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AUGUST  2019 

Here is a Question to really ponder; Has the ENTIRE Human RaceHas BEEN “BRAINWASHED FROM CHILDHOOD??”  [Can this be Proven? IF YES< HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN AND WHY? Two words come to MIND: “INDOCTRINATED” and “EDUCATED” Ready or Not- You’ll SEE!

Besides this FACT: “WAKE-UP” and “GET READY”… BIG CHANGES [WORLDWIDE] ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN (WORLDWIDE) “Including The MOON.” . “MANY CHANGES HAVE Already TAKEN PLACE – WORLD- WIDE” since 2012.  2018 was full of surprises, Things like “DISCLOSURE” Signs, WONDERS, and MIRACLES.

YES!!  The “3- and 4D TABLE IS BEING SET” FOR A Time of Restoration “DISCLOSURE” AND REALLY BIG CHANGES. Notice the HIGHLY UNUSUAL WEATHER  so far into  2019 spreading across the World; RAIN, HEAT, Tornado’s Earthquakes, ‘FIRES” Volcano’s, DISEASE,  and Who really- wonders (or Knows) WHY? We DO!

Was 2018 a  “LIFE-Changing Year” for YOU? Did you have any Gains or losses? For me personally, It has been  seriously, mentally and physically  Challenging. Truly Very Interesting.

 Much has Changed in the Last FEW Months….. BUT Still NEW and Interesting THINGS ARE Going on – BEHIND THE SCENES Daily. Yet, On the Surface we still have the deception and Threats, the Floods. Destruction from “Man Made –  “Weather Storms”, Ab-Normal FIRES, and Yet Things seem to go on as USUAL for much of the World.


People in AFRICA- by the thousands are Really discovering what most of America and the rest of the world have missed relating to ‘what Prime CREATO or GOD has in store for ALL Mankind.  IF there IS a Bride of Christ ? The BRIDE Of Christ must come out of the “Body of Christ”.  (CHRISTIANITY) . How much longer will “Prime CREATOR” Allow this Deception and possession To Continue? (Hopefully Not Much Longer)

Do All These Past Weather Disasters, Hurricanes have Biblical Purpose?  (YES, In Many Ways). Tribulation(s)  have been On-going for Centuries.  Want some Great News Regarding Creation and Mankind? These Last Days OF 2019S?? we’re  Headed for 4-D, Ready or not.


Have You Heard about the “Worldwide FLOOD” IN NOAH’S DAY (Over 4,000 Years ago? Genesis 7:11). WAS All mankind  “Baptized INTO DEATH” ?  (Except for EIGHT (8) People; Noah and his Family which include his Wife,  3 sons  and their wives) 

Why share this? Because In Our Time Soon (2018?), Another (GIANT) FLOOD IS EXPECTED.  BUT This PROMISED Flood Will BE “A Latter Day “OUTPPOURING.  BE VERY DIFFERENT?. Truly Miraculous. “A Baptism INTO LIFE”. “THE LATTER RAIN”. There Will Be NO ESCAPE THIS LOVING /PROMISE/ MOVE ‘FROM ON HIGH’ – READY OR NOT! The Latter Rain is a two fold purpose really as it has been in the days of the Messiah.  The anointing is to come on the people to serve, their ministry, and the other is to wake up those who are not ready. Evil Is About To Be ABOLISHED (as it must be) As GOD Does A Quick WORK (as Promised- in the twinkling of an eye the mortality Must put on immortality. Look for “New Beginnings For you and others!”

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“Do you really know why you are here on earth at this time?” “Do you know what Is Your PURPOSE On EARTH is?”  “WHY Are You HERE NOW?” “Where Did YOU Come From?” Does all this Matter To Almighty/ Creator/ Father Yahweh GOD? (YES!! But Why?) Because ‘HE- God (Still) LOVES YOU’!  But Do You KNOW HIM or His SON? Should You? “Would YOU Like To?” What can you Lose by Knowing Him (OR NOT)? “What Can You Truly Gain? “HE IS LOVE”.  I truly believe that HE is Love

Take some TIME get acquaintained With The SON Who will lead you to the FATHER.  As Promised – through His SON (Messiah /SAVIOR /Jesus Yahshua) – HE Will Share Truth and will Never Leave YOU, Nor Forsake YOU! Read this Verse in the Bible: John 3:16 “For God So Loved The WORLD, HE SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, WHOM-SO EVER BELIEVETH IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT SHALL HAVE EVERLASTING  LIFE”. How about that?  See How This Promise to ‘not perish’ but have ‘everlasting Life’ as Free Gift from GOD To His Children at Any AGE.

Speaking of Gift’s, here is one for you:  Audio Bible with Old and New Testaments. (Cut and Paste) 

http://www.songsforyahweh.com/Audio Scriptures.htm

We Expect MANY GREAT Changes in 2017. Are these THE LAST DAYS? If so, does this mean BETTER Days Are Coming? (The Corrupt Cursed System REMOVED?). (((YES))) Fear no more… for this IS the TIME to Awaken, To Be ALIVE (open minded- child like). Seeking for positive Signs That Shall Cause BELIEF. Everything HIDDEN is being REVEALED Worldwide….. For All To SEE!

Are You Serious Enough To Learn  TRUTH?  To me the word “FATHER”  pertains to “Purpose, Provider, or ‘HEAD of The House, Kingdom or Temple’. But NOTICE: “That Temple Resides INSIDE every Human BEING”.  [Luke 17:21]

It’s Located within you. Above Your Shoulders. Yes, FATHER/ God/ Source/ Boss/ Photon/  Dwells within that Hidden Place. That Temple; A PLACE  “NOT MADE WITH HANDS” [Act’s 7:48]  Located within the ‘Right  Brain’ Side of Your Head/ Mind – The Spiritual Side. While the ‘Left Brain Side’ of your brain/ Mind is the ‘Carnal or Worldly’ side. (Need Proof? Google it! We Have It!). What GOD/ FATHER YAHWEH/ SOURCE Requires of YOU is only 10% Of Your TIME Focused On HIM Spiritually in Prayer or MEDITATION.

It is also written [Psalm 37:11] “The Meek Shall Inherit The EARTH!”  Meek = “quiet, gentle, and easily imposed upon; submissive, yielding, obedient, compliant, tame  and Teachable”.

There are 3 kinds of people in the World. Which are You? 1. Those who “Know” what’s Really going on Spiritually? Those who “Don’t Have a Clue”? or  “Those who could care less”. This Website is not about Politics, Religion, Brain washing or Commerce. It is about  Spirituality and Facts. Comments are my own except where links are provided.

Negative Things we hear about, think about, or read about … (Even in The Bible) may not BE – as  they “Appear To Be.”  In Everyday Life Positive Things are on-going Daily. (Behind The Scenes-Literally and Spiritually).  In this LIFE (not always by choice) we  may often encounter Bitter Times (Growing Pains, Tribulations, Trials, etc.) but SOON these will Be DONE Away with (Over, Changed, Finished) as Promised.  SOON…The (New Kingdom) “Millennial  Reign” Time of  Jubilee”  (waiting in the wings) is expected to come to Earth as promised! 

The World (for many thousands of years) has and still operates on ‘Emotion, Tradition, Notices, Promises, Money, Credit, Fear, Anger, Greed, Revenge, Hate (some Love)  and much Dis-Respect for elders. But SOON, True LOVE, Honesty, Fair-Trade  (Barter) Joy & mutual respect for each other will be a reality. Ready or not. 

‘FEAR NOT’: God/ Source/ Father/ Photon/ Spirit) IS IN Control. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge and/or Approval.  The RESTORATION Of Earth, Spirit and ALL THINGS Has  Begun.  Trust In The  God/ Spirit residing IN YOU… Investigate (your Right Brain) with all your might.  This work within you is an Inside JOB. Be Patient. The “Kingdom Of God IS Within”  Hidden in Everyone and Waiting. Just A Matter of His TIMING!

Strange things (in the news) are happening around the World . Unusual WEATHER, Various Disasters, Mayhem and so much more. Everyday is often filled with ‘Distraction’ which makes it  (very) hard to focus on true facts, true purpose,  and true life-preserving and saving events. Those who ‘act as little children’ (those who; “Ask, Seek and Knock”) will find Truth. 

Today, Children are Waking UP faster than the parents and Know more about reality and truth than their Parents. Most  things ‘out of our control’ will be fully RESTORED. We do need Restoration as Promised. That is Truly ongoing along with Re-Education’.

For years Bible Prophecy has come True. Yet, most people are still caught ‘unaware’, while others refuse to heed Bible Truths. They rather believe LIES… live in Dis-Belief.  Like it or not, we ARE “In The Last Days” of This ‘Controlled/ Confusing  System’. This Is: “The GREATEST TIME TO BE ALIVE”.

Bible says: “Many Shall Be Deceived- In The Last Days”. Why? Because people are Distracted From Truth.  They fail to “Seek TRUTH and Walk In It”. Those who SEEK Truth will Find It. Those who don’t, won’t. Since 2011-2014 this Planet (Mother Earth-Gaia) has been going through (Greater) changes. “LOVE Conquers   ALL”.   (Mother) EARTH (Gaia) IS Starting to “HEAL HERSELF”.

Some People are waking up, yet most  are asleep. Positive Changes are to be revealed soon. Things taken for Granted will Change. What you will Do Then? (Pay Attention). Welcome, open minded “Visitors, Pioneers, Warriors, Students, Teachers,  Mentors  and Settlers”.

Things are happening Daily Worldwide. Keep checking; ‘What’s New’ for urgent updates. Changes (good and bad) are taking place: Socially,  Spiritually, Physically, Mentally FINANCIALLY.  


In every persons “MIND” there is a Library, a Discovery or Learning Center.  As Said above-  there’s actually a Kingdom IN There. All of  ones LIFE  Activities (good and bad) are recorded  since Birth. How great is The Creator / Father and /Source of All? Great enough to ‘Know the Beginning From The End – The End From The Beginning.’ This Earth DOES Belong to us and so does THE Universe. Everything  one can possibly imagine is KNOWN. We Have Daily Choices and will be held Accountable.

To FIND GOD Source (God within ourselves) we have to be Still, Meditate and Focus. We have the “power of choice”. GOD/ Father/ Source will Soon Restore Man-Made Systems. The ‘TIMES OF REFRESHING ARE NEAR’. (Acts 3:19) Soon, The SPIRIT (Photon/Force) OF GOD will move In A “Mighty WAY.  Joel 2:28 says regarding The ‘Last Days OUTPOURING’ of His SPIRIT. Displaying His Active AGENT/ Force/ Source upon All Flesh. (coming Soon!)

I am truly Excited (2016) and most thankful to be sharing these words. This IS Truly the TIME to: Seek (and find) TRUTH. Every (daily) battle regarding Truth  brings us closer to His Promises of a New Heaven AND Earth. (His Family Plan).  Our greatest  challenge IS to Seek Him and His Truth. Those who  Do will soon ‘PROCLAIM this ‘Good News’ to others (made ready) to “hear, see and  feel.  This  headline holds true: “The KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND”.  This Good News is Hidden (safely) and can be Found (discovered/ uncovered) WITHIN YOU.

This Generation (ours) will Not (cannot) Pass Away until HIS  Promises be fulfilled. But First there is Work regarding ‘YOU, Your Place and Purpose’. It is also written: The LAST shall be First.  The Last of This Generation (those who are ready) will be the First to understand what ‘Rule and Reign’ means in this Brand New (1000 Year) Millennium Reign. This ‘Jubilee Time’ should include you and ALL Loved ones. Are you Teachable? Can you be Led and Fed by His Spirit? Can you remain ‘open minded’ as a little child? It’s ALL THERE – IN YOUR MIND- IF You Know Where To Look/SEEK.

Those who dig deep enough (freely) will find ‘Living Water’ (known as Truth) that will Quench their Thirst. Those who ‘Pay Attention’ will reap Huge and Lasting benefits. These are ‘The Last Days’. That is Very GOOD NEWS. As I said: Change IS NOW waiting in the wings. But Remember: “Things today… are NOT What They APPEAR To BE”. Look around! This Earth will be Restored or REBIRTHED! It’s TIME to Trust in Yourself and HIS Promises, His Prophecies. WAIT!! Relax, learn. He Is More Than Able, and He is Closer than you think.

The ‘Test Of Carmel’ (regarding those concerned) continues.  Jubilee  (freedom  as promised) is At The Door. Nothing will prevent greater changes from taking place. People, situations, and LIVES Worldwide will  change for the better. FEAR NOT.  Everything IS under HIS Control.


This (unique-set apart) Planet EARTH Just happens to be His ‘Footstool’. Favored centered within an awesome never- ending Universe of Other Great Planets.


“Why IS this the Greatest Time To Be Alive? Because HUGE Changes are In The Works. I Love You for ‘who you (really) are as a Human Being ‘,and there is really nothing you can do about that. The (missing) pieces are ready to be placed. “We are definitely not alone.” Greater Things are Promised.”

The overall (official) ‘Earthly Plan’ began thousands of years ago when the  Messiah (The Savior) came to ‘Prepare the WAY’. HE ‘Paid The Price’ for our (promised) liberty and freedom. [Jubilee]. He did NOT Come To Bring ‘Peace’  (both then and now) but Division. (separation).. and as we see today there is much  ‘Division, Confusion and Separation’ in the world.

But Yet,  Restoration/ Redemption Is Beginning NOW and More will  Begin Soon. For this Planet (Earth) will soon be  stable as a  ‘Rod of Iron’. The  Curses  upon mankind will ALL be lifted.  Government/ Kingdom/ This Earthly Reign Will Thus ‘Prove Such.  LOVE Will Conquer ALL..

The 4th Dimension and above is governed accordingly. All activity is performed according  to ‘lawful’ patterns.

All that you received physically (internally/externally) is/was laid out and passed along from generation to generation in an uninterrupted governmental pattern that is bound (and found) in DNA.  That DNA is replicable throughout your entire body; and when/if you have children, that DNA is passed along to determine how they will look.  From the moment they are conceived, they too are governed and set in their appearance.  Everything in life follows a “DNA” structure.

Nothing is haphazard or random but follows a ‘divinely set order’; and IF we had eyes to see even as we are only now understanding DNA we would SEE (and understand) this ‘governmental’ order. 

Contained here is In-formation that has changed my life these past 50 (long) years (1979-2019) and could possibly  change yours quicker when the Time  comes.   Eternity has no TIME Clock- no beginning and no end..  Are  you  ready to learn/ know Truth, To be Fed, To walk by FAITH? There IS A “Promise Land”. A New Millennium Reign as promised.  Jubilee (Freedom) will be a Reality Very Soon!

Read this info with an open (child-like) mind. Because much dis-info has affected peoples lives and minds. Much  dis-information  regarding ‘Truth’ and not knowing the true meanings  behind  words. Most people miss  ‘Reason(s) For Being Alive Today’. Fact: Without Knowing Truth LIFE Makes little to no sense.  What you find here is factual and very real. Those who  pay  attention  could change themselves, their loved ones and their entire life. As we look at this  world we see that a ‘Shaking’ has begun. Are these birth pains? Is there a New Birth (New EARTH) on the immediate horizon?

Situations are unfolding that are mentioned in scripture. Matthew 24. There is no question that Earth is (still) under a  ‘Curse’ .   A quarantine allowed by GOD/Creator/ Source/ Overseer of All. These past years – ‘Times of Probation, Knowledge, Learning Truth and lies are Part of the ‘Division’ mentioned in the Bible.  I’ve  come to accept this while most people don’t.  Be thankful you  ‘See the Important  things’  being revealed within this allotted time.

Being in The “LAST DAYS”.  (Of This System) is a good Thing. The old saying: ‘FAILURE  Precedes Fulfillment’.  Much truth  in printed word is available for those seeking Truth. This website reveals spiritual experiences regarding  Facts, Truth, Honor, Faith, Love,  Ability, and Joyful Experiences that few have yet found.  Here’s a question:

“Do You Think Source/Photon/ GOD is Upset with situations going on Worldwide?  Must  (Real) CHANGES Come not only to America but the World? (I say YES!). The ‘Restoration (and Reconciliation) of ALL THINGS’ IS At Hand- Ready or Not.  The promise was made to Repay/Replace/Restore/Repair, Everything people have lost, including human and animal Life.

I believe that: ‘When we think we have things figured out – they change.’ These changes affect not only the physical realm but spiritual as well. Most people don’t understand  WHY: “Things are not what they appear to be”.  Much change has come  to  me  within these many years of learning, and witnessing, Life. Yet despite how things look- this IS the greatest time for anyone to be alive.  It’s no secret that the world and people in it, are changing.

By change I mean for the better. Why? Because most people don’t understand the true meaning of ‘Last Days’. Many think it’s a bad thing, but it’s not. Will those who seek Truth- find It? (I say YES!) The ‘Most High’ knows everyone and everything that goes on. There is Total Control through out the universes. There is LOVE we have yet to know. Things are being revealed,  many hidden things. Things that will shock many soon. Wake up, smell the ‘flowers of Truth’ that bloom. Trust in Your HIGHER (Right Brain) SELF. Not just your carnal (left Brain) understanding.

Question: How many people do you know in your lifetime who have passed Away? Think about that. What are their spirits/souls doing? Why are you still here? You reading this on purpose or by Accident? My goal is to concentrate ON THE LIVING. The Dead/De-ceased are no longer in school. They simply WAIT!! They will take their Place when the Timing Is Right.

Now before you undertake this (deeper) Journey into ‘Truth and Possibilities’ let me say: ‘Not All People Shall DIE’. (Quite a revealing statement, eh?).  Will most people seeking truth find it and walk in it? Yes, and in the ‘very near future’ many reading this, learning, absorbing it by Faith, ‘will escape death.’

Why? Because we are (you and I) the Last Generation and because of Yahweh God’s ‘Timing’. For as it was in Noah’s DAY, that Time Is Here Again

According to Creator God  LIFE IS Relatively Simple. So why do people complicate It? Human (carnal minded) Nature, without  the SPIRIT /Source Cannot Under-stand The True and Deeper Things. Keep Seeking.. and ye shall find.

Yet ‘Repentance’  can lead one to salvation by  the ‘power of choice’.  Abba Father Yahweh God does NOT give everyone basic understanding, but  ‘Obedience’ to His Commandments is a great place to start. (See John 3:16 and Exodus chapter 20). Soon there will be restoration via His Mercy and  Choices made as the result of another Great FLOOD. (This Flood will be a Blessing.   (see Joel 2:24-28).

 Every journey begins with a single step and we know that certain words  can have ‘dual meanings’ and also form ‘word pictures’. The word ‘Father’ also has an important  meaning.  Spiritually, the Name ‘Father’ denotes “HIM”. The originator (author and designer) of Everything.

 Anyone who reads the Bible will see what progress has been delivered  these past 6000+ years regarding mankind and their behavior. (But at what Cost).  By the way…no one arrives here by accident. If your reading this maybe it’s your time to prepare? To mature? Are you ‘curious and eager’ to learn more?

With global economic situations, including uncertainty, will  people finally wake-up to reality and  wonder  how  we  produced (or GOD allowed) such dis-array? Yet by His standards could this mean Big Trouble as a result of Big Brother?   Have  you  read  stories in the Bible where Father Yahweh GOD Proved Himself to ‘His People’?

How? By  destroying His enemies. Will He do it again in Our Day? Most situations today may be our fault but there is an answer (a solution) to every problem. This is not your average website. It’s more like an adventure. Glad your here. Be patient and enjoy the scenery.

Here you will find unusual information that can be vital to those who care about ‘truth and events’ mixed with reality. Things very real. Things most shall be held accountable for. Things  we might have learned. How are things in your life?  What if you discovered that ‘most things’ experienced in your life were either purposeful or completely fabricated?

Dreams, Illusions, Situations, Experiences, Distractions,  Deceptions, Etc. 

Could these be a Test?  How do you test ‘In-form-ation’ to be sure of accuracy?  How do you Know GOD is Real?  Will you/do you try to know His will for you?  Will you take the Time to learn what is really at stake regarding your life?

Throughout history (including today) people wonder what the future holds for themselves and loved ones? Today, things appear  worst than ever before.  ‘Doubt, Worry and Fear’ seemed to  have replaced ‘Faith, Love, Freedom and Happiness’. Will things stay this way much longer? What positive changes does the Bible say we can expect?

How and from whom? We need  those ‘miracles’ as promised. Spiritual ‘power from on high’,based upon (His) love, not mankind’s greed, corruption or deception. If mankind was/is the problem, then who (with God’s help) can effect solutions? Is this why were here  with  testimonies and Information? [Yes!]

But all this is nothing compared to almighty Father Yahweh’s ‘Plan, Purpose and Will’. This is truly His Business, as HE allows me to continually research and help ‘prepare the way’ for Immanuel-  Are these yet fulfilled? NO, but soon shall be. Watch and See what exciting TIMES we live in. Remember 1000 years to us.. is but ‘ONE DAY’ to (Father) Yahweh GOD.

“Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place” (Matthew 24:34) . Years ago the Messiah spoke these words to his ‘First Remnant’ (bride) company) Again: “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all things take place” (Luke 21:32).

Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep (Die) but we shall all be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51). (Immortality for those FED and LED by The Spirit Of Yahweh. The Lord is near (Philippians 4:5). (He Is Yet -“At The DOOR” In Our Mind- IF we know Where to LOOK) For this we say to you; by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive, and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not precede those (1st remnant) who have fallen asleep (1 Thessalonians 4:15).

Then those who are alive and remain.. shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet and thus we shall be  ‘CHANGED” (1 Thess. 4:17). Be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming (Jubilee) is at hand (James 5:8).

Behold, the Judge/Source is standing at the door (James 5:9; the Right Side of our Minds). For ‘He’ was foreknown before the foundation of the world, but has appeared in these last times for the sake of you. (1 Peter 1:20). But they shall give account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead (1 Peter 4:5).  The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. (Meditation)  (1 Peter 4:7).  (All  Corruption of  People, Places, Purpose will change)

The revelation of HE which (Father) God gave Him to show to His bond-servants, (those called-out ones) things which must shortly take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John (Revelation 1:1).

Blessed is he ‘who reads and those who hear’ the words of the prophecy, and ‘heeds the things which are written in it’; for the time is near (Revelation 1:3). “I am coming quickly”   He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly”  (Revelation 22:20).

TODAY these Promises are very near. Think back when we as children we were cared for by our parent(s) and in due time ‘learned’ how to eat, walk, talk, communicate, pray, dress, play, cry, fight, tie our shoes, etc.. As we matured (think from a spiritual aspect now) some today still act immature,  whether were all God’s  children.

Most every person was born (equipped) with a set of  ‘programmable – functions to be  programmed thru a computerized type ‘brain – power plant within the body.  Yet, with  this  ‘mind power’ why is it most people fail to realize their true-purpose in life? I refer to Yahweh God’s Point Of View? (something to think about)

The only hope for those alive (mankind) in these last days (of this 6,014 yr. curse) can be found “within The Written Word”.  If mankind received a true and detailed report today (of actual deception and destruction for the past 6000+ years, or 600 Decades) many hearts would indeed fail from shock and/or disbelief.

Why is there a true ‘Lack of Knowledge’? Why do most people remain in Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Bondage?  Most are too busy to learn truth so they remain clueless. Not a clue as to WHO This Creator (GOD) Really IS. Why HE IS, and why all this (stuff) is so important. There is much wrong with world situations today as more people live in fear than ever before. 

Those responsible (alive and/or dead) will be ‘held responsible- accountable- for every action when the overall ‘accounting’  (White Throne Judgment of Yahweh God) takes place soon. What do scriptures say about the “last days”?  Ever wonder where YOU fit in? Whether you know or don’t- didn’t know but now do – or maybe simply don’t care.

There is a bright side to all this.  God today (like days of old in these past 6000 years) has ‘chosen a people’, in these last days, to help ‘prepare the way’ for the True Messiah. (If you have read ‘The Bible’ you would know this).  Some day -very soon now- He will personally anoint (empower) His chosen (who qualify) to help reveal His Plans, His Purpose and we shall  help  usher in this ‘New Millennium Kingdom’

Most people don’t understand that in a curse period.. there are victims and oppressors. The enemy of all humankind is still – at large and yet work today – to oppress and posses. This enemy (like a cancer) causes great damage and hardship to billions (most all mankind) for these 6014 literal years.

Not Die? Why? Because those given the opportunity to repent (soon) will ‘enter (physically alive) into’ the (literal) New Millennium Kingdom right here on earth. Father Yahweh (GOD) will  Have His Family, His treasures, His People living (as Jubilee proclaims) in Freedom.  Yes, parents, children, kings, priests, brides, servants, guests, elders, and so much more.  People will see the result of Father Yahweh’s Will and Master Plan, where today much of the opposite is seen throughout the world.  Why not become His patient and willing students, starting NOW!

Many lives today are seriously damaged and in great need of repair. What has this to do with “My Fathers Business”? A Lot! But first let’s consider “The SOURCE’. As a Father and Creator of all things everything belongs to Yahweh GOD. Is He responsible for the good and bad in people? Will He, by His will, Justify (re-arrange) all existence soon?   Absolutely. Why? This ‘God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’ has made himself known to witnesses for over 6000 years.

It bears repeating that; Father Yahweh will soon display Himself to Mankind (everywhere) In His Elect by His Spirit. It will be most interesting to see how people respond. For me this happened  many years ago and changed my life forever. Fathers Business is about ‘People, Truth and Timing’. Truth comes by spiritual awareness and perspective, to those who seek His Will, His Love and His Timing.

Since the beginning of time, mankind (and animals) had parents to care for, nurture and guide them. Yet in these past 200 years alone ‘things’ have changed people for the worst. Since Father Yahweh God also designed parenting, HE can override them. His ‘Law and Order’ (Govt.) will prevail over ALL People and All Things very soon.

Most people are sold ‘through the eyes’. (That also Explains the TV, Movies, and the News). I believe that this is why (physical) miracles were done by Yah’shua the Son of God to Prove who He was. NOW is the greatest time to be alive because 6,000+ years of Probation with it’s Trials, Errors, Joys and Disappointments is about to change. In the past 6,000 years there has been a curse placed upon earth and it’s people.

This is scheduled to end soon. Although many will not approve when this happens, it will yet come in like a Flood. Almighty Father Yahweh God will destroy cursed time and declare His Jubilee for the sake of the elect- for their purpose and ministry. His Mercy and Love will prevail  and everyone alive will be around to SEE and Experience IT…

Everyone’s lifestyle, thoughts and decisions concerning life will in some way effect their present and future


Earth has OVER SEVEN Billion people today. Their purpose? To learn and experience Truth about true history. His-Story. The Purpose for life,  knowing what’s real, what is illusion, delusion, and lies. For over 35 years my prayer was asking Father Yahweh GOD to guide my  life, research His Truth, help me do His Will and this He has done beyond  my expectations. Aren’t you a bit curious as to what HE has planned for you?

Thousands of years ago it was predicted (prophesied) that “Knowledge would Increase in The Last Days” (Daniel 12:4) Today this is FACT. The Internet and other resources prove this true. These last days are a Good Thing for some and yet not so good for others. Soon new doors will open for many and close for others.

Since we live in a carnal (pagan) system (because of the Eve/Adam curse) it is most important to know there is (positive) spiritual activity behind the scenes as foretold in Scripture. This present curse (yoke of bondage) is about to be ‘destroyed’ by Father Yahweh God. Most people have no idea were in the last days of ‘A timely probation system’. Have ever read the ‘serenity prayer’? (if not, Google it and read it.)

Certain miracles are expected very soon. Knowledge does increase (both positive and negative) yet like junk food, much of it damages/destroys people. Why? People fill their minds and bodies with Junk (garbage) where proper nutrition like truth, faith and love should reside. Who is to blame for these ‘daily toxins’ absorbed through ‘eyes, ears, mouths and minds? Without proper knowledge the people will perish. Yet His ‘Good News declares great hope on the horizon’.

These last days (The Outpouring/Anointing Of His SPIRIT) will offer mankind a final option to repent and realize that spiritual maturity exists. For many, new Faith will replace fears and doubt’s.  Hope will replace distrust. Joy will replace sorrow and disappointment.

But from today onward, who will help apply these Miracle Changes? Father Yahweh will introduce these; His elect very soon. His family of sons, daughters, the bride, their friends and guests. These- soon to be- students, Ministers, Disciples, Apostles, Servants and Messengers. These will introduce the (predicted and expected) “Time of Restoration and Reconciliation” spoken of in scripture. Life, as it was meant to be… will be reality. Manifested through incredibly New (yet unexpected) Beginnings. This is truly exciting and  most timely.


This photo represents a hidden world (Kingdom) ‘within this world’ that most do not (yet) see. A world (system/ government) that contains (and will reveal) the true purpose of life and (important) things spoken of but not yet seen. What do we NOT see in this photo? People, Families, Vehicles, Homes, Animals, Truth, History, Garden’s, Trees, Progress, Father Yahweh’s  promise  of ‘Jubilee’  (Freedom)  and so much more.

What else do we see? The road, (high-way) land, sky, clouds, two mountains picturing The Past and Present. Notice the second (more brilliant) World in the background.  Could this be the (promised) ‘New Millennium’ waiting in the wings? Most people cannot (yet) SEE how and why this is now being unfolded Spiritually. This New Millennium Kingdom IS Promised and Prophesied in Scripture.

It will introduce JUBILEE. (a Time of Freedom). Jubilee has seven letters and so do the words; America, Freedom, Yahshua and  Kingdom! This Timing points to a ‘Better Way of Life’. The curse on mankind and Test of Carmel continues , but not much longer. (1 Kings 18:16-45)

My Fathers Business can be summed up in these few words: “Mercy, Love, Justice, FREEDOM, Obedience, LOVE and Truth for mankind”. Almighty GOD is preparing (grooming, maturing) those set-apart to fulfill every (written) promise. This website may be challenging to some, but hopefully doing so will increase one’s spiritual awareness and maturity.

Take your time, bookmark, review, print what you desire. Most facts can be Proven where many theories cannot. It takes a carnal mind to read words, yet spiritual revelation will help people understand and realize ALL the worldly problems in need of remedy and How this will come about very soon.

Because of Father Yahweh’s Mercy, this world continues to exist, but on ‘Life-Support’. We can take into consideration sincere prayer, although much ‘truth’ remains hidden from many for HIS good reasons. There is absolutely no doubt Father Yahweh God will intervene (spiritually) sooner than later, to help change peoples lives, and world history by revealing His-Story through the elect. The called and chosen.

Much truth has been gathered from various information  (wilderness) areas these 50 years by intense study and activity. The only person to convince you is yourself. Your not alone. Are you Teachable? Skeptical? Partially or Truly Convinced? Why not “Dig the Well BEFORE you Thirst”.

The Mercy and Guidance that Father Yahweh has displayed these past 6,000 years, (by His Spirit), has allowed various changes in the course of history. (Besides His-Story and His-Timing). How many people today, should truth be told, would regard my Fathers Business as their Fathers Business? Everything truly does belong to Him. (Exodus 19:5).

His unique responsibility of Love and Mercy is available for all. Each with a LIFE and TIME schedule. It’s Now almost Time To “WAKE UP.” Facts presented here will affect everyone one way or another. “Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve” Yahweh Elohim (GOD) or Mankind?

Father Yahweh is also called “The Great I AM”. HE works in Mysterious Ways. Of the 7+ Billion People alive today I am but a tiny witness along with  others, sharing these marvelous things He has done, is doing, and will soon offer to those who repent, who trust Him, and who seek to know Him and His Will.

People ask; 1. Why have all this information when hardly anyone knows about it? 2. Aren’t there enough ‘credible (ordained?) people’ who claim to serve GOD within churches, congregations, having the answers?

Many religious people may display a ‘form of godliness or holiness’, yet deny the power thereof.  3. If some people became ‘child-like’, opened their minds and seek to learn how the Spirit of Yahweh God works (by His teaching and confirming His Truth), they may also find what is hidden within these pages, in scripture, and revealed by the testimonies of others.

Before the big Flood in Noah’s day people lived about ten times longer than they do today. Hard to Believe? (Check it out)  Adam lived 930 years. He was 130 when his 3rd son SETH was born. Seth replaced Abel (who Cain Killed) and Seth lived 912 years. Noah lived 950 years. (350 of those years were after the Flood). Enoch lived the Longest.

Most generations lived for about 400 years after the flood. LIFE then gradually shortened to 250 then 200, 150 and now life expectancy is about 70.  Why do so few make it past 70-80 today? Lack of proper food, nutrition, and more, plus lack of exercise. Stress also kills. Imagine the Billions who have passed away these past 6014 years? Many never learning Real TRUTH like we have since then (both hidden and being revealed) to this day.

The good news is that I believe everyone; alive and dead, will make up for lost time. Those who did not complete their ‘Purpose in Life’ will find it when conditions are right and/or begin to change (for the better soon). Back then there was but One Language spoken. Then Yahweh God  Changed the Hebrew Language into many others when He destroyed their ‘Tower of Babel’ building program. (Genesis 11:5-9)

Babel means confusion. Yes, Father Yahweh scattered people and languages throughout the Earth. From that event, including today there are many (Pagan) Religions TODAY that lead to more con-fusion. Later came Abram, (Abraham) and his nephew Lot.

Then the came Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Yahweh God. Why? Because of pagan activity, sodomy, and disobedience.  Then later came Issac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph (one of Jacob’s 12 sons) and Prophet’s Moses, Aaron and the Israelite ‘Exodus’  (escape) from Egypt (Egypt means bondage). Notice the ‘deception  and bondage’ mankind today endures throughout this world. But have faith and hope, for the promises are true. We shall have deliverance, sooner than later!

Hopefully you will find the necessity and importance of a promised ever lasting future. One that was destined and designed long ago. We know  starting out on any journey is important, but ‘ending up’ where one belongs or is destined to be is of greater importance!! People say ‘God Bless America’ but they know Not who Father Yah’weh IS, nor His Son Yah’shua, in a personal Way, but One Day Soon… they will know, and be most pleased… that they do.

How you got to this web-sight is not as important as how you might feel when you leave. Every person has a ‘Part, Position or Purpose in Life’.

Let’s talk about a ‘TSUNAMI’. It’s been reported  that over 220,000 people died from a giant wall of sea-water in 2004. But the Tsunami coming in our day is something good. An Outpouring OF Spiritual water scheduled to come as a ‘giant wave’ of ‘outpouring (anointing) by The Spirit of Father Yahweh God. (This will be a FLOOD of His Mercy) This (expected) event will Definitely change history and be-come a ‘Wake Up Call’ for billions who (today) still have no little to no idea concerning truth and various ‘Areas Of life’.

Ask yourself: “Does this world today need changing – ‘For The Better’? The hi-way (or higher way) now exists spiritually as a wilderness in every part of the world today. These blueprints presently sit on Father Yahweh’s Table. They have been there for six thousand years yet re-viewed some 2000+ years ago. Why? Because HIS Timing is important. Prophecy in Scripture points to a time (soon) where mankind (multiple billions) will ‘witness’ a literal 1,000 Year Millennium Reign-On EARTH. This Time Period or Jubilee will not be operated in the fashion most things are like today.

This NEW period of time (system) will provide a better lifestyle for all, unlike the traditional man-made systems operating now. This Kingdom will have greater purpose where ‘righteousness shall abound’. A place where Father GOD (The most high GOD) promises to provide The Restoration and Reconciliation of All Things by and through His Son Yahshua Messiah- King of kings – LORD of lords, High Priest, Savior,  Immanuel and so much more.

This website (like people who go through life) has more than one purpose. What or Who else makes up My Fathers Business? First let’s take a good Look at things from a spiritual perspective. Then learn How these relate to physical and material things in and among our lives. Let me repeat myself: Father in this case is Yahweh God. The Most High GOD.

We all know that part of a (human) father’s job concerns marriage, companionship, children (offspring) and to provide for the family. Now, were not merely talking about sex here but a Legal Union between male and female in order to produce offspring. (my) Father Yahweh GOD is very much “Family Oriented”

 Now lets fast forward to TODAY. What has changed in all that TIME? “People, Places and Things” both Spiritual and Material. If not for Adam and Eve, being created and fashioned we would NOT be here today. But since we are, (and it’s important that we ARE) shouldn’t we discover and confirm ‘why were here’?

All that TIME.. Father Yahweh had TWO (special and historical) Son’s; The First was Adam, and the Second (Adam type) was Yahshua. The second Adam was/is commonly known still today as ‘Jesus’ but His True Name is really Yahshua’. Named after His Father. GOD also has many spiritual offspring.  (son’s and daughters). Yet, most people are not fully ‘Aware’ of THE Fathers ‘Master Plan for Mankind’. From the first Adam to the Second Adam including the time we live in Today.

Part of Fathers PLAN and WILL includes a timely ‘Purpose of Life’ for those He has ‘called out’ of the world long ago. Yet today He ‘calls others out of Religion, including Christianity’. This website is here to help explain (spiritual and physical) experiences in the lives of ‘called out’ people such as I personally received TWICE. Marking Time from 2000+ years ago,

This advancement comes by Appointment and Anointing of (and into) Truth. For it is Source who draws people and can truly give Life beyond measure. Source works in His Mysterious Ways. This is (part of) the Table set before you this day, including the Gifts to me I share in LOVE with everyone who seeks Deeper Truth’s.

Read slowly… be blessed…and return often!

As foretold in scripture: “The Wisdom of Man (and those of this world) is Foolishness To GOD”. When someone says the word Intelligent does this refer to educated people who can read, listen, learn, write and make decisions?  But it does not take intelligence to “Inherit Eternal Life”. It takes simple Faith, Belief and of course being Teachable.

Ever wonder if some part of you Missed important THINGS over the years? I refer to the spiritual part of a persons mind, Body, Soul. The Place where “The Spirit Of God” could reside or live. For me, as I said, it was many years ago (age 37), when to my surprise, I discovered we are really “Not Our Own”.  It’s true, we didn’t ask to be born, yet every person’s LIFE from Adam (and Eve) to now has been Purchased.  That’s right; Bought and Paid For- In Full- BY the Savior, SON, Messiah; Yahshua, Whom His Father (Yahweh) sent to Earth  2,000+ years ago…. to be Redeemed!

Why? To begin THE PROCESS of ‘Reconciling the world back to Himself’. YES, Father Yahweh ‘Owns It ALL’, Planned It ALL; from A to Z. But there’s a catch… and it’s related to Faith. Not our faith alone but His Faith within us. Some people are consciously aware of this, yet most are Not. Why? Because of (His) TIMING. (Read Ecclesiastes 3:1, “Where there’s Nothing New under the sun”)

My personal ‘witness and testimony’ is within this website as it overflows with truth. Although what is RE-VEALED here may not be for everyone? Did you know that many who are ‘called and chosen’ from the past 6,000 years, including those alive who remain today, that when the time comes, will truly “Inherit” this New “KINGDOM Of GOD”, while others will merely “Enter In” as Students and Guests. And yes, there will be others who will not get in at all until ‘after’ the 1,000 year (restoration) reign is over.

Proverbs 11:21 Says, Be sure of this: “The wicked will not go unpunished, but the righteous will go free.” And the unsaved (including resurrected) dead who ‘repent’ will eventually be made “righteous”.

Dear reader, we are closer than ever to incredible new beginnings. The timing is near! Yet there will be many who do not (will not) accept this view or hope that will include the unsaved dead and the deceived now alive. Why? Because it goes against their upbringing, teaching, or tradition. Most people (falsely) believe their “soul” is already immortal having no concern about death. This is in addition to another false belief that the ‘unsaved or wicked dead’ burn in hell fire forever… from their moment of death?

Truth (as I SEE IT) is this: Because Yahshua, Savior/Messiah Died for the ‘whole world’ many have, and shall yet be able to, in these Last Day’s, seriously and truly Repent. How? Under the expected ‘anointing’ as promised in scripture… and thus be made to initiate righteousness. I trust this will happen quickly, and soon for those with, and of, child-like faith.

Scripture also says: “Behold… Old Things Pass Away” and “All Things Become New”. Much of the information found here has been hidden for 60 Centuries. (6,000 years). It is not found in schools nor is it for sale at any price. Ask yourself: could now be the right “time” for Bible Revelations written some 2014 years ago about our time about to be fulfilled? Why Not? America is still young. Isn’t that long enough to serve Probation? How about 2000 or 6000 years of Probation? Yes, It’s Now TIME.

MyFathersBusiness.US concerns education for Today’s Generation. This could very well be ‘YOUR Father’s Business’. This Information concerns time periods called ‘Generations’. Ever wonder what Eternity, or Life Everlasting would be like? Was this World ‘Created’ specifically to FIT within One Place, or Location within a giant universe Trillions of Miles High and Wide? Are there other Worlds to BE?

Did Father Yahweh Create; human, animal and vegetable, and other matter for His good pleasure alone? NO! I trust He Per-Formed all this (and more) for His Reasons, (and our own) once we come to understand by looking through “His Eyes”, and living by “His Faith”. Then people might truly “See His Works, His Plans AND His ultimate Will Unfold… or they simply won’t. (YET)

Ah Yes! The true “Restoration of All Things” is very close. Source  is preparing a TABLE for All people, servants and guests, in the presence of their enemies. (Psalm 25:5-6). This has everything to do with “Timing- Promises – LOVE – Mercy”. Everyone who was ever born on this earth will truly ‘have their PART or PLACE in this “restoration of all things” (Before, During or After) and nothing or no one can or shall stop it.

My part in this restoration promise is small yet very Important. Soon many ‘will understand’ the real and true “Purposes of LIFE” and many will welcome these incredibly awesome life changing promises because they will be SEEN In a Different LIGHT by The Spirit of Almighty Father Yahweh within.

Today some people know there’s more to life than what is seen today; birth, death, pain, learning, maturing, marriage, children, necessities, joy, work, fear, worry, choices, and other various forms of (carnal and spiritual) education. Isn’t life more important than formal or advanced education? More than a career, bonus or retirement?. Is life more than having enough money?. More than avoiding death or witnessing it first hand?

What does LIFE mean to you? Should there be More to Your LIFE? “My Fathers Business” is about learning, understanding, receiving, being and teaching. It’s about Living and Walking in HIS Truth Daily. It’s knowing “Who YOU are, Why Your Here”. It’s living and breathing Truth. It’s learning about things stored up for mankind both for Today and for Eternity.

The greatest task in the world is to discover (uncover) and understand truth. To wonder IF there was ever a Real CREATOR of this universe? Was everything Created? Including you? It seems we had no choice in being born into this world. But since we are here, why not make the best of it during this ‘Probation Period’. What’s really important to me is the “Purpose of My Fathers Business” yet not for me alone but for every human being who was ever born since Creation.

When expected (or unexpected) changes begin soon, there will come a time for ‘a people’ to truly learn ‘who their Abba Father IS’ and What His will is for them. This includes His Truth, Love, Law, including those ‘called and chosen’ who make up His People. His Jewels, And all will finally understand the reasons WHY… living and walking with Truth each day.. is so very Important. Yes, the greatest time to be alive is NOW.

So why visit this web-sight? To discover things that might be important and to know “Where, Why, When, with Whom, and How Father Yahweh Elohim plans to work and already works in people’s lives today. Is this Important? Am I excited? [Absolutely! ]

IS anything missing in your life spiritually?*** Have you Matured Spiritually? IF you agree why not discover more Truth? Take time to check out this link below. ‘See, Hear and Feel’ it. The information there might describe and reveal the ‘Real Part’s of You that’s been hidden (missing) all this Time? It’s my favorite: It make lot’s of sense.


It’s all about – His TIMING. Things are about to change soon. For 6000+ years, the world and all its guests (mankind) have been under a specific curse. A type of Penalty or Probation, and since Creation was also a matter of Timing (were now in the appointed Time of the End …which is a Very Good Thing. So it’s now Time for New Beginning’s, the Time of JUBILEE.

How many unanswered questions have you?  Jot them down. Write me.

Some 2014 years ago (around AD 30) there was a (First Remnant) group of Apostles (along with many disciples) who were called-out (of their world systems and Traditions), some were hand picked by the Messiah Yahshua Himself. These numbered around 120 and were called “the brethren” or “the Way”. These men (and women) were chosen for special reasons. Later on, (after the Messiah’s sacrifice for the world in death) the Dark Ages began, including the great Apostasy. (a falling away from truth). This was called the “The Abomination that maketh Desolate”. Truth was replaced with deception, pagan purposes and practices.

Please Note: This is NOT a religious or Christian website. It’s a TRUTH website. Merely a collection and expression of Truth’s: Truth given, Truth found, Truth lived daily despite oppression and rejection. There is nothing for sale here, but there IS “milk, manna, meat and strong meat” to share. Remnant Bride is not a cult or religious organization. There is no desire to recruit or change anyone except Yahweh wills it for them. Those who Truly and Freely “Seek”… will find their Place and Purpose In Father Yahweh’s Will. (what a challenge)

The TIME for ‘New Beginning’s’ is AT HAND: closer than most people realize. I’m truly Excited and Joyful. What about the Resurrection (Reincarnation) of the DEAD? IS THAT IN THE BIBLE? [YES!]. See Luke 20:27-38. John 5:28-30. 11:23-25. Acts 17:32. Acts 24:15, 25. Romans 6:5. Math 27:52-53. Dan 12:1-3. 1 Thes. 4:13. 1 Cor 16:54. It’s there in black and white. Take the Time to learn It could very well “change Your Life” like it did mine!

John 8:32-36 says “The TRUTH Sets One Free!!” As for me, I’m a Servant, Watchman, Messenger, Student/ Witness. The recruiting task is up to The Creator/Source.

Here are questions people may wonder (and care) about: When will these “resurrection Of The Dead” Events take place? Will YOU be a Witness?



 Will those who ‘come back from the grave’ be happy and greatly surprised to find ‘Real Truth’ rather than deception they? YES!!

Will ‘All People’ come back to Life in the First Resurrection? [The Answer reflects  TIMING!!]  The 1st. Resurrection. (1 Cor. 15:51). Every question has an answer. Our duty (job, purpose, mission) is to seek, find answers. Test and prove them. Remember 1000 years to us humans is only but “ONE DAY” to Father Yahweh GOD. So be patient, it’s only been ‘around 6 days’. (6,014 literal years since Adam). The Most High God IS Eternal; without beginning nor end.

Will Officials seek answers regarding these SUDDEN CHANGES?  YES! ” There will be Answers (explanations) from most of these.. but NOT from Religious Leaders.  Why? Because they Have Not Enough Truth. Only fragments or  pieces. Their wine skins are very OLD, Weak and Frail.

These ‘resurrected group from mankind’ (various Times, Backgrounds and Purpose) who at one time belonged to various tribes, sects, religions, denominations, nationalities,  cultures, Etc.  Each having various languages.

These will be ‘Resurrected’ back to Human Life. These  people  lived here, worked here learned here, played here, prayed here and died here. Imagine the task of learning who these are related to others living TODAY? (not a problem, for the books are recorded in Heaven and these will all have their memories of the past). Nothing Is Impossible to Father GOD.

Do world history books in school speak of people being Resurrected from the Dead? [NO!] Do Bible’s mention it? [YES!] Is it Important? [YES]. Did our Parent’s, Grandparent’s, Great Grandparents, their great Grandparents know about this resurrection of the dead program? Yes, some believed it. Could this mean we ARE truly in the Last Days? [YES]

But Look: Are These truly THE Last Days of a system spoken in Joel 2:24-27 and other places in scripture? [YES ] Will these promises make for a better World?  YES, Absolutely, most grace-fully, and most grate-fully] SATAN MUST BE BOUND FOR 1,000 LITERAL YEARS as The Millennium Reign Takes Place in OUR Life (Time-Line) For 1,000 Literal Years.

NOTE: There can Never Ever Be “The End of the World”. (but the systems and cosmetic changes -YES!)  Father Yahweh can Change Time Periods as we know them. Such as the Industrial age, Agriculture, Internet or Electronic age, and His Kingdom (Jubilee) age. Ask yourself: Are You ready for these events? Would you invite distant relatives who came back to life to live and stay with you? Would you be a positive witness for this, or negatively opposed it? Are you a home or land owner according to Yahweh’s Law? What does ‘Last Days’ mean to you?  Are your affairs (is your mental house) IN ORDER?

Will you be ALIVE to Witness these events, or will you be among the resurrected Dead? Is there anyone you could point to that might understand all this? Have you (or can you) research these things for yourself? Will others believe you if you did, and confirmed it? Could My ‘Fathers Business’ be PART of your everyday Life? [Why Not?]

What do religious leaders of today or the past 2000 years Know about TRUTH? Do Parents or political figures? How about the Hebrews, Jews, Gentiles, Romans, Assyrians, Greeks or others? What about going to Father GOD Himself? Does HE have ‘resurrection information’ as mentioned in the Bible? (YES) But why would People RETURN FROM THE DEAD? Why Now? Did this ever happen before? [YES!] The Bible says it did in Yahshua’s (The Saviors) Day.

Joel 2:24-28 mentions this. Is there anyone alive today who can inform the Public exactly what’s going on? If Truth is to be Revealed, how does one get to Believe it? (read Zech 4:6) How can we positively know these words are really TRUE? Could this be a trick of the Adversary? [NO!] Will those Trumpet sounds be heard Everywhere? Will they sound Jubilee the official Start of The New Millennium Reign? Will Freedom, Peace and Prosperity be welcomed – for a CHANGE – everywhere and officially? [YES!]

Once the 2nd Resurrection occurs as Part of the Master Plan” will people accept and accommodate these un-identified people into their homes and temporarily care for them? I understand several of these ‘mysteriously resurrected people’ will be very surprised. Most having never seen an automobile, truck, bike, bus, train, jet plane, electricity, bathroom, shower, computer, washing machine, microwave oven, stove, radio, Tele-Vision, asprin, i-pods, toilet, running water, calculators, clocks, shavers, etc.

Yet, before these people ‘come to Life’ could there be (or will there be) other ‘witnesses’ (people Alive) to confirm this important event? [YES!] Will the Spirit Of Yahweh bear witness to all this on My Fathers Business.us website?  [YES, why not? But the ‘hunger to learn Truth’ is not yet random to them]

Very soon these words will become real. My Father’s Business is about ‘Truth, Creation, Faith and Belief In (Father) Yahweh as the ‘One True GOD’ and this includes what’s going on now (Spiritually) In This World. Again let me say that when I say GOD, I refer to His True Name: Yahweh, and His True Purpose for Creating this world and everyone In It from beginning up to our present Time. Every question possible will be answered soon. So If you desire to learn more, print these pages, and/or write down questions as you devour this website.

I hope your visit here is pleasant, but remember; there will be ‘Witnesses’ to Truth both Physically and Spiritually, just as there are FIVE Physical and FIVE Spiritual senses. The secret is to discover WHO YOU ARE and WHY?  Begin here to find out how, or simply visit the attached link. But do so with a ‘child-like mind’ and don’t prejudge.

What else can My Father’s Business mean?….


Look closely inside the photo. Look closely what comprises the brides garment/ train. Notice the Company  of the Elect that make up the “TWO-Part Bride” Of Yah’shua? These are His Set Apart Witnesses of, to, and for, Father Yahweh GOD. Read Revelation 7 and 14. Two Groups. (144K) These are the Company of Rev 4 and Rev 7.  These are part of “All Things becoming NEW”.  “My Father” The most High God Almighty and Eternal, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  including  those who walk in His Righteousness TODAY.

The Word “GOD” is merely a Title. His NAME Reveals His CHARACTER! IT Displays and Denotes Ownership. I call Him my “Father” because to me He is the Owner and Means Business. It is HIS Business that’s woven throughout this website. If this website was to be explained in a few words, they would be; “Yahweh’s Truth, Opportunity, Purpose, and Timing”.

Truth because Father Yahweh cannot Lie. Opportunity, because what took me Many years full time to learn- discover- uncover, you can learn (research) much faster and easier for FREE! WHY? Because it’s sorted out, and His Timing is in the hours in which we live today. This website has Information and Truth that’s been confirmed to me and others. If anything is REPEATED, it’s here for emphasis rather than repetition.

As mentioned, unlike other websites there’s nothing to sell and we will not try to change you. Only The ‘Spirit of Yahweh can do that’. As it is written in Scripture, (the Bible); ASK and you shall receive, – Seek and you shall Find, Knock (on Father’s Door) and it shall be opened unto YOU. But who is this person “Yahshua Messiah” and What can He do for you? (Ask me about Him).

When I found Him personally in Feb 1979. He was Known to me then as JESUS CHRIST… But 21 years later that NAME IS/WAS No Longer used or applies to me. Why? Because Strong Meat has replaced the Milk and Meat (tenderness) of The Word. Judge for yourself; What is Truth, His Government and His True Word.

A question one might have. How can a male person be a bride? The answer is simple. Since Yahweh is The Creator, He can decide who becomes what. I mean “Spiritually more than physically”. And since He already has a “Groom”, Yahshua Messiah. In order to produce “spiritual offspring” there must BE a “BRIDE TYPE”. A LE-GAL yet Immortal Bride And Marriage made in Heaven. Let me say; “The Father of the Bride and The Groom” selects the Bride. (Hello… that’s a biggie!!)

The First Remnant group of Apostles and Disciples did Not Know the Savior/ Messiah by the NAME: “Jesus, Je-Zeus, or Ie-sous”. The First Remnant were called “The Brethren / The Way”. These followers personally Knew Yahshua as their Messiah sent from Father Yahweh a Savior.  Yet TODAY, our DAY Father Yahweh has a Second (and Final) Remnant elect group being (fashioned) as Apostles, Disciples, Associates- “called out of Christianity” – to do The Will of The Father.

This 2nd Remnant BRIDE Company of today (see the TWO Plants in the wall to the left and right in the photo) is made up of average people who were/are “called out” of Christianity. These are the chosen present day “Elijah/Elisha company”. Why? To help “Prepare The WAY” for the (Bride) Groom Yahshua Messiah. The Only Savior and King for and of this entire World,

Without question there is being prepared today (as advertised in Scripture) a “New Millennium Kingdom” here on EARTH”. IT has already begun Spiritually and when revealed or witnessed Physically and Officially there will be “No more War, Death, or Pain.  Here on this earth will be that last Generation (ours) that will witnesses these events as they unfold after a brief period of “In-duction and Intro-duction”.

So, who are these ‘chosen one’s’ to assist with ‘ushering in’ the new Kingdom? These are the 2nd. Remnant Bride company (of Yahweh)  who will be re-united in the ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb’ with The 1st. Remnant chosen some 2000+ years ago by Yahshua. What will “Signal” these timely events? The truly expectant – Last Day’s – Timely;  “Anointing, and Outpouring” that was/is prophesied. (Promised).

Yes, this cursed earth is due to soon Witness A Time Of Jubilee as mentioned in Old Testament. (Joel 2:28). Now “Jubilee means Freedom”; Freedom that once began with Adam and Eve 6014 years ago, before they sinned, and Lost the Garden or their ‘Promise Land’.  Jubilee is the Legal ‘Way’ of Father Yah’weh, and will become reality very soon!. Ever since Time began, every 50th Year was to be a Jubilee Year. The New Millennium began spiritually in early 2oo4, at passover.

There has (purposely) not been a normal Jubilee among many generations. We are NOW in the Third Millennium. (The 7,000th New Millennium Sabbath- 2014? Add 2+0+1+4=7). Note that 1,000 years is considered but “ONE DAY To Yahweh”. Soon there will be the Promised “REST Period for Mankind… AND the Remnant  Elect – People of Yahweh – will Teach and Lead Them” By His Spirit. These blessings are ‘At The Door’. Will You Get Ready, Will You Be Ready?

I ask Father Yahweh, the Creator, Merciful and Loving GOD truly bless all who visit. May they learn about greater Faith, Understanding, and His Truth. Blessings.-caryb + + +


Last Update JULY 1st 2019

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