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December  2013  With all the crazy things going on in this World, your probably wondering HOW Things will Change or End up?  Well GOD has promised to ‘Never Leave us nor Forsake us’. That should be comforting to know. And yes, you are always in someones prayers. Even an old person is yet a Child in FATHER God’s Eyes! Earth needs an Extreme MAKEOVER and needs it SOON. How can you help? By seeking Truth and by Loving everyone like you love yourself. Forgive them that effect you negatively, hurt, deceive or persecute you. Let go and let God deal with them as promised. Look for positive changes around the last week of December. Remember, God always loves you and so do I. 
November 2013   Just like Children and new Soil… The Earth and People must go though “Growing Pains”. We can also call these “BIRTH PAINS”. But Fear Not this Delivery Is Truly Controlled. Most people do NOT understand DEATH. We each have a spirit, Soul, Heart and Body. The Body is a Temple that holds a Kingdom. Yes. Think about that. In our Heads we have a Brain and Mind and other important parts that make a WHOLE.  We have a Right Brain and a Left Brain (Hemispheres). Most people Live in the LEFT Brain area. while maybe 10% live in the Right Brain while manu use Both Sides to achieve their Desires. (Google this and see for yourself.) 
May  To September 2013.  Most people Don’t (yet) Understand that “Things Are NOT what They APPEAR TO BE”. Satan yet rules the Earth and part of the heavens.. And KNOWS his TIME is nearly over. Father Yahweh God has had him on a short leash. IF we BE-Come and Remain as “little Children” Seeking Truth we will Find It. God is NO respecter of Persons.. HE Loves YOU and Everyone. His Mercy Endures FOREVER, yet HE Will JUDGE both the Living AND the Dead as Promised. THE Kingdom of HEAVEN (on Earth) is at the Door.. REPENT and Ask YaHWeH GOD “How” To Enter or Inherit The Millennium Kingdom, 1,000 Year Literal Reign. In the meantime… Be Patient.
[11/21/2012.  Are we all given Imagination, Insight, Awareness, Understanding, Choices and MORE? But Who is it that Determines or Measures our Effectiveness? Our Spirituality? Our Purpose? Our Attitude? Our Actions, Health and Well Being? To me, LIFE Is a Never Ending Classroom or School House. And NOW, we need HIS Revival. HIS KINGDOM (1000 Yr) REIGN. His Promised Outpouring And Anointing upon His Elect. His Servants and  Bride Company. He Promised to DO A ‘QUICK WORK’ …In These LAST DAYS.
[08/30/2012]. I believe that all ancestors (back to Adam’s day) will ‘return to life’ and with an open mind will ‘see, feel, hear things UNLIKE they are today. No Duality- good & bad.  They will LEARN the variables that make up for PARADISE on Earth.  Presently we are closer than ever regarding Father Yahweh GOD’S Timing, His Never-Ending Time-line. NOW Is a Very Good TIME To Re-View, Learn or Re-learn, Understand, and Accept HIS Word AS Truth. With His Truth will come ‘Proof’. Can you afford Not to pay the price necessary which might be ‘allowing HIS Set Apart SPIRIT To Help one Learn, Believe, Trust, Speak  and Live’ (HIS) Truth while others will choose to stay the way they are until He decides wake them.
If we thought those years of ‘Birth Pains’ leading up to December 2011 were bad? Why not figure out  what’s in store from now to Dec 22, 2012. We know Labor Pains come before Birthing. Could we also refer to ‘unemployment’ or ‘finding good Help’ as  Labor  Pains as well?  Some people are immune to ‘pain’ and birthing of any kind comes easy for them but for how much longer? Is the (Real) Kingdom of Heaven at hand? (YUP!! Absolutely).
This New Kingdom (promised by Father Yahweh God) will be ‘birthed’ right here on His Earth. Ah YES!! It will be something the world has never yet seen. Something truly ‘Awesome and  Incredible’.  Just think, a real 1,000 Year Millennium Reign,different than imagined. Then at the end of that ‘Time Period’ another awesome event takes place that exceeds all previous promises. That next event will Last for 1,000’s of literal years; “A New Heaven and New Earth”. Today people will (soon) be given choices. Revelation 18:45 says: “Come Out of Her.  Who is SHE or HER?? Mystery Babylon- ‘Christianity’. (Hello!!)  The Bride must ‘Come Out Of’ The Body of Christ while there is still time. The Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. Believe it or not, Ready Or NOT!
Believe it or not; The GREAT TRIBULATION has been ACTIVE these past 2012 Years. What Great Things Father Yahweh GOD Promised- He Will DELIVER. The (1st and 2nd REMNANT ‘BRIDE’ will Encompass The Body Of Christ – Christianity. Rev 7:9-12 speaks of a Great Multitude Coming Out of The Great Tribulation. Rev 7: are 1st Remnant who died/sleep. Rev 14 are Alive Today- the 2nd Remnant (Spiritual) Bride that makes herself ready. God provides our Daily Bread.
NOTICE: I placed this special video on the links page and also here. It’s a truly great and interesting 57 min. video called: “The killing of Paradise Planet” It explains a lot about the past, present and future of this World we call home, including ‘How and Why’ Father Yahweh GOD “Originally” designed it BEFOTE the Flood In Noah’s DAY. 
http://youtu.be/QHxUrG67QC8   (note: If the video does not play…let me know)
We shall see Truth. To those people who live (and act) in their ‘state of delusion’, all I can say is: ‘Father Forgive Them – For They Know NOT – What They DO!” The Positive Changes  expected throughout this world (soon) will NOT be political or man made, but ‘super- natural’. We hear that “Timing Is Everything” but IS IT? Is Timing important in your LIFE? How can/could one predict 2009- 2010- 2012 accurately? You have a better chance ‘if you belong to The Most High GOD’. 
IF Father Yahweh IS your Real FATHER (everlasting parent, true overseer), then you are indeed most fortunate. The Political,  Financial, Judicial, (legal/lawful) ILL-legal situations of our day have not inspired mankind sufficiently. Yes, big changes are coming. Spiritual CHANGES For the Better. How will These  Changes Come? (Read The Bible).  Why are there narrow minded people today? Do we have any vote (prayer/power) concerning issues facing mankind today? Yes..
Here is Interesting Information regarding the NAMES of the Father and His Son. The Messiah (Yahshua -Son) was of Hebrew lineage (Matt. 2:1; Heb. 7:14; Rev. 5:5), so it follows that He must have had a Hebrew Name and Title as prophesied by the law and prophets. Generally the name of a baby born to a certain race and culture reflected the’ father’s name’ in that culture. For example, a Chinese baby born of Chinese parents would be given the father’s Chinese name; a Russian baby born of Russian parents would be given the father’s Russian name; and so forth.
The intelligent question to ask is, how could the Messiah, born a Hebrew, have the Greek (pagan) name and title of Jesus Christ (or Je-Zeus) the Anointed (Christos) One?) The Messiah Yahshua spoke of this in (New Millennium) John 5:43. “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.”
Another Interesting Topic for today: Health, Healing, Medicine –   Since long ago, in every culture a group of experts called priests, shaman, physician, etc., have claimed to have the key of knowledge over mankind’s physical and spiritual nature. These men of old (and yet today) have provided guidance for the health of a persons physical body, mind, and eternal soul. But over time these healing arts became corrupted. The Apostle John in his vision, back in AD ’96 described this system as; ‘Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots’ that  controls and makes merchandise of all things.
Instead of sharing their (respectful) knowledge with each sick person and glorifying (Father) Yahweh as each person became well, these (self appointed) priests of Israel (and other areas of the world) hid this free information from the people and began to charge exorbitant amounts to the sick.
This was why they opposed the Messiah in his day when He not only healed (By Miracles) the physical body, but also took healing to another level healing the spirits/minds and souls/hearts of mankind.  The tabernacle (temple / human body) of mankind is a three-fold design: (I Thess. 5:21, I Cor. 6:19-20). It is composed of a ‘physical body, a soul, and spirit’ or there are three planes on which man operates: ‘material, mental, and spiritual’. Each aspect of mankind needs certain elements to sustain it.
The physical body needs ‘food, water and oxygen’ to maintain it, like the soul needs ‘truth, faith, and hope’. The physical body would normally obtain its nutrients in food by extracting them from ‘vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains’. However, it is almost impossible to get the full nutrients that our parents received some 50 years ago because of several factors. The environment has been polluted, the air we breathe today (2010) is (chemically) poisoned or contaminated, the soil is being robbed (destroyed) of its life giving properties as preservatives are added to most foods to extend shelf life.
Since this information might involve you as a responsible party how would you really feel after the facts were literally presented?  Innocent? Responsible? Hopeless? Devastated? Shocked?  Angry?  Let’s assume now it’s several years later, and there is a “Judgment Call” regarding the events in our lives, by The Almighty GOD and Father.  (Do You Know HIM; THIS Father Of  People everywhere?) 
Let’s fast forward to a Time Period of HIS “High COURT” with Real SUPREME Judges and HIS Bench. (Yahweh is His Real Name) now It’s Your Time (and Turn) To TEST- IFY.  Here You are, selected out of a sea of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions or Centillions, (plaintiffs, defendants and witnesses) …and Your NAME is called. What might you say regarding your life? Were you unarmed? Caught off guard? Could this be a Dream? (or nightmare?) Are you truly Sorry? (Repetitive?) Hmm, how quickly we are to place Blame concerning accidents, negligence, ignorance, pain, disasters and incompetence.   
The main reason I share this is to point out: “AWARENESS.” Had responsible person(s) been AWARE and ALERT of these life-situations, many might have been Avoided. (or controlled favorably).  Yet there are some things (in and around us) that are Beyond Our Control. (or are they?)  Especially things  Religious, Political, Legal, Judicial, Private, Public and Financial. 
2009 (for much of the Nation and World) was a seemingly Historical Time. Yet for me other months were more important.  February for me marked 30 years as a  ‘child-like student’ (child, son, remnant bride) of FATHER Yahweh God… His Government, and Vital Information (besides  my time in/of Christianity including  other awareness and revelation’s) including research into Worldwide affairs in the news. These years proved interesting as the “Test Of Carmel” and the “expected anointing/outpouring” continues. This remains my prayer and purpose daily until fulfilled. I don’t have all the answers, but have enough to matter greatly.
2008 History Here. (2007 shown down below)
 Since 1993 Remnant Bride.com has been making progress. I discovered Remnant  Bride and Gary Naler in early 2000. Today, as the Carnal World  Loses Ground…  2014  is a Truly Important Time To Be Alive, Awake, Alert. 
What was great about 2008?“Quite a bit. SPIRITUAL Reality with Amazing  CONTINUITY”
One of our greatest tasks besides learning and under-standing is having ‘Patience’. Ever wonder what separates people from truth? Ignorance and LIES!  What could separate people from Father Yahweh? (YHWH). How about ‘Natural (original) Sin’ and ‘Disobedience’.  Is it important to know who the (pagan) Profiteers and Worshipers of Baal are Today? Why they practice such (demonic) behavior? 
And who are the ’Prophets of Asherah’? (knowingly or not?). Who are The ELIJAH and ELISHA of Today? Is that Important to Know? What can: “Let None Be Wanting” mean?  As It Is Written: every worshiper of Baal (Satan/Lucifer/Anti-Messiah) will receive what they deserve and then some. They will be (kindly and righteously ) destroyed by TRUTH. None being left.   (Read for yourself, all of 1 Kings 18.  History  always  seems to repeats  itself. WHY is that? Because there is “Nothing New Under The Sun.” 
When all is said and done, who, besides the True Creator, Father Yahweh God could know about, cause and/or allow  these  THINGS?  The Number 8; (as in 2008) means “NEW”.  What happens to a pregnant woman in her 9th month? (2009?) LABOR–DELIVERY?  Who Labors daily In-Life and needs Deliverance? “MANKIND”.  Do The Math, calculate the history, the results of scripture, and Prophesy, then Try to ‘figure out’ exactly ‘where you fit in’  aong  orld situations today. Is your Heart Pure? Your Mind Steadfast on HIM? Is GOD Really; “The LOVE OF YOUR LIFE“? If you Calculated your spiritual life today.. how would it add up? Do the math.  
I believe ”TIMING IS EVERYTHING.” Did you read  “The ‘TEST OF CARMEL” in; 1 Kings 18:17-40?  (If not why not?) Great STORY. There were 4 parties involved in this huge “TEST” god vs Yahweh God.  #1. (my favorite) was (is) “ELIJAH” #2. were The Prophets of (profit) BAAL. (this is Christianity today typically). And #3. Were the Prophets of Asherah.  The 4 th party is Father YAHWEH GOD Himself.  In the end (new Beginning) the so called Religious ‘Prophets of Baal’ were totally Destroyed.  The Prophets of Asherah were there as witnesses.  But what can this mean TODAY? It follows ’a means to an end’.  It means ‘New Beginnings’.  It means Father Yahweh’s “Justice, Restoration, Reconciliation, Redemption and Jubilee”  shall prevail over-all other Issues.
Now a curious (teachable) child-like person might ask: What does ‘Destroyed’ really mean to Father Yahweh GOD? (great question). What say YOU?  Does Destroyed mean REMOVED? Wiped out? (killed for it’s own good?) Or can it mean ”CHANGED”?  What does the dictionary  www.dictionary.com say about the word ‘Destroy’? If an enemy is Destroyed does the enemy REMAIN?– even if they Surrender? Why not? What remains? What Changes? Why were things DIFFERENT Back in NOAH’S DAY?  (isn’t Today like Noah’s DAY?).
Who REMAINED in Noah’s DAY, Who was TAKEN? And WHERE…when The Torrential (Tsunami Type) Rain(s) Came? ONLY  Noah and Seven other people- his family Survived, besides The select- Animals. What about our time today? (soon) Will  Father  Yahweh “Flips Things?”,  Change Things?”, Sends His MERCY – His RAIN?  (His Love, Anointing and Mercy) DOWN HERE Upon All Flesh? (Ah Ha, won’t people be Surprised? Shocked? Upset? Overjoyed? Yes, and that is a GOOD THING!)
What did Satan and his demon (angelic and human associates) have planned for 2008? You would be ‘Surprised and Shocked’ if you Saw ‘The Big Picture’. The necessary and eventual ‘exposures’ of the true ‘beast’ that causes many hearts to fail still lurks behind the scenes. But Is there yet HOPE for THOSE Who Trust In Father Yahweh God?   (Absolutely)
Over the years, disasters all over the world take place in unlikely places.  This is not good news. Notice the fights for Political Power/ Dictatorship.  Notice the economy or what’s left of it.  Notice the Food Prices, fuel costs, taxes, and all other costs including water, utilities, and waste management.  Notice how Dependant we are upon Roads and Bridges, on People we should trust, but can’ or should not?  Notice how we have less and less (human- religious) rights, freedoms or privileges? 
Notice how most people ‘live in fear each day’; of their job, homes, car’s, income, mortgages, insurance, medical costs, prescriptions, job’s, family members, police, the overall economy, etc. . Notice the media and how many seem to deceive the masses.  Notice how ‘respect’ is merely a seven letter word. And trust becomes less and less. How few respect Father Yahweh GOD,and few respect each other, including loved ones and elders. Why is this? Are we Really CURSED? (Look below to Learn More if you can stand it)

2007 was truly a stepping stone to 2008…as HIS Mercy, Grace and Truth Journey continues.

The year 2007 has displayed more disasters (Physically and Mentally combined) than ever before.  Think back to Noah’s Day when expectant heavy rains came for Noah, yet quite unexpectedly for all others outside his family. Were the people WARNED TO REPENT Despite Noah’s Timely Warnings?  Yes! Well, It rained 40 days and nights, destroying everyone and everything except Noah and The SEVEN (7) members of his family. 

TWO generations were spared and taken to new beginnings. And today this is being written in the last months of 2008.  This information was first posted one year ago; November (the FALL) 2007. It appears that ‘as it was in the day’s of Noah’ it is now time for Father Yahweh (YHWH) to make some important, interesting, and most necessary changes ‘once again’ to mankind.  As Yahweh God, He will do whatever He so desires. He is The BOSS. 
I trust He will do a “New Thing” as prophesied because of Who He IS.  Let’s not forget His MERCY and LOVE for  all mankind. He Cares and so should we.
Very few know ‘whom’ (and why) Father Yahweh has chosen (and will choose) every day people to help ‘Prepare The Way’ for the coming of His Son, The Bride-groom Yahshua Messiah as promised (and prophesied) in scripture.
Mankind have been ‘In The Dark Ages” for the past 600 decades. (6,000+ Years). Timing has Everything to do with Life and Purpose.
Does Father Yahweh desire a family of His own? Has He pre-destined situations to make probationary periods possible for these past 6,000+ years?  Yet to Him 1000 years (of time) is but ONE DAY as we count Time….but to mankind this figures out to be about 80 lifetimes.  Just Imagine what eternity means to Him?  Will  Father Yahweh Use “YOU” to help develop “His will” concerning His Earth and its people soon? Why not?
Proverbs 29:18 Warns: Where there is No “VISION” The People Perish, Happy is he that keepeth the law. How much Vision do you have? Hosea 4:6 says – My people are destroyed  or lack of knowledge, (and) because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject thee, (and) that thou shalt be no priest (minister/servant) to me: (and) seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God (YHWH), I will also forget thy children… (Hello?)
As events take place both literally and spiritually in these Last Days (of this cursed system) can we ask this question?:  Will 2007 be like  all  previous years? Greater than these past eleven years where we witnessed many interesting things and events? I believe so. Will Almighty YHWH will continue do a ‘New Thing” by calling out and touching  MORE  People  throughout the world. Absolutely…  Why? Because of Who HE IS. His  Timing, His Promises and His MERCY..
Father Yahweh is doing a “NEW THING”.  He said “the Last shall be First” AND “the Woman shall encompass the man” (mankind). The woman is The Remnant BRIDE Elect Company of Today. “Called Out of Traditional Christianity” for a Purpose; To Become the Eternal “Bride Of Yahshua” and together produce many Offspring (Worldwide) for 1000 (literal) years in our day. And THEN What? New Heaven(s) and New Earth(s) will be fashioned (Physically and Spiritually) as well.
People say New Years day is a  most wonderful Time of the Year, yet little do they realize the meaning behind those words. And as we watch the News, it appears that many are Not having a most wonderful Time every year. In fact many die as each day replaces the one it left behind. Will you witness the GREATEST OF TIMES as spoken of in Joel 2:24-28?
This world is Part of and Witnessing to; “The Information Age”. Knowledge is increasing everywhere. Yet 90% of IT is carnal knowledge. (It is deceptive, distracting and very worldly). Let me say that “the wrong knowledge takes up important mental SPACE in a persons mind”, Room that was “literally and spiritually” intended for “Proper Knowledge”.
To insure that proper Knowledge is “Spiritually grasped”  TWO things must work together. A transmitter and receiver. Father Yahweh has to (will) Transmit His Love, Mercy and Law, by His Spirit to others. Then people will know “What they are lacking, and where they “need to BE to receive  HIS approval, and take part in His Master Plan(s). It is as Simple as That.
My hope is that people ‘wake up and come alive’ soon.. But how can this be? By the Anointing /Outpouring as promised in Joel 2:24-28 and Act’s  2:17. This is at the door right now and somewhat overdue. BUT Who is organizing and orchestrating these positive (important) things that cannot (YET) be seen  with human eyes?  The Creator and Sustainer Himself- Father Yahweh. There isn’t anything that happens that Father Yahweh does not Know About.
He Is Omniscient, (has total knowledge- knows everything. Omnipresent (everywhere at once) and Omnipotent, (having unlimited power and authority).  I believe that  soon He reveal Himself to mankind, by an Anointing to those He calls His People. Will you be a PART of that event?
Ever think about what happens to ‘An Inheritance Gained EARLY?’  Is usually wasted.  We all know that there is a  MIX-ture of  “Good AND Evil” throughout the world. As I see it, most people abuse TIME. Many treat Time as though it was theirs to do with as they please. Not that this is wrong… BUT could this be the reason that important things are missing from (and IN) people’s daily lives? Things like  “Revelation, Miracles, the Spirit Of God,  ‘Hunger and Thirst’ for His righteousness (right standing) and truth?.
Is it True that by allowing Father Yahweh’s Truth to Dominate ones LIFE, (rather than traditional deception or alternate forms of godliness) that People would receive new “Spirit Eyes to SEE, new  “Spirit Ear’s To Hear, and new “Spirit Minds”; to understand His type of Spiritual Wisdom?. Will the expected  Anointing (latter day Rain/ Outpouring/ Flood) from on high accomplish This? Most definitely, without question!
According to Scripture [Ecclesiastes 1:3] There is: “a Time – Place – Purpose- and Season For Everything” The next question is ”WHAT are we to Expect and WHEN will it take Place’? Lets look at a situation like this: You have been Called Out of the average Lifestyle into a position of Student. You have been Invited to know and Initiated a “personal relationship” with the (begotten) Son of God in the Bible.
Then as you walk in truth’s freely given and understood  you will discover there is another level, position ,or purpose available, as you BE-COME a seasoned (mature) student of Father Yahweh. Does this new office, position or purpose come with greater effort and responsibility than before? Of Course! But what could this be, and Why?
Carnal minds can be defeated By The Blood Of The Lamb, by TIMING and TRUTH. Father Yahweh  Shares with HIS Second Remnant Bride Company!

The Remnant (Bride) company are called out (to be anointed. Joel 2:24-28. Acts 2:17-18) to  “inform and help guide” a select people. Many will Repent and thus help change these present (deceptive) cursed systems (of the World) into the pre-planned systematic master plan of Father Yahweh GOD designed from the foundations of the world. 

The last Enemy, called DEATH, will soon be removed (BOUND) along with the 6000 year Curse placed upon Earth because of SIN.  THEN (soon) People will LIVE in “Peace, Joy and Righteousness. Happiness will follow them for ‘ages upon ages’ eternally. I trust that Angels as well (too numerous to count) will Assist in Father Yahweh’s Master Plan for Earth and (His) People. (HIS FAMILY)

In this merciful (loving and forgiving) situation “everything  necessary for the Bride Company is to be freely provided”. The Spirit Fed and Merciful Task set before the Remnant Bride  looks  to be Spiritually Enormous or Breathtaking]. Would You like be  part of this situation? (or lifestyle?)

Can you or anyone else imagine what will really transpire once the TWO PART (2-part Double portion) Anointing comes upon the entire earth? Will there be Billions (or Trillions) of People that will Desire To Eat from “The Tree Of LIFE” (His Immortal Remnant Bride Company) in this New Millennium Kingdom On Earth? 

Will these people desire to be “LED and FED”  TRUTH so very important to this day? Will they WAIT PATIENTLY for hours, day’s, weeks and months in order to Find His  Righteousness  and How to Walk IN IT? Will other people reject this truth? Will they need more PROOF (of TRUTH) in order to Believe for themselves?

Does history from the past – reveal history regarding the Present and Future?  [Why Not.] Most generations have come and gone having the Sweetest Music (of Life and Truth) Yet Unplayed.

In The Past- Noah and family were selected to “ENTER the ARK (Of Safety) and were LEFT behind (saved) to begin a “New (and better)  Way Of Life”. A FAMILY of EIGHT (8) People;  4 Men and 4 Women. A combination of 2 complete generations.  (hello?)

What about you? Which would you prefer?:To Be Left Behind or Taken Into Death? (Sleep). ”Left behind to learn Truth and Walk in it” OR Taken to deeper sleep/death until the Time Of Re-Incarnation/ Resurrection and Judgment?  Think deep and meditate on this. 

What did you learn in 2007- 2008?   What about NOW ?   Blessings to all who seek TRUTH and Walk in it Daily…
 Blessings to those who Seek Truth and are willing to Walk In Faith.
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