In my Searching and discovery regarding the immeasurable and vast Universe I discovered that other Worlds or Planets exist. As I see it, the Greatest Kingdom thus far is called ‘Planet EARTH’. This is The MODEL, the School. GOD said: ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’… ‘THY (His) Will BE DONE- ON EARTH- As It Is IN Heaven’. Is This  TRUE? ‘Absolutely’. There Was/IS A Messiah/Savior Who PAID The Full Price (Paved THE WAY) for ALL Humanity. He was Fashioned Spiritually, Called and Chosen to Be “THE SAVIOR of The World”.  He came as a Sacrificial Lamb some 2017 years ago. SOON He Will Return as a “Roaring LION” – KING of Kings (among other kings and (mediator) priests) to Rule with a Rod Of Iron. In Love and Mercy.
Now let us take a LOOK at AMERICA and See if “AFRICA” is/was tied to the GULF in America?  Then wonder How and WHY? Believe it or not? Your choice!
and there are even more SIGNS to follow 
Note: Let it be known that ‘Christianity’ in any form Fashion can Never Provide full Remedy to/for Mankind. Period!. (learn more at )  This writer/ student/ messenger (caryb) was Catholic for 37 years, then non-denominational Christian for 21 more years, then  from yrs. 2000 to 2017 (17 more years) REMNANT BRIDE. My latest belief’s were Truly validated as Spiritual Growth in TRUTH. Gary Naler is God’s (the Ancient of Days) called and chosen Intercessor extraordinaire to this day. 
There are many more Galaxies in the Universes as there are Countries  throughout this Planet called (Gaia) Earth. Father Yahweh God (Source) Owns Them ALL including every Inhabitant- past, present, and future.
What does the Bible say about  this  New (earthly) Kingdom coming in our day and time?  See Rev. 11:15; These Kingdoms are to be made Ready (revamped) for Immanuel;  KING of kings and LORD of Lords. It is in His Timing or Time-Line. His Lineage. Oh, The Glory Of It All… both Seen and (yet) Unseen. “Halelu’Yah”. +++

(My) Abba Father Yahweh / Creator, owns everything, including the Timeless UNIVERSE(S).  Every single THING including  YOU. All human beings are parts of Kingdoms. There are Plant, Animal, Spiritual and Human Kingdoms, plus Heavenly and Governmental type kingdoms – both seen and unseen. Ah yes, the realistic, the invisible and more.

Then we have the promised “NEW Millennium Kingdom” to come. THE True “1,000 Year Literal Millennium Reign On Earth.” People 100 years of age residing here will look and feel ’60’.  Sickness and Disease has “No Place” in the ‘New Millennium Kingdom’ on Earth. There will be No TIME (clocks). There will be JOY Unspeakable. 
The unrighteous (proud, haughty, disrespectful) will be changed or removed. Evil and Greed will not be tolerated.  But “where” is this Kingdom of Yahweh GOD Today? Could it be Hidden Inside You? (Absolutely).  Why would HE hide it In Us-In There? Is This Important To Know Today? I say Yes!!
There are very many Things mankind does not (yet) Know. Why? Because of Yahweh’s ‘Timing’. And because of mankind’s Ignorance and Disobedience, many are Not Ready to KNOW.  For Them IT’S ‘NOT YET TIME’. Many people didn’t and don’t yet realize how present generations have exceeded past Generations.  How excess Knowledge, Information, Distractions and dis- information have replaced True Biblical knowledge and Prophetic learning. Will Father Yahweh GOD “Save The Best For LAST”? Why not?  
He BEGAN these latter signs and wonders through Yahshua regarding some Wine at a wedding feast in Cana. Most people can’t imagine (yet) what their position(s) might be when ‘imagination and reality’ (in a positive way) become ONE. Nothing from the Past can compare to the Future (as promised) holds for those who enter into child-like (teachable) roles or situations.
 Every Kingdom since the beginning of time has been owned by Father Yahweh. Let me say that: Today there is a kingdom (although hidden) residing in all people. Among these 7 billion people are The Remnant Bride company. The true bride elect. Begotten by the Father Yah’weh through Yah’shua the Messiah. These people “Know Who They Are” (Luke 17:21).
These people (intercessors) are ‘Aware of His Truth’ and ‘Feed On It Daily’. It is by the Spirit of Yahweh that mankind begins to understand this unseen Kingdom. And when people die, their spirit returns (ascends) to Father Yahweh to await resurrection from the dead.  (Return Time). Scripture says “The Dead Know Nothing”. When they go to the grave they are as asleep! This happens  because of Yahweh’s Love, Mercy and Will.
 Another Kingdom spoken of… is the spirit kingdom. This invisible kingdom is the force that Zechariah 4:6 speaks of. By The Spirit Of Yahweh is a thing Done! Those who are FED and LED by this ‘Spirit Of Truth’ shall become part(s) of His Blessed Family and true Heirs Of Yahweh. (Me Excited? Absolutely!)

There are yet other heavenly type Kingdoms; One is the promised “New Jerusalem Above”. A Place being prepared for the Remnant Bride Elect as a reward. These shall Rule and Reign with Yah’Shua Messiah on this Earth soon. This Kingdom (City) will soon ‘come into view and reside above the Earth’ for a time and season. (Awesome!!)

How can we know things are True? Remember, much truth (as yet) remains a mystery. Why?  Because of Father Yahweh’s Timing. The scriptures speak of this in; Math:11. The Disciples, Apostles and followers of Yahshua Messiah wanted to know about the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and why most people were NOT told. That was about timing much like it is yet today. This Kingdom called Earth will be Eternal. I trust there are other earth types called BIONISPHERES.

Only the Traditions and Systems of good and evil will Change for the Better. Want Proof? See these references; Rev 5:10. 11:1520:1-10. 21:1.22:4-5. Isa 9:6-7. Dan 2:44-45, 7:13-27. Zech 14. Luke 1:32-33.1 Cor 4:8, 15:24-28. Eph 1:10.Heb 2:14-15. John 18:36.

When the Anointing (Covering for some AND Uncovering for others) does come… the True Millennium Kingdom will be Revealed / Displayed. Certain people will soon resurrect and be CHANGED Physically. Most will be REUNITED with Past Loved ones from the dead and from the living. These will be “Immortal”. These are those who are under His ‘Effectual Calling’. People today still have choices.. to be righteous or not. To ascend or not. I believe Father Yahweh will not force people against their will..
BUT He can do as He pleases for His good pleasure, reasons or purposes.  Be most grateful IF you are the counted Worthy. One third of that remain will go thru the Fire…(that is a good thing) and that is “At The Door”.
We all know that Three is a very important NUMBER; Like “Birth, Life, Death.” “Morning, Afternoon, Evening.” “Child, Son, Elder”, The Past, Present, and Future. Noah,was a righteous man AND a preacher of Righteousness.  Noah was instructed by his (heavenly) Father Yahweh to Build YAHWEH a Huge Boat called an Ark. (Noah, along with his THREE sons, their wives and Mrs Noah worked together). The ark had THREE Floors or Levels in it. Our MIND has Three Levels.. Left Brain – Right Brain and The Pineal/Pituitary Gland Area.
It may take years to clean up Mother earth. (Gaia). It will be a time when people will learn Truth, Love, Joy and Righteousness. Can you predict (or choose) where you will be when that EVENT Occurs? There will be no place to run and no place to hide from Father Yahweh Creator God. For only He can open the Flood gates of Heaven (Within You) and Pour Himself in “Mercy and Love.  Nothing Is Impossible To HIM. His Timing is Meticulous.  (No Better Time than now to get your house (Heart/Mind/Body/Life) in order)
NOTE: These ‘New Kingdoms/Domains’ will have a many Things such as; “Free Electricity, Free Fuel, Special vehicles, buildings   that are fire proof and never wear out. There will be “No Pollution, No Homelessness, DEATH, Greed, Over taxing, or Tax Burdens, No Crime, Lawyers, Crazy Laws, Abortions, Surgeons, Drugs or Prescriptions,  No Insurance Companies, NO Politics. All Judges will be more than fair. Security lock’s, alarms or guards will not be needed. Etc, Etc.. People will dress modestly as they did hundreds and thousands of years ago. Hard to believe? Well, There is So Much More TO LIFE than what we SEE, HEAR, THINK and FEEL Today! And No One will be BORED.

 Is Jubilee mentioned in the Bible? YES!! Is it Important regarding Our Day and TIME? YES!! Is it an Important LAW of Father Yahweh GOD, and also a Biblical term. YES!! I trust we are nearing THE Jubilee soon. At the END of every 49th year the 50th year begins a ‘New Jubilee Period’ of One Year. It arrives on the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month. Jubilee may come on the Day of ‘At-One-Ment (atonement.)

Remember NEW ORLEANS in 2005? Who has not heard of Hurricane (Hurry-Cain) KATRINA? Check this out.. (Very Sad Facts)
 This cursed earth has had enough. It is now primed to witness ‘A Time Of Jubilee’ as mentioned in the Old Testament. (Joel 2:28) ‘Jubilee means Freedom’. A freedom that began with Adam and Eve 6000+ years ago, before they sinned and Lost their Garden. Their ‘Promise Land’. Jubilee is the Legal ‘Way’ of Father Yahweh and will become reality in our day and time soon. Ever since Time began, every 50th Year was to be a Jubilee Year. 
 There has (purposely) not been a normal Jubilee among many generations. We are starting the Third Millennium. (The 3rd 1,000 Year period since The Messiah Yahshua) The 7th Millennium since Creation was followed by Adam and Eve.
Jubilee begins a Time of CHANGE. It began in the old testament. People would watch and wait for that ’50th Year’, while people for the past 2000 years have never witnessed such a Time before. To usher in JUBILEE Trumpets would sound for several hours To Proclaim FREEDOM and LIBERTY throughout the lands notifying the masses.  For more information and look in Leviticus 25:8-10, 14-16 and 23. Also Psalms 96:11-12
The Hebrew word for Jubilee is “YOBEL” which means a long Loud Blast usually by a Ram’s horn. The word YOBEL also means Trumpet and Festival. I believe there are various types/examples of Jubilee and these will resume in the New Millennium Kingdom soon. It is a year long period to be observed/followed by everyone beginning every 50th year to allow people everywhere to be FREE Of Debt and Bondage. ALL Property is then RESTORED to the Original Owners/heirs.
People (slaves/prisoners) will also be ‘set free’ to return to their families. Imagine, NO Prisons, No Jails, NO RENT, NO TAXES, NO BURDENS, NO GREED, NO FALSE PROPHETS, NO POLITICS(?), No Insurance and NO BALONEY.  There are FOUR things Ordained of Father Yahweh, The Creator and Sustainer, that will take place IN every Jubilee 50th Year.
 FIRST: The Land must enjoy a REST. (Yahweh will Provide Provisions For That YEAR as He always Did. Especially when the Israelites were sent to the Wilderness for a period of 40 years back then)
 THIRD: Liberty/Freedom Proclaimed throughout The Land. This means a Common “FRESH START” for Everyone.
 FOURTH: A Compelling RETURN of All Ancestral Possessions back to those who lost, gave away or leased them.
Blessings to those who ‘Hunger and Thirst’ after His Righteousness….. for They Shall Indeed Be Fed
Last Update; March 10, 2017
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