Ever Wonder Why Our Bodies- and LIFE Itself- have so many visible/ invisible parts, intricate pieces and purposes? On this page is a collection of LINKS. Facts that may prove Interesting to you. Those who hunger and Thirst shall be FED. with New Specific Information  and Revelation…. Many Lives ARE Changed Daily.’


More Revelation(s) provided for me (besides 1979) began in early 2000 while still a full time student of Truth, inspired (anointed) to go from learning about “Milk, and “Manna”, to receiving more “Meat” To discovering More- “Strong MEAT”.

To me; The ‘reasons and purpose of life’ go way beyond “Revelation Knowledge, Freedom, and Understanding.” Father Yahweh God (Creator of all)  provided  a  human Son (A Sacrifice for Life). One who became the first ‘immortal, supernatural human being’.  I trust that Heaven and Earth will be eternal and that nothing can exist without Yahweh God’s approval. As the journey into All Truth continues, will you seek your True Heritage? Make Time to  Investigate  and learn. Bookmark these link’s. Enjoy these countless hours of treasures (vital info) relevant to the not too distant future.

SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: Want to see what this world was Like ‘Before The Great FLOOD’ – by Yahweh GOD- In Noah’s DAY? This (one hour) video by Jonathan Gray contains Awesome Truth.  International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries and penetrated large unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon. He has led expeditions to the bottom of the sea, including remote mountain and desert regions of the world .  …the message in the Video/Movie is Clear: Things are NOT What They Used To Be.. regarding This EARTH, It’s Weather, Landscape, Lifestyles and More. But Only GOD can RESTORE things  back to what they should be.
 This Video: The Killing of Paradise Planet.  Click or Copy and paste Link:  
 Are most people yet Deceived Today?  YES!!   Why? Most people  journey through life (blindly) without a map, without direction. Most have no idea (were not taught): WHO they are, Who they Truly Belong to (Spiritually) and Why they are alive today. We all need mercy and His Mercy will soon prevail for those who shall repent and remain. Yet the higher that one climbs the mountain (set before them) the greater will be the View.  A huge wake up call and  the restoration of all things will begin soon! This should prove most interesting and exciting.
US & World Population: 7+ Billion.

 (Q). Why so many religions today? Why are MOST (99%) pagan in nature? The Blind Leading The BLIND?  Each having a “FORM of Godliness” yet DENYING The POWER Thereof.  When the ‘Tower of Babel’  (Babel  means  confusion) was destroyed by Father Yahweh according to old testament. there was but one world language at the time; Hebrew. After this event languages were creatively diversified.  Mankind  always  follows and creates their own pagan versions of what they believe is true. Mystery Babylon (Christianity Today) ranks  largest with it’s denom- (demon) -inations.  Take a look below:

Scripture Say’s: TEST ALL THINGS. But is there is a catch to all this Testing? YES! Testing (or learning) can more beneficial  if sifted/sorted  BY The True “Spirit of Yahweh GOD.” This is a Free Gift  (from HIM) made available should one be drawn by almighty Father Yahweh to ‘Repent and Turn From Their Carnal (worldly – traditional) Ways.’

In order to find Truth one must continually Seek It. To be (truly and literally) ‘SAVED’ one must be ‘drawn out of the world and into gradual Truth by Almighty GOD. In TIME everyone will be Saved, and Free, (each in their own order) by Knowing AND  Accepting  TRUTH. There still exists an opportunity to “Learn Truth and Walking In It Daily.” (if your reading here, then your  already on your way) 

Father Yahweh (God) knows it is not easy for people to forsake or Deny OLD things, old ways. (carnal, pagan habits  and  traditional de-vices). He knows it is not easy to give unto Him total control of “your being, your purpose, your life, by accepting Yahshua as your Personal SAVIOR, and THEN Testifying or Witnessing that event.  But it’s Important because the  Divine Spirit Of Yahweh has a Purpose and Place in everyone’s Life.

My purpose in life is to LEARN, Prove, TEST, Share, Witness and Teach Confirmed Truth. The Spirit of Yahweh will also witnesses to, among, and through those who are ‘called out’ of this world into a unique, mysterious, intimate relationship with Father Yahweh because of His Son Yahshua. 

I believe the Remnant Bride of Today are ‘called out’ possibly more than once: First, one is ‘called out’ of the carnal/pagan world into grace by being saved. The Second: To BE- ‘called out’ of Christianity’. (Mystery Babylon).

Why? Because Christianity today contains a Mixture of The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil’.  One must be Called Out to be made ‘Separate’ from All Denominations. (Set Aside-Set Apart). When one is Saved,  their  spirit  unites (joins) with Yahweh’s SPIRIT.  Here the two unite and become “ONE”.

It is very important we remain ‘child-like’. To learn to listen to that ‘still small voice’ within.  No one can be saved according to scripture  except  almighty  Father Yahweh “Draw Them.” Good works (apart from Salvation by Yahweh  through Yahshua) cannot and will not save anyone! 

More Information/ revelation concerning the Important “NAMES” of -Yahweh and Yahshua:

NOTE: The True Name of ‘Yahshua’ was changed to “Jesus” after  Yahshua was killed and Stephen (one of the First Remnant Bride group of ‘Apostles’ was then killed (being stoned to death) by Saul the persecutor (who’s name was later changed to Paul) who allowed it and witnessed it.  This is important to know for our Day and Time.  Want  more “PROOF” that Biblical “NAMES” were purposely tampered with  After Yahshua Messiah Died? Much is found right here on this page.
Two links found in late 1999 Reveal How the TRUE NAMES were purposely changed, hidden and removed when Bibles were first written (translated and Transliterated) by MAN;.  
This website concerns the “Unsaved DEAD,” discovered Aug 18, 2004. It is interesting. Will Father Yahweh have Mercy on Everyone In due Time, In the order of His Will?  (I Believe He Will). 
The LETTER “J” Was Invented many 500 + years ago..(in the 1500’s) many years AFTER The Messiah DIED. With no one able to Dispute a fact, it seems to become TRUTH. But IS IT? How did we get JESUS (or Je-ZEUS) from Yahshua?
Although this is a Christian website, It does contain certain Truth and information:  Remember Mel Gibson’s (estranged) motion picture: The Passion of Christ?  (not recommended). Judge for yourself. 
Here’s another on the ‘DaVinci-Code’ movie.  (more deception)    
 HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE IS TRUE? Without The Spirit Of Yahweh GOD you don’t… But Yahshua said: His Sheep, KNOW His Voice,  and another (voice) they will Not Follow.” Joy unspeakable (within) comes by The Spirit Of Yahweh speaking volumes concerning His Truth, Mercy and LOVE. 


IS THE SON OF GOD ALSO THE FATHER?  “Yes and NO”. “Father Yahweh IS #1 (The ONE”)  Yahshua Is His ONLY “Begotten SON”.  (From THE Spirit).  For years this has been a struggle for myself and many. So: What is a “SIN”??: Transgressing (going against Spirituality) Fathers/ God’s/ Will, Instructions and Law’s.  Hate, revenge, paying back Evil for Evil is SIN. True Love is Respect in Action.. Not an Excuse for Ignorance. It is TRUE Love INNIER/OUTER  that can and should Attract/Drive people to True Humility and Meekness.

Should we Pray For or Speak To DEAD Loved One’s?: (I say “NO” But It’s Your Choice)  Scripture says the “Dead Know Nothing”!! They are “Asleep”. Focus on yourself and those about you who yet LIVE.  Pray MEDITATE for Yourself and those “Alive”. That’s not easy but important. Seek Ye First The Kingdom of Yahweh God and other important things (like truth, etc) will be added unto you.

Is this the “Last Generation” Spoken of in scripture where many will SEE Jubilee, Truth and The New Millennium reign right here On Earth? “YES”.  Yahweh promised to ‘Cut TIME Short’. This will take place  soon, otherwise all will Perish. (Father Yahweh will not allow that)

When is Yahshua the True Son Of Yahweh GOD “Coming Back” To Rule?  He Is WORKING Yet the Earth must FIRST be made His Footstool.  Once The Elijah remnant company (under the new anointing) receive power to Help Prepare the way. AND once people receive the anointing to soften their hearts, so they can “WAKE UP and REPENT” of their carnal or unrighteous ways.

What must one do to “Be SAVED”? Repent, give your entire Life (and problems) to The SON Of Father Yahweh.  Believe in Yahshua Messiah as His Only begotten Son. Believe HE IS Your ‘Personal Savior, Redeemer” . Then Ask  Father Yahweh to send The Spirit- His Spirit Into Your Life, to help Guide,  Strengthen and Comfort you.  Because “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory (and Promises) of Yahweh God”…. and must be Redeemed.

How can one know that “Coming Out of (Worldly) Christianity” is truly right for them? According to scripture, the SPIRIT Has to Confirm ALL THINGS of The Father. When you have that SPIRIT IN/UPON YOU ACTIVATED, He will Reveal Truth and let (or help) you make up your own mind. (as for me there is absolutely NO DOUBT as to where I should be and am.)

What if my husband, wife or family does not agree with These NEW  teachings? This is more the rule rather than exception, but it is YOU who must Worship Yahweh “In Spirit and In Truth” and “Let HIM sort out everything else”. He is ONLY A Moment AWAY In THOUGHT.

When will this Earth END? “NEVER!!” It was Created By SOURCE /GOD to last “FOREVER”. He, when Creating it, made it Perfect from the beginning, before  Sin was Added By Corruption and Cursed. Now it is TIME to RE-STORE IT The WAY IT WAS Before SIN some 6000 + Years ago. A new Heaven and New Earth SHOULD mean something NEW To People who Never Imagined or Seen it… Like It Will Be… someday Soon!.

Will EVERYONE BE SAVED?YES!! Eventually; But each in their own Order.  This will take TIME…but I guarantee these WON’T Be Boring Years.

What about DEAD People? Do they GO TO HEAVEN? YES and NO! They go to Another Dimension. Someday- to be ‘Re-Incarnated/Re-United’ BACK TO LIFE. (From the Grave).  

From where things natural,  human and animal were created from.  Their ‘spirit’ goes to another Dimension (Level) to WAIT For The TIME for the other Dead (who know not anything- “WAKE UP” and come back to SCHOOL in the various Times or “Re-incarnations/Resurrection’s from the DEAD”.

Will all people who died return someday?  YES, Absolutely. The bible says so, and I believe that’s True. Yet those who were BAD (or Wicked) when they died will have to WAIT to come back, possibly another TIME Period for the Great White Throne JUDGMENT.

What about Animals or Pets, alive or dead? Will they come back? YES, Absolutely. Because Father Yahweh  Created them ALL and since they are his HE will not only tame them, but provide a safe environment for them to dwell.

What about Illness and DEATH? Will THAT EVER STOP? YES, not too long from now! Because of the “Anointing/ Outpouring of Yahweh’s Spirit, (Joel 2:28) is expected Soon. That power from on high has to “DESTROY, and not merely break the Curse” as Promised By Yahweh. Death will Be Bound being the Enemy that it is. Just like Satan being the reason the Curse was placed upon Mankind in the first place will also Be Bound for 1000 years.

ARE WE ALL GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY? NO!!  Soon Yahshua, who now resides in the Third Heaven (another Dimension) with Father Yahweh as the truly  begotten Son of Yahweh and King of kings  waiting to return as promised, back To Earth, To RULE as “KING of kings”. As mentioned before; All People now DEAD are simply Asleep. Their spirits alone are WAITING (parked) In Heaven for A TIME Of RETURN in the proper Order of Resurrection.  Soon many left alive will not DIE but Walk Right Into The Promised Land. A New Millennium Jubilee SYSTEM as Prophesied.. to begin soon in our day.

Why thousands of RELIGIONS Today?  Like the TOWER of BABEL (babel meaning confusion) spoken of in Scripture, there are Many Languages, countries and  races. It was “Mankind” who Invented Religions, Cults, and most people today (blindly) follow after things they BELIEVE as True. This Traditional Problem is really three-fold. 1. People are Not LED by the “True SPIRIT OF Yahweh GOD”. 2. People don’t “TEST ALL THINGS”- BY The SPIRIT of Yahweh GOD.  3. Most people hold to TRADITIONS OR NOTHING AT ALL, OR Form their own logical opinions as far as GOD and/or TRUTH is concerned. There are 24,000+ “Religions”. Each claiming  to have TRUTH.

Is it Spiritually Legal to have SEX outside of Marriage? Your Call.. ButFather Yahweh “Knows Everything you DO or Don’t DO”. In fact HE keeps a book of Remembrance (Log Book) on your entire life (activity) and everyone else’s.

What about Divorce, is that LEGAL in God’s Eyes? (Your Call ).

I trust that may depend on circumstances. They say that  adultery (Proven) is one reason Divorce is allowed. But it is mankind (government) who issues divorces… NOT Yahweh.  There is an old  saying  with marriage vows that goes like this: “TILL DEATH DO WE PART”. Are there exceptions? There might be but for me I doubt it.

Do you think homosexuality or lesbianism as a necessary part of life? NO. PERIOD!… 

Do you believe in WAR? Physical War among Mankind?NO!!”  But IN Spiritual Warfare? ABSOLUTELY!!  To me Battles are spiritual and NOT CARNAL. Almighty Yahweh can handle any Battle’s that come up. There is no excuse to kill, wound or Mame anyone that Yahweh HAS ALLOWED TO BE HERE; Created Legally or Otherwise, Friend or Foe. If Father Yahweh wanted anyone DEAD He could do it himself, and has before. So why does war come? GREED, and other reasons.

What about ABORTION?  NO!!  Thata a “RULE / LAW OF CARNAL MEN AND WOMEN”. NOT OF Yahweh GOD: He says: Thou Shalt NOT KILL – PERIOD!! If one has killed another, they can ASK forgiveness of Yahweh and bear witness of that FACT to someone. And I trust that an Aborted FETUS should NOT be used for Stem Cell Research. Remember, Yahweh keeps perfect Notes in His Log Book.

Does Yahweh GOD/SOURCE/Creator Really Care about ME?  Absolutely. More than you Know!! How do I know? Father Yahweh told me and The Bible also says; “GOD (Yahweh) IS LOVE” (read John 3:16)

Can anyone ask questions that are not listed here?   “Yes” me anytime at the address listed at the bottom of these pages.. 

Is the “End Of the World” coming or almost Here? “NO”. The World will Never END.. Because Yahweh Created It to last forever, and Like You, and me, He Don’t Make NO JUNK. There SHALL BE  an end of these “carnal and greedy systems” Worldwide.

Is Suicide against God’s (Yahweh’s)  LAW?  “YES.”  “YOU Are “Father Yahweh GOD’S Property”. Without HIM, there would be NO YOU!  SO, If You Break His LAW by Taking your Life or Another’s willfully… then YOU will be held Accountable for it at Judgment Time.  Here people once used it to share messages, blessings, and be informed  what  Yahweh has done within the Remnant bride of Yahshua.  Note that throughout life Father Yahweh God always had ‘Witnesses’ to share His Love, Mercy, and TRUTH.  Will you be a Witness FOR Truth In Yahweh’s Overall Master Plan?

Blessings to all who desire to Live and Walk in His TRUTH. 
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