Anointing – OutPouring

If So, Upon WHOM?

As I SEE… It’s Coming “SOONER THAN LATER”.- Maybe 2017-2018? – Ready or Not – Believe IT or Not – In One- Or TWO Parts, Maybe Three?; “The Outpouring”  (Wake-Up), “The Awareness” (Grow-Up), and “The Revelation (SEE IT), The Anointing (Power From On High) and The Ascension”  (CHANGE -TAKEN Up). There MUST Be a  ‘BRIDE’ for the “Bride Groom – IMMANUEL”.

Scripture say’s there has to be; The Marriage-Supper Of The LAMB. This (Remnant) BRIDE (company) Will Be Commissioned / Empowered/ Anointed, To Rule and Reign (Ministry as kings and priests) upon The EARTH. What more can be said about The “Anointing”?

The Anointing “BREAKS The CURSE or Yoke Of Bondage”. The whole world is Still IN Bondage (Quarantine) at this hour March 2017. We need Deliverance from All Evil and Oppression forced upon mankind.  This Anointing is a “Spiritual ELECTION” / Position Of Dominion. Traditionally for a wedding; The “Father Of The (male Remnant) BRIDE” company, (FATHER Yahweh) Chooses the Bride For His SON and PAYS For Everything; The Wedding, Banquet (Supper), all this in Spirit/ In Heaven. THEN Those elected return (Immortally) To Rule and Reign Here on Earth, with New Bodies. (believe it or not).

 Is there a difference between Baptism [full Immersion in water] and/or the Internal Dwelling of The (Holy) Spirit Of Yahweh GOD?  (Absolutely).  There will be a “Calling Out” of  FROM The BODY Of Christ-Christianity. These are the So Called: ELECT.

What is an OATH Or Promise? What is the Outpouring AND  Anointing?  I trust that many in/of  this last generation will complete  this part (soon). These Elect shall receive  the ‘Double Portion’ much like Eli’sha received Twice as many Miracles as his mentor ELI’JAH. Presently the Kingdom of God is within. Yes, it is carefully Positioned or Hidden within in our spirit/Heart, Body/Soul. Mind/Brain, Pineal and Pituitary glands and our DNA. (Oh the glory of it all… Ready or not!!)

This ‘TWO-Part’ Promise referred to as the “OUT-POURING” (of Mercy upon ALL Human Flesh) And ALSO The ‘ANOINTING’ by the Spirit of Yahweh God upon those ‘Expecting It’. So, those who are called and chosen better fasten their Spiritual  seat belts because The Anointing will Break (Destroy) The Yoke – The 6,000 yr Curse/ Bondage. Look up:  ISAIAH 60 and 61 for more info regarding  Elijah- Elisha-  Also check out ‘Joel 2:23-29’ and ‘Malachi 4:6’ .

Remember the Story Of “NOAH and the GREAT FLOOD?” (Genesis 4, 5, 6, 7) Why did most People REJECT The 150 years of ‘WARNING’?  Well, Another Type of FLOOD is Expected…Very SOON. This FLOOD will be one of (Heavenly) “FIRE”. (Not Fire That Kills Humans but A Merciful (Outpouring) DISPLAY Of HIS Mercy and LOVE.)  (Refer to Matthew 24:37-42,  Joel 2:28, Acts 2:14-21)  

I Trust this Message is for OUR Day and Time. Will WE Witness TRUTH when He said: “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners.  (Isaiah 61:1.  Luke 4:18)

Are we being Afflicted? Who’s Earth Is This Anyway? Is this World  on a fast track to Disaster/Elimination unless HE “GOD, Source” Intervenes as Promised? He has Zillions of Angels/Angels Of Light At the Ready. The Battles are HIS and HE is More Than ABLE to FIX ALL Things. Scripture Continue to Overflow with Truth’s and Fact’s concerning these  (interesting) Last Days.  Yet Without VISION (I’m told) The People Perish. Watch and WAIT. Trust HIM! 

How fortunate are those who ‘See, Hear, Feel and Understand HIS Anointed Truth’. Yahweh is the ‘ONE’ Who has ALL the Answers. Yes, the Creator Himself has allowed (introduced) the Bible to be a ‘Part and Purpose’ of Learning. It covers much more than: ‘Who We Are as a People’. ‘Why We Are Here’.  Where and What Father Yahweh (Elohim) desires us To Be and Do based on our Obedience to His Will – in Everything! 

YES, this is quite True and the Spirit of Yahweh God bears Witness to The Truth. Come journey with me. Let us go forward in time as we Preview; ‘Love, Mercy, Justice, Reason, Rewards, Redemption, Restoration and More. His Prophecies/ Promises/ Contracts are True and will ‘Come To Pass’ In OUR DAY SOON!!  

Imagine that this (Expected or UN-Expected)  “Anointing/ Outpouring” should come soon.   Will it be a ‘one part’ or ‘two part’ Event?  Well, lets say: there you are…all dressed up, looking fit and proper, (or maybe not, as in wearing the wrong or improper (decayed) clothing?)  Maybe your laying in a body bag or casket?

Maybe the Creator GOD catches you alive, yet asleep and totally off guard? Does Father GOD have a sense of humor? Sure. Do you? Point is: Are You ready for whatever He chooses to send your Way OR Demand OF YOU?. Can you Change HIS Mind concerning Your Future?  Why Not? Isn’t that what Prayer-Petition is for? Go ahead ASK Him Anything. He Loves Everyone. Yet HE may treat people differently For His good reasons. 

Lets say this (expected or UN-Expected) ‘Outpouring’ does come – upon ALL Mankind.  And there you are, (male or female). All of a sudden- Wow!! Something INSIDE of you ‘suddenly CHANGES.’ (I Bet That Gets Your Full ‘Attention’).  But Why You? Why NOW?  Well, Yahweh GOD (THE Father and Creator) just happens to ‘Know YOU’ more Intimately than you can possibly imagine, and… If He desires to Dress, Impress, or possibly mentally Undress YOU….then since HE Can, maybe He Will.  (Stay with me here, because this can get quite interesting!) 

So, there You are: “Thinking, Standing, Sitting or laying (having fallen to the ground) in SHOCK?  Your simply THERE…and now maybe It’s TIME You really ‘See Yourself’.. as HE See’s YOU?  What is this all about? What comes to my mind is; “I Have Come That You May Have “Eternal LIFE”. Then One Might Reply: “WHAT Must I Do In Order To Be SAVED?” 

If you received an answer today it might be: “BELIEVE on The Lamb Sacrifice; Yahshua Messiah. THE Savior. THE ONLY ONE Sent as ‘A Final Sacrifice’ in Your Place. “Trust IN HIM” with All Your “Body, mind, spirit, heart, soul, might and strength. AND, Lean NOT Upon Your Own Understanding… but Be “Led (and Fed) By The SPIRIT Of Yahweh GOD” which is a Totally “FREE GIFT” to Those whom He calls, AND those who Answer His Calling. (Ah, Yes!, “For The Meek Shall Inherit THE EARTH.”   A.S.K= Ask, Seek and Knock. For His  sheep (children) will Know His Voice! They shall “Walk By Faith…Not By Sight Alone.  

Look closely at the World. Notice that IT is ‘Connected by WATER’ and yet is ‘Separated by WATER’. Did the Flood of Noah’s DAY, move the LAND into Various Positions from what they were? YES! Did Father Yahweh also MIX The languages of the (Rebellious) People who were building (and supporting) the (Evil/Pagan) TOWER Of BABEL? YES!  Babel means confusion. 

We (Mankind) are AT The End Of “PROBATION”. The END Of “CURSED TIME”.  THE Result of this will usher in “JUBILEE”.  A Time Of TRUE ‘Freedom and Restoration’ whereby Each will enjoy their Own Plot and/or Family Inheritance. Where will YOU Be when this Happens… unexpectedly or not?

Just Imagine: Father Yahweh God calling a SPECIAL (Spiritual/Mental) Meeting. A ‘Special Session’ with His Chosen One’s. Those  ALIVE Today. What could be the “Governmental and Spiritual issues” at hand? Of course attending this ‘summit meeting’ are also to include His appointed ANGELS (Millions, Billions, Trillions or Zillions of them?) To numerous to count?.  Is this “Judgment Time”? A Pre-requisite to the “Start of The Literal and Official New Millennium Kingdom”?  A Mercy before Judgment Operation? or all the above? And should you meet like this, must there be Protocol, for not everyone gets to meet Almighty FATHER. (YET)

 Now If THE Father asked YOU a simple Question, like: “What Would You Do, If You were ME?  What would you reply? Where would You Start? How Would You Begin to Answer? Would your mind be thinking like crazy? Or would you simply SAY; “Thy Will Be Done, FATHER YAHWEH – ELOHIM”.

Now if you take pen and paper (a big sheet) How long would it take YOU to outline All The Major Problems FACING AMERICA ALONE?

What about Pagan Rituals, Traditions, Holidays, Feast Days or Abortions? What about TELEVISION, VIDEO’S, DVDS, Cartoons and MOVIES? What about WARS and Rumors of Wars??

 Can you ‘Imagine’ this anointing power?;  Will it be everywhere? The Sick being Healed? The Blind SEE? The Lame WALK? The DEAF Hear? The Spiritual and Physical “Hungry” being FED – Daily? The Weak Strengthened? The Rich feeling generous (paying Forward) to those in need who have less?  Will more People be SEEKING To KNOW Father YHWH and HIS WILL For Them? YES!

Will the cross symbol (steeple) be removed and discarded from people and church buildings?   YES! Women  Dressing more Modestly? Children Seeking Creators  WILL, Learning. HIS  Commandments.  Video Games, Witchcraft, Horoscopes, I-pods, TV’ along with  other Abominations.   Wow!! How nice it would be to Clean the Destruction, Deception and Decay Away.

 Will people learn about the TRUTH? Will people open their homes (and businesses) barter or assist those in need?  Will Abortion Clinics, Pharmacies, Adult Stores and various other corrupt Businesses Close? Will farmers receive miraculous help to grow crops? Will stores lower prices and provide discounted necessities,  including FUEL, GAS, Food, Etc? Will You be around to give Thanks and Praise for this ‘Promised Anointing’ spoken of in Joel 2:24-29, Malachi 4:6, Acts 1:8, when it comes? Why not?  Just think of the Joy of it all when the promised CHANGES COME.    

His Ways are Much Higher Than Ours could ever be.
Blessed are those who Seek Truth and Believe it and Dare to Walk in it.
Last Update: December 25, 2017
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