium.  Credit cards, corporate and mortgage debt continue to mount with loans (and delinquency) also at an all time high.  Is America on Life Support by  those  who  all the shots in America and the World?  (Hmm.)
May 2008    Notice the weather? The Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Fires, Drought, Famine, Volcano’s, Etc.? Were into the Second Quarter of 2008, and the prices of everything valuable are insane. Read Matthew 24 and you will See America, and the world in 2008. There is so much to Truth to Understand and SHARE.. but the Blinders are Still On for 98% of the People. Why?
Because of His Timing, and most are so Pre-Occupied with everyday life, that they hardly go past the questions of WHY To Find Answers.  TV still entertains the brains and fast food still upsets digestive systems. But there is a solution to every problem. I’m in the “Solution Business” that is related to the “Salvation Business” that is related to ” My FathersBusiness.US “. Take a peek at “The Anointing page” link above. And pray that you may escape the things of Bondage.
April 2008  The Pagan Holiday Easter (honoring the pagan goddess Ishtar) is over as the orphans and pagans prepare for another holiday soon. It does not take a genius to know and realize that America is in very BIG Trouble; Politically, Morally, Financially, Legally, and of course- SPIRITUALLY.  Even many who were  called into remnant and who claim to be ready… are not since being tested daily.  This Miracle (The Birthing and Nurturing of Yahweh’s 2nd Remnant Bride) From On High can come either by Natural Birthing (Anointing) or by C-Section (Forcefully). Either way (or both) a New Beginning is in Order Soon because of Mercy rather than Judgment and destruction alone.. 

March 2008   Those (few) with ‘eyes to see’ are seeing many ‘hidden things come to light,’ just as the night is always darkest before dawn. If one could Imagine being a “Deaf Mute” with No actual (picture and sound) Distractions, (and opinions) like we have today, how much TIME could or would they SPEND (invest) in Learning Truth? Well believe it or not, 98% of the World has this ‘Inherent Disability of being Spiritually BLIND’. But who will ‘cure them’ of this dis-ease? The Remnant Bride.

Jan-Feb 2008  Hopefully 2008 will be the year of changes, ‘for the better’?  This year two anniversaries take place for myself: Feb 28-29 (2008) will make 29 years saved… and in late November will make 9 years since being ‘called-out’ of Christianity to be-come part of the 2nd Remnant Bride company.  Also the presidential elections are yet so foolish and have been since this country began.  The system is definitely ‘broken’, as most people grow dumber and duller. Corruption has spread (like a virus) world-wide.  Do we really Need CHANGE? (just Look around).  

Yes, it’s finally Time for Father Yahweh “To Do A New Thing” as promised; The woman (remnant bride) will encompass the man (mankind).  Why? To Assist in the ‘Renovation/ Restoration/ and Reconciliation’ of ALL THINGS.  Watch, and either be ready, get ready or perish.

Dec 2007    Most people prepare for the (pagan) holidays while many try to hold on to their ‘homes, jobs, families, cars, health, life, etc.. Weather  throughout the world still remains un-natural, while each day real truth gets buried deeper and deeper as the powers of darkness  prevail. What is the  remedy?  TIME. I have learned that Time needs to be, and will be, ‘cut short’.  

How can this be?  The answer is not only physical but Spiritual.  What is impossible for man is not Impossible for Father Yahweh.  Pray that you will be around to watch Him work.

Today most people continue ‘man made’ holiday traditions. I guess it is like “In Noah’s DAY”, before the big ‘Flood’ came and ‘Took them all Away’… Took them where? Out Of School? To Heaven? To The Grave? or Some-place else? Read Genesis Chapters 6 and 7. (then tell me if that story can relate to 2006 and 2007? (I believe so)… But what about 2008? Read “Chapter 8” of Genesis to learn What Took Place back then and what we may expect very soon. 

 Nov 2007   November are a special time (for me) along with February’s. The timing is now ripe and Father GOD’S (remnant) people are scheduled to produce (bear) much Fruit.  But How can this be?  Well, things are not what people think or expect them to be.  Truth  is definitely NOT found on TV, in  Newspapers,  Magazines,  Radio, nor by word of mouth today. 

Truth comes from Father Yahweh through revelation and confirmation  by His Spirit and not by one’s might alone. (see Zech 4:6).  Alone man-kind can do nothing. (everlasting).  Many forces and personalities (some positive and much negative) are  involved in peoples everyday lives today. Yet, training (discerning positive or negative information)  is the responsibility of (both) Parents.  When this does Not happen others may attempt the task and most often fail. Why? Because of a great imbalance, or being ‘Unequally YOKED In Truth’.  (There a big lesson here)

Oct 28-2007. The most simplest question one can ask is ‘Why’?  When receiving answers one should ‘Test Them’ as best they can. This can be done by asking others for opinion (which may be wrong) or by seeking the God (or gods) you believe exists. We could discuss hundreds of topics from Abilities to Values and everything in between. Health, Wealth, Love, Fear, Worry, Doubt, Purpose, War, Weather and the Unexpected could be topics for discussion. (or not).

Another question might be; “Why is GOD Hidden? Why is God a He instead of a she, or why are you here? Every question has an Answer, every riddle a purpose, every problem a solution, and every prayer (answered or not) a hearing. Another question is WHEN.  When will the ‘True Purpose of Life’ be revealed? When will the ‘living dead today’ and the ‘true deceased’ be Resurrected? 

October 2007.   IT’S TIME FOR PEOPLE TO NOT ONLY GROW UP, BUT “WAKE UP”! It’s no secret that  Death and Destruction (among innocent individuals and business) exists worldwide. The remedy (antidote) for ignorance, or deception should be “Truth”. Most people in and of power have no idea whom they serve daily. Ignorance does not (will not) excuse them from their sworn duty and real truth.

Topics of concern should be: Love, Service, Dedication, Food, Water, Air, TRUTH, Responsibility and Freedom. We’ve been at war for 6000 years. But who’s War? Satan and his associates. 2000+ years ago, (two days to Him) Almighty Yahweh GOD sent a savior to provide Life, not Death and Destruction like we have today. This is a ‘spiritual war’ affecting multiple lives. Justice will prevail soon. Father Yahweh is most displeased with world conditions today.

TODAY, “Food, water and Oxygen” have far less nutritional value than  100 years ago. This is Proven. Today CANCER affects one out of every two males, and one out of every three females. There are ways to Test  Toxins in the body, and Test Water plus other beverages consumed daily. If things continue,’parents will outlive their children’. (read that again). Human bodies OXIDIZE and DECAY like Rust on an old car.

What does this more rapidly?  Certain  foods (fast foods) and various (approved) water sources, and lack of exercise, nutrition, and sleep.  How? Too much ACID Waste In  Human Bodies  is  Destroying  and Killing People of All Ages.  It’s True. “What You EAT May Be Eating YOU?” (Do your research,to see how & why.)

September 11, 2007    There is a sleeping giant slowly awakening among mankind. This sleeping Giant is called TRUTH. Most people heard the story of little David and the giant Goliath. Well, in this case Satan along with his possessed are soon to be exposed. This is mentioned in Scripture. Since there are more Lies than  Truth today,  this will be reversed also very soon.  Every murder will be accounted for as well. Father Yahweh says; “Vengeance is Mine”. 

He will repay (repair and replace) what the (evil ones) locusts have (taken) eaten. The book of Esther is also an interesting read, especially chapter 7 (for 2007?) and 8 (for 2008?). Do your homework: Find out who represents Esther -Today? And who is it that represents Mordecai Today? And who represents Haman Today? And who is the real KING of this New Kingdom? And who are the righteous people of Yahweh Today? Does History Repeat itself? Is it True; there is ‘Nothing New’ under the sun? We have answers.  

August 2007  A cousin of mine (Rita) passed away from Cancer. I recently found some facts to ponder: ONE out of every TWO Males, has some type of Cancer in their body. One out of Three Females has Cancer. Believe it or not Human beings are made up of WATER.  Water with DIRT purposely mixed in it. Our Bodies need (whole-some) Food (Nutrients) and (safe) Water.. to LIVE and Grow.

The reason we age (Animals also) is because of Carbon.(poisons in the air, food, water, and blood stream. We have a (skeletal) body-frame made of Bones and Carbon. We also RUST on the inside and outside. They call this aging. This process is called: “OXIDATION”. What about ANTI-OXIDANTS or ANTI-AGING Properties? Lot of interesting data is available that can SAVE PEOPLES LIVES. (If They Care to Listen) 

When creation began (including today) there were Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Inflammatory agents in Certain kinds of FRUIT. These were/are designed to help stop (or drastically slow down) the “AGING Process”.

Remember, all LIFE started in a luscious ‘Garden’ (of Eden) some 6,000 years ago. There was DIRT, a Creator, Father GOD, who Fashioned Man from DIRT.  There were Two Trees. One The Tree Of Life which produces LIFE, and One Called “The Tree of The KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD and EVIL which they were Not supposed to TOUCH Or EAT. One  was Allowed, the other Forbidden. (just like today- huh?) 

As I see it, People who have DIED (are ASLEEP). They simply WAIT a Time   Promised in scripture called; “The Resurrection of the dead”.  Life goes on as  the Test Of Carmel continues TODAY, as the Deception upon this world continues each DAY. In the Bible Father Yahweh says: “My People PERISH for Lack Of Knowledge”. This is true Today, more than ever before. 

July 2007   My dear Mother, Mom, music companion (piano/singer) and best friend passed away  at age 87.  Whenever things happen-whether sad/glad, good or bad  – I always seek answers. Mother was a “4th Generation link” (in the chain of generations/thread/ that now has broken/split- leaving 3 generations left.  Neither June nor July 2007 have been good months. What is needed now (as mentioned in Scripture) are ‘Miracles’ from on high. I refer specifically to the promises in Joel 2:23-29.

Most of my relatives continue in the (pagan) traditions of their parents while myself and others remain steadfast in Remnant Bride Faith and Belief.  Mom will be missed but not forgotten. To me she is asleep (in Heaven) with Dad (1963 age 44) and multiple relatives and friends. They will be awakened (sooner than later) as this (6,007 year) curse of death and deception is lifted and the ‘New Millennium Reign’ with Yahshua (Immanuel) Officially begins. 

June 2007   Were still waiting for Miracles from on high. Still learning Patience. Looking to anticipate a move of GOD in accordance with His Timing and Will. To me every day is Father’s (Yahweh’s) DAY. Without HIM and His Promises, we have nothing. He best expressed Himself in EXODUS 20:1-17. Check it out.  I can imagine how Yahshua’s mother felt seeing Him nailed to that stake, (that tree) yet I give all the glory to Father Yahweh for Everything. Interesting that Billy Graham’s wife also passed away, age 87, same age as my mom..  

May 2007   There are PROMISES that must come to pass and “This Present Remnant Bride Generation” must be the one’s to carry out Father GOD’s Business and Will.  “The Curse of 1920”  Including “The Curse placed upon mankind and earth”… must be destroyed according to Scripture.
My Mom (Elida) Lee is 87. Her health is failing each day and this is painful to me and others. She is quite a LADY, born in 1919 (before the Curse of 1920 took effect yet not as guilty as other women throughout the world). She is an amazing woman and mother.  I too was  part of the Catholic church/ school  system for many years. I learned what was needed, and then, after a time, (age 37)  ‘came out’ to be separate from Catholicism and again (age 58)  now separated  from Christianity since late 1999. TO ME, Mom was the “LAST LINK of/to Four Generations”. It has been 44 long years since my DAD died (age 42) in a strange truck accident.  I believe 40 to 45 years is a Generation. 
I also found that “Numbers” ARE also Very Important to Father Yahweh since He mentions them often is Scripture. In Fact there are Many Things That Will Be Revealed and Taught Soon regarding The Creator of everything visible and spiritual, known and yet unknown.   

What is needed NOW is mentioned in Scripture ; (Miracles) Joel 2:23-29. And as I type this May 26 (may-day?) message… Father Yahweh knows how Important it would be for Him (Through His True Remnant) To Begin “Miracle’s” like He Did for Yahshua and the Apostles 2000+ years ago; “Healing the sick.  Raising the Dead”. Why? To PROVE  Yahshua (Messiah/Savior) was From (and PART Of) THE FATHER SENT For A Purpose: To  Reconcile The World Back To The Father.  To Pay The Debt. (Ransom). To Release captives held in bondage through the Original SIN (disobedience) of Adam and Eve and so much more sin since.

Regardless of what takes PLACE. My position will be not moved nor compromised. Healing would not be much easier for me than raising the DEAD, but Father GOD promises to “Do His Will”, and not only my wishes or desires… That is: UNLESS IT’S “My Time To Shine, To Witness Truth, Being About “My Father’s BUSINESS”.  (Yahweh Knows Everything About Everyone.  I hope YOU will soon Witness This Power and Truth… From On HIGH!

April 2007  Finally got the website editor fixed. People are realizing the weather (and other disasters) in many areas has been most unusual. Many families displaced suffering extreme hardship. Many might blame Yahweh GOD for all this but I believe others in power are behind most of these weather patterns. And someday soon, we will know the TRUTH. In the meantime there’s much work to do to help ‘prepare the way’ for Yahshua as THE KING of kings and His literal Millennium Kingdom right here on His earth.

Although each day seems like an eternity, its only been 28 (long) years for me, yet the past Seven have been most revealing concerning Truth. So, we Wait, we Watch, we Pray, we Study and Play the hand were dealt…by the true “Spirit Of Father Yahweh”. Remember; Those who ‘endure to the end’… ‘Shall Be Saved’.

March 2007.   What normally took years to learn can now be done in weeks, months and days. The world is “connected” by computer, and there is No language barrier with computers nor almighty Yahweh. I remember the song: “He’s Got the Whole World In HIS Hand”.  God’s Timing is Important and Precise. The Curse has been for 6000 Year’s. (Yet to Yahweh this has been 6 Days, as 1000 years is but ‘One Day’ to Him).

We need the “Outpouring of HIS SPIRIT”. This is the only WAY people will “SEE” (Be Exposed To) the errors of their ways and the way Society has drugged mankind for over 600 Centuries. Like it or not YOU (and everyone else) Will Witness His Will and Truth. This is a Good Thing and many are READY to Display the Truth that has been Displayed to them. There are those who are “Set Apart” for such a TIME as This. I for one am excited and nothing can deter the Love Of Father Yahweh who has to “Cut Time short” less mankind destroy themselves.

 We should never assume any earthly thing will last forever. Grab what you can out of this website now because one never knows when it may simply ‘disappear’. There are always unexpected things that make up the future. As for me, I try to live each day awaiting a mighty move of Yahweh to CHANGE THIS CORRUPT DYING WORLD SYSTEM. This is how I deal with the moment of REALITY.

My real purpose and work as a student turned servant is about to begin. This will be where others who cloud and distort REAL ISSUES concerning REAL TRUTH will STOP or perish. What exactly is this JOB? Almighty GOD has allowed most people to go astray. At TIMES HE sought their cooperation for their own Well Being and they REJECTED. Well this is about to change. Enough is enough.

Should people be Given “Mercy without Judgment”? Will YOU witness Truth with your very OWN EYES and EARS SOON? Could you perish as a lost or undeveloped person? Time will TELL. Things around this WORLD are bad and may get worst. How big can anyone blow up a balloon before it will Burst? We need Miracles, and “PLENTY OF THEM”. They are Promised and GOD does not LIE. So. where are they? Who else is looking besides you and I? 

Have you ever walked a mile or more in someone else’s shoes before Judging them? Are we entitled to our Own “OPINIONS”? Does everyone have an understanding or testimony as to “why they are here on this Earth at this Time”? If not, will they figure it out sometime soon? Is my walk with GOD important to anyone besides me? I would hope and think so but for NOW it’s me who is aware of All these things and if I (and others) am led to listen, led to test, led to believe then we can TEST THESE THINGS FOR THEMSELVES By Themselves. Ah, now THAT Might BE The PROBLEM In a Nutshell. “Testing Things By Themselves..based upon Higher Laws, Moral and Spiritual Standards. Hmm.

I believe LIFE goes around Full CIRCLE. To me this is a SIGNAL that Things are near the end… which of course make to open up “New Beginnings”. For example, in my life, as a 2 to 4 year old boy, I truly missed my dad who had gone to WAR in World War II. I cried for months, even the Doctors were astonished at my “strange behavior”. Then some many years later, age 20, my dad DIED and I still miss him these 44 years later. I can also understand how my Mom, brothers and sisters also miss Dad today as well. To them he is in heaven communicating, while to me he is asleep WAITING for one ‘Incredible Family Reunion’.

If people ask me about my past, I tend to Focus and Reflect more “On the Future” using pieces and facts from my past almost 70 years. One time my thoughts were that age 40 was OLD. Yet today my mom is 87, her health is failing and there is little or nothing I can do but PRAY for a MIRACLE of not only of healing, but of understanding truth as well. Mom is the only one Left of her Generation. She was there in my beginning and hopefully she will be here physically when the Times are Changed in the end.. which says a Whole LOT. But that’s not my call (nor decision) to make. I also know that Father GOD TOOK Noah’s Grandfather (Methuselah) Just before the FLOOD CAME and Destroyed the Wicked PAGAN Worshiping and Homosexual Generations.

 I believe in Miracles. Being one myself and witnessing many others.. I trust that the Time is Near when Miracles will occur and people will Learn WHY and HOW they were so cleverly “DECEIVED”. Asking Father Yahweh for His Will not just for me but others. He knows MY Heart and everyone else’s yet it is His Timing, and His LAW that matters. We did not ask to be born and yet we CAN certainly ask to die should burdens become so great to bear and yet-even if it is NOT TIME many will NOT Perish..

 When I was young my parents took great care of me. Today, Father Yahweh helps me learn His Will as His Remnant Bride student. There are others who also help. Let me tell you Its been a long and bumpy ride. My faith is always being tested. That’s ok, plus there are many memories, some good some not so good. I hate death because it IS SO FINAL. Yet, I have NO DOUBT that everyone Alive and DEAD will eventually be allowed to learn TRUTH and Know the reasons behind everything that takes or took place …in their lives.

 Life was meant to be GREAT and Meaningful according to the Creator Yahweh, yet things got are far from great. News reports best explain this. Many persons struggle Month to Month and Day To Day. Even those who have money are unaware how it is being worth Less and Less.,  People Talk about Faith, yet their Faith is marked or supported by Traditions and major holiday’s. Not to mention the time stealer’s that Sports, home shopping, TV shows and whatever else can be dreamed up to EAT Away TIME. But that’s what Life is all about- isn’t it?.

 Jan-Feb 2007  After an exhaustive study by concerned readers, there will be no excuse as to why the curse upon America (and the world) should not be “Destroyed Or Lifted” by Father Yahweh should People everywhere Repent.

 There truly is a New Kingdom being prepared right Now. Will You Be In It? My mom was born in 1919. She is 87 and feeling her age at times.. yet she might very well BE one of the LAST Generations to “SEE and Witness Miracles from On High”. She is the oldest of Four generations now alive this day. I trust her Life is still at a beginning stage where many witnesses result from.

 August-Sept 2006.  Although much has changed (for the Bride) since the last report. The Test of Carmel (garden) between Remnant (active) and Remnant (Passive) continues along side of  “Christianity and Remnant Bride active”. Remember “To them ‘who are given, much is expected  or required in return’. Do you count Your Daily Blessings?

June 2006 As the world waxes worst, prices increase and more killings take place, Yahweh God is still in control. The Test Of Carmel continues between not only Christianity and Remnant Bride, but among the Remnant bride as well. We desperately need the promised outpouring from on high. Certain promises  must come to pass SOON. Many select people in Christianity are still being gravely DECEIVED. We are cautioned to hold fast to what little we have, for more shall be GIVEN soon, to Equip the True Saints, the Remnant Bride and students of Father Yahweh.

May 2006 Were still in a specific Delay Period.  Yet  certain “Prophecy” is being revealed.  Did you watch the 4 hour mini series “EARTHQUAKE ‘10.5’ on ABC TV? DAY 105 on our calendar was April 15, 2006-  Also a Religious Leader DIED in late April. Jewish Grand Rebbe-Moses Teitelbaum from New York City area. The family was thus divided as to which one of TWO brothers would replacement him.

April 2006  More is going on since the last report’s sent by email. There is separation and dissension among the Remnant company. Yet Father Yahweh is working on His Truth …and His Remnant elect,  for this Day and Time. Satan also knows his time is short and will do whatever to create more BONDAGE for mankind, while HE has His Will which is to be performed by His Remnant People soon.

December 2005 to March- 2006;   Much has taken place at the December 23-27 (2005) gathering in Salem Missouri.  January, February, March 2006 have been awesome months.  More progress is being made as information is being confirmed. Those who do not hunger will simply not be fed. This information is  too important for those who say they are called to disregard. Proof  will definitely follow those (the Bride Company) who are wise, have room for truth, and their lamps trimmed.   

November 26, 2005. Preparations have and are being made for a Mighty Move Of GOD upon His Elect and the world at large. Hardly anyone can realize the PATIENCE that Yahweh has. Normally mankind is given 120 years to get it right, and if that time is not sufficient, then He considers another WAY. In the end He wins and those who believe not will be “without EXCUSE” when that Time comes around.

October 2005.  Has the Curse been REVERSED? We shall SEE! Yet the “Test Of Carmel” continues as the (True) Remnant Bride company hold their positions legally and governmentally.  Those who view this website  will find news events and updates.  Remember; “A little digging here and there – will turn up many nuggets- of Truth”.

This 21st Generation is to Witness ‘Prophetic Change’?  The New Millennium mentioned in (2nd Remnant) Luke 24:7 has begun. More revelation was received May 2004 in Wash-State. I was there.   MAY 2005. The Remnant bride are nearer to Maturity than ever before. Each day they Seek, they find. Each day they Ask, they receive more, and soon The Spirit will Knock on the door of their being, and they shall be-come Witnesses unto Father GOD to the masses, who will seek Truth and desire to walk In It”. Everything HIDDEN, Politically, Financially and Otherwise will be Literally “EXPOSED”….

March 2005. What Is Father Yahweh up to today? A LOT. He is yet preparing His Remnant (Bride) Company for their PART in helping to Usher IN the Messiah or Messianic (not Jewish) Millennium Kingdom. But the greatest expectancy is the ANOINTING upon ALL FLESH. The Worldwide Wake Up Call among ALL of  Christianity. (Joel 2:24-28. Act’s 2:17) The word for today is “Responsibility”. Related to that word is “Accountability”. Everyone is to be accountable To Father Yahweh ELOHIM.

Jan 2005  People wonder today what the significance of the volcanoes, earthquakes, weather changes and the Tsunami Disaster meant. In the Remnant bride writings many answers are revealed. These point to the Last Days of this present SYSTEM. We are about 50 days to Passover 2005. May Father Yahweh Pour out His Spirit Upon All mankind as Promised.

Dec. 2004  The Florida Hurricanes and presidential election  played a part in the revelation of things taking place behind the scenes. Note:  “Everything Hidden will soon be Uncovered and Revealed for all the World to See”. (to witness).  This includes all Evil that will  be exposed. Once this anointing is “poured out” most people will Seek Truth and thus Walk In It. The New Kingdom of GOD will Not allow any wicked to enter in. Yes, there will be real lasting peace  here on this Earth ,and will continue for 1,000 literal Years. It will come to pass as was foretold.

Oct 2004 – If one looks back over the past 10 years and note the good (as well as bad) that took place affecting your Life, what would you really discover? Yes, there has been a ten year Delay (in the awesome and special Jubilee Blessings expected) from Almighty Yahweh. For His various reasons, these Delays are for The Remnant Bride benefit else Almighty Father of All Creation might destroy mankind from this planet and begin life once again. BUT, because His Mercy (and not Judgment) will prevail this wrath or total destruction will Not take place as people throughout history might expect..

Those reading this can seek Yahshua Messiah, The Truth, The Way, and The LIFE , and they can thank Father Yahweh for His tender Mercy in averting  WRATH.(Destruction and Punishment). Speaking of Wrath or destruction, often times Satan is a part of tragedy that almighty  Yahweh allows (for His reasons) and one day soon,  people  will learn  Why.

 But for NOW let me say that WE (the People of Yahweh and those of the World) are Very Close to some  Awesomely Great Happenings that were fore-told and pre-recorded in Scripture. If one reads about the Prophet; “Joel 2: 24-28  they will discover  vital information  concerning the 2 Part Anointing (outpouring) that is about to take Place Soon – Worldwide.. 

 June 2oo4  -All around the world, it appears to be ‘business as usual’. Yet behind the scenes, there are two forces still at work. Like wheat and tares, (positive and negative) one seeks to nourish the other to destroy. We are still in the “Pente-COST” time period and with intercession of sorts the cost or price Is being counted By GOD and paid Daily. Regardless of the way things Look, there Will  BE a Jubilee as foretold in the Scripture. There shall also be the Anointing that Breaks The yoke of bondage upon all the victims. People ask “Why are the Prophecies foretold being Delayed?”.  My thoughts are that the Remnant, the Called, the Elect, are Not Yet Ready. The bride maketh herself Ready, but The TIMING is left up to Father Yahweh.

 I will say that we are ‘past due’. But this World situation is not under Our Control, we are merely inhabitants, guests, messengers, students and watchmen. The battle for Truth and exposure is a Spiritual one between The  Creator Yahweh and Satan the god of this earth.. Satan knows his Time is Very Short. AND there Will Soon be Witnesses of/from both sides.. There IS a purpose for YOU being Alive NOW… and reading this. That purpose if not already revealed will be very Soon…… Don’t let it take you by surprise!

 April 2004 – Trying to get this website updated took time. And Yes, Time is rapidly advancing. Here we are in April. PASSOVER is only Three Days away. The Date is April 4th on our Gregorian (everyday) Calendar. Is it not difficult to Imagine what Father Yahweh will DO soon according to the Patterns of His Will. Why? Because He IS.. The Most High GOD and can do whatever He pleases at any time. Yet If we can look at the ‘Big Picture’ from His point of View, we have thus compiled Day #6 .  (6011 Years) Yes, 1000 Years to Him are but ‘ONE DAY’. 

 It has been 6000+ Years Since Adam was CREATED. (a mere 6 Days To The Creator Yahweh) . Today, in 2004 the Remnant (Bride) elect (as the Elijah Company) are making herself Ready to help ‘Prepare The Way’, and usher in Day 7- The New Millennium Reign, (those precious 1000 Jubilee years) right here on Earth with Yahshua as the “King Of Kings”..

12/23/03 – This Day was special in many ways; #1. It began a Spiritual Sabbath (on sundown) #2. It was DAY 40 of the big Flood of Noah’s Day. #3. It was Day 28 on GOD’s Spiritual Calendar, (day 23 on ours) and  #4. It was Day 4 of the 7 Day “Feast of Lights” known as Hanukkah.

12/20/03 – Today is a Sabbath Day.  It is also Day One of the Feast of Hanukkah (Feast of Lights).. But there’s more. This is Day 38 of Noah’s Giant Flood., AND it is December 25th on Yahweh’s Spiritual Calendar. (Hmm. Interesting.)

9/30/03 – According to Scripture History, Noah (a man of true and deep Faith in Father Yahweh) was born on the Feast of Trumpets (our Sept 28, 2003). This would be a good Time to consider one’s dress, style and manner of appearance! (covering)  Below are TWO Important links that you can measure to determine and compare the lifestyles of today with that of the generations alive in Yahshua’s Time period some 2000+ years ago. This might take TIME to review but remember that in the New Kingdom there will be ‘Plenty of TIME’ (1000 additional and literally special years for starters) for those who are fortunate enough to be selected to Enter IN…. plus Rule and Reign with The only begotten Son Of Yahweh, Yahshua Messiah.

9/18/03 – Tropical storm Isabel (Jezebel) storms up the eastern coast.. This storm is definitely on a rampage. People are watching and preparing while others have been evacuated leaving most of their worldly treasures behind with hope and expectations of returning to the place they call Home. At this Time Period, we are rapidly approaching the Feast of Trumpets.. Sept 27-28, 2003 on our Calendar. Trumpets were used to announce certain Events that were/are Important to Father Yahweh. So Stay Tuned, as we continue to Watch and Pray always.

8/18/03. Important BIBLE FEAST DAYS: There are SEVEN (7) Festivals Every Year. Three In The Spring and Four in the Summer and Fall seasons.  September 2003, the Fall Festivals beginning with The Feast of TRUMPETS  (Lev 23:24 and Zach 9:14) This is Feast 4 of 7, and this one will be on Sept 27-28, 2003. The Ten Commandments were also given to Moses on this Very DAY a very long time ago. (Exodus 19:14-19). Trumpets/Rash-Ha-Shana-ah is also known as a Jewish NEW YEAR – Day One.. (So Is April 1st, known also as Abib)

October 2003. Three Annual Feast Times took place which number 5, 6 and 7… of 7 total. These are Important Times to Father Yah’weh and those who understand them. Feast # 5 is the Day Of Atonement (JUBILEE) on the 7th Day of the feast. On Oct.12, Feast # 6, was TABERNACLES (Sukkot). On the 19th was Feast # 7; “THE LAST GREAT DAY”. (10/19/03) This Last Great Day was 12 Days before (the pagan holiday) Hollo-ween.

The Other FOUR (of seven) special Annual Feasts are Spring Festivals; #1- Passover week of UN-Leavened Bread (Barley Festival). # 2- Pentecost (First Fruits and Wheat harvest).  #3; Tabernacles. (a very special time).  Once people learn the true reasons behind these Feasts, they will received greater understanding. In a further message, the purpose of these SEVEN Special Feast Days will be presented and detailed concerning Understanding of these Feasts by Father Yahweh God Himself. There is a pattern in everything good and not good. One of my favorite parts in scripture is the “Resurrection Of The Dead”, each in their own order (TIME)  as written in Matthew. 24:31 and Cor. 15:51-52. (Wow!!)

There was a resurrection of Dead in Yahshua’s DAY some 2,012 years ago.  I believe that occurrence was a hidden example for us today. Read Mathew 27:52-53. What an exciting “sight” it must have been to WITNESS?  Imagine for a moment that happening In Our Day and Time.  What an experience that will be soon. Learning and Witnessing TRUTH (By The SPIRIT) with Yahshua being The Resurrection and The LIFE.  “Halelu’YAH”.  Why not continually ‘study and show yourself approved’?

 Blessings to all who DECIDE/CHOOSE TO Love and CARE……
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